How to put a condom correctly and quickly?

How to put a condom correctly and quickly?.

, How to put a condom correctly and quickly?
Imagine! You merged in a passionate kiss, then you began to undress it. The case begins to approach the most interesting. And here, you are forced to pause to put on a condom. After all, you care about the security of relations, and do not want to become a father yet. The process of putting on a condom is delayed for a long time, and the whole passion fades away. Common situation? If so, then it’s time to learn how erotic, and most importantly, quickly put on a condom.

The process of putting on a condom can be turned into a game, then romance will not disappear. You can combine wrapping with preludes in the form of kisses and caresses. Let your second half put on the protection tool, and you caress it at this time. Believe me, from such a condom you will be excited even more.


1. First, select the size correctly. After all, too small a condom can squeeze the penis, and too much slides.

2. Check the expiration date of the product. “What will happen to him,” you ask? But you do not eat overdue sausage or yogurt because they can harm health. So it is with means of protection. After all, the material with the expired shelf life from time to time may dry out. And this leads to its damage during intercourse and the entire defense function disappears.

3. Before having sex, put a condom in the most prominent place. You don’t want to arrange a marathon naked in search of a condom?

4. Do not trust the opening of the condom your beloved. Sometimes open foil can be difficult, and it can break the nail. Then, instead of sex, you will calm her all evening.

5. Remember that the condom is worn only when your member is in an erect state.

6. Do not tighten the opening process, otherwise the whole passion will leave. Do everything clearly and confidently, your woman should feel that you are strong in any business.

7. Make sure the packaging was intact. After all, parents, waiting for the long -awaited grandchildren, could pierce her. The integrity of the package will tell the air inside the package that you can feel with your fingers.

8. Gently tease the package, otherwise you can damage the item itself. Well, we coped with the packaging, now we proceed directly to putting on., How to put a condom correctly and quickly?

The technique of putting on a condom

1. Take the protection tool in your hands and squeeze your fingers storage for sperm so that air does not get there. You do not want the drive to pout like a balloon and burst?

2. If the foreskin is not cut off on your cock, then before putting on the condom, the head should be exposed.

3. Place a condom on a member, be sure to pay attention to ensuring that the product rim is located outside. Do not unfold the condom completely before putting on, this will greatly complicate the task. To straighten the protective tool is necessary directly on the penis.

4. Holding the fingers of one hand the tip of the condom, the other, erotically straighten it along the entire length of the penis. Trust these actions to your girlfriend, because the process of putting on a condom resembles the wrapping of tights. Agree, girls often do this, so they will cope with the process with a bang.

Well, that’s all, just a few simple actions, and you can continue making love further.

Your second half does not have enough secretion to moisturize the vagina, as a result of which sexual intercourse causes it discomfort? Then use the lubricant, but only on water -based. If you use another type of lubricant, then there is a risk that the substances that make up its composition can destroy the material of the condom.

If everything is done correctly and use the preludes while putting on a condom, then sex will pass at the highest level. You will not even notice how the protection tool will be on the penis.

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