How to put on a condom with your mouth – instruction

How to put a condom with your mouth correctly.

Many men do not really like to put on a condom on their male dignity, since this is lost by the naturalness of sensations. However, this is an important element of sexual intercourse that protects against unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. In this article, we will talk about how to make the process of dressing not only less troublesome, but also part of your preludes.

, How to put on a condom with your mouth – instruction

Dressing a condom with an mouth brings to men great contentment, and for a girl this is a tricky way to protect herself. Learning this is quite simple and you just have to spend a little time on training and very soon you can masterfully put on a condom with your mouth.

Having mastered the right one The technique of putting on the condom with the mouth, The woman will immediately be surprised at how her partner will not be against such “security”.

  • To begin with, you can intrigue your man and not tell him anything, just put on his back and say that he was waiting for a surprise. After that, imperceptibly remove the condom from the packaging and prepare for further use.
  • Before, how to wear a condom with an mouth, It is necessary to prepare a member of a man. To do this, follow the tongue on the trunk of his penis and linger a little on the bridle, play your tongue with his head for some time and, when the member is completely ready, you can proceed to the main.
  • It is important to note that it is imperative to check so that the grease of the condom is outside, and not inside. Place a condom in your mouth, or rather its tip. Just do not need it with your teeth, as this can damage the integrity of the product. The tip of the condom should be behind the teeth, but it is necessary to hold it with the tongue, clinging to the sky.
  • Then pick up a member of the man, and try to make his head go exactly in the condom itself.
  • Next, begin to lower your head a little and roll out a condom on the penis trunk, just do everything very carefully and without teeth. You can put on a condom with your mouth by reaching the middle, and then help yourself with your hands.
  • Ideal when you can fully stretch it with your lips to the base, but this will already depend on your capabilities and the dignity of your partner. Do not forget to help yourself with your hands, because in the end your goal is to put on a means of protection, and not show “Focus without Hands”.

That’s all, it was simple condom technique with an mouth, which will bring something new and fresh to your sex life.

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