Intimate lubricant home – recipes for sex

What to make homemade intimate lubricant?.

Additional intimate lubrication of homemade is necessary for couples, which often practice various forms of sex, if the natural moisturizing of the mucous surfaces is not enough. Such features are quite acceptable, they are not evidence of the rejection of the partner. More often such a reaction is caused by the individual properties of the body, so it needs to be treated with understanding. The first replacement of the vaginal discharge that comes to mind is saliva, but it does not have a suitable degree of viscosity.  It is not always convenient to buy a ready-made lubricant due to many reasons (both objective and subjective): I do not like the smell or taste of a pharmacy lubricant, confuses the artificial composition of remedies from sex shops, or at a particular moment there is no way to purchase the necessary goods.

, Intimate lubricant home – recipes for sex

Ready -made pharmacy lubricant substitutes

What to do and what is better to replace an intimate lubricant, which is done on a water or oil base. The choice of means that qualitatively capable of replacing pharmacy products is diverse. Most often at home, most partners use improvised means:

  • medical petroleum jelly;
  • various natural oils;
  • children’s cream;
  • Massage gel.

Is it possible to use vaseline?

Usually, when a woman or her partner does not want to acquire an intimate lubricant in a pharmacy, they buy a medical petroleum jelly, and then use it to moisturize the genitals in sexual relations. They argue their choice by the fact that most factory lubricants make it on the basis of this substance.

In fact, pure vaseline is not recommended to use in the intimate sphere. The concentrated product is capable of violating the vaginal microflora, after which all kinds of problems develop. It is recommended to use only a liquid product (petroleum soap) for this purpose, sold by pharmacies. The instructions for this tool indicate that it is really suitable for use as a moisturizing genitals.

Caution when using oils

The use of various fatty vegetable oils does not always become useful for intimate relationships. Many people are sure that if, instead of professional lubrication, use butter or sunflower oil, then the result will always be positive.

Theoretically, this action is justified, since such products guarantee an excellent sliding effect, helping to better excite a partner for sex
. But it is required to understand that the components of these substances are absolutely not intended for them to be applied to the genitals. Despite the elimination of dryness and the excellent sliding of the mucous membranes, abuse of such means can cause an absolutely opposite action.

There is a very real risk of irritation, and sometimes swelling of intimate mucous surfaces. Therefore, doctors categorically prohibit the use of home products. An important point lies in the fact that oil can destroy the latex surface, causing a violation of the integrity of the condom and the onset of an unplanned pregnancy.

Children’s cream instead of lubrication

A good result guarantees children’s cream, since this product, in contact with the mucous surfaces of the genitals of adults, does not create conditions for the development of allergies. After applying such lubrication, a dense film appears on the mucous membranes, guaranteeing excellent sliding during sexual contacts.

, Intimate lubricant home – recipes for sex

However, not all types of children’s cream are allowed to use to moisturize intimate surfaces of the body during sex. If the product has an overly thick consistency, the lubricant will not be completely absorbed by the walls of the vagina, which will be the risk of multiplying pathogenic microflora. Before any home use of this product, it is advisable to carefully study its composition.

Is it possible to replace a lubricant with a massage cream?

In search of a solution, how to replace the factory lubricant, it is required to scrupulously find out which chemical composition planned for the use of home remedies. Categorically give up the oils in which the ingredients are: mint and menthol, mustard or red pepper, other components that determine a powerful warming or cooling effect. Otherwise, the feeling of cold tingling (burning) of the skin will distract, not allowing to focus on achieving an orgasm.

How to cook homemade intimate lubricant – recipes

It is not difficult to prepare all the recipes published further before intimate contact at normal home. However, a negative factor in such substances is the ban on their daily use. Making a high -quality moisturizing agent is available from the following ingredients:

  • decoction of starch;
  • banana gruel, the basis of which is an overripe fruit;
  • olive or linseed oil;
  • flax seeds.

Tasty banana lubricant

Changed bananas have been used by many married couples for a long time to get a home -made gel from them. The composition of the fruit contains a valuable natural gluten, which at the time of connection with any liquid forms a moisturizing mucus.

, Intimate lubricant home – recipes for sex

For home cooking such a gruel, ripe fruit is eliminated from the peel, and then it is chopped with a blender to get a homogeneous consistency. After that, you need to add chilled boiled water to the slurry, mix everything again. It is advisable to store such an independently prepared lubricant in the refrigerator, putting it in a clean jar.

Starch-water lubricant

Using an aqueous solution, you need to gradually add (constantly stirring) starch powder to it. After that, the mixture is placed on a small flame and boiled until a homogeneous consistency is obtained. When the mass has cooled, it is poured into a clean jar. When applying the composition on the genitals of such starch lubrication, it, after connecting with the air, forms a protective film on the skin.

DIY oil lubricant

It is not difficult to cook a lubricant in normal home. He will improve the quality of the achieved sensations at the time of sexual proximity. At room temperature, coconut oil acquires a fairly solid consistency, but after heating it softens well.

, Intimate lubricant home – recipes for sex

When the substance is applied to the genitals, it forms an oil film. The product does not contain additional additives, which is why it never causes allergies or other unpleasant sensations. Flax or olive oil is also well suited. These products can always be bought in food stores. They are recommended periodically used as a home -made moisturizer of a vagina, anus, a member.

Flax seed

It is easy to prepare such a useful tool as a decoction of flax seeds. It is used to prevent various pathologies of the intimate sphere. Since the substance has a gel consistency, it can replace the factory humidifier. Make a lubricant, filling 1 t. l. a quarter of a glass of hot water. After that, you need to wait a couple of hours until the composition becomes thick.

Tips when using homemade lubricants

With sexual contact, the surface of the contraceptive can collapse under the influence of chemicals. This will provoke a condom break. Since unprotected sex is able to cause various diseases and undesirable conception, instead of food products it is better to use cosmetics.

Doctors do not often recommend using independently prepared lubricants. They are more suitable as a one -time remedy that can replace the factory product in extreme conditions. If you do not comply with such advice and regularly use home -made humidifiers, such an action can provoke dysfunction of the female or male reproductive system.

, Intimate lubricant home – recipes for sex

Additionally, we recommend the following tips:

  1. When an intimate process in which a home -made humidifier was used, it ended, it is extremely important to scrupulously wash the genitals, removing the remnants from them.
  2. When, after the use of a self -prepared gel, a certain discomfort is felt that does not pass even after the adoption of water procedures, you should forget about the constraint by visiting the doctor immediately.
  3. Natural moisturizers are prohibited often to use. Here as with food – at first an allergy is absent, but with intensive use, the human body begins to rebel.
  4. If a woman has certain problems with the release of natural lubrication, instead of the constant use of any moisturizers, it is better to visit the doctor. Such a sign is able to indicate the presence of a certain disease.

Cons of lubricants cooked with their own hands

Independently made moisturizers have many negative characteristics. They are able to provoke various unpleasant consequences:

  • low efficiency;
  • allergic reactions;
  • Damage to the condom.

It is allowed to use such substances only one -time. By all means, when using homemade lubricants, it is necessary to take into account the high risk of developing unwanted allergies in the human body.

Any home -made intimate drugs are allowed only in forced situations, maximum once in one sexual contact. It is advisable to stock up in advance with a high -quality pharmacy. The genitourinary system of any person is arranged extremely subtly, which is why all interventions unfounded in it can provoke serious interruptions in its functioning.

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