Condoms: interesting and cognitive facts about condoms

Condoms: interesting and cognitive facts about condoms.

, Condoms: interesting and cognitive facts about condoms
Small and invisible. In the world of sex, you should not leave the house without him. We are talking about such a thing as a condom. Its thickness is 55 microns. Some glow, others tickle — Millions of shades, flowers and smells. Condoms are usually about 55 mm wide and about 200 mm long. Most of them make latex. They acquire their form thanks to the process called volcanization.

How condoms do

-«Their chemical composition is quite simple. It is difficult to achieve the desired consistency, so we make a latex membrane with a thickness of 50 microns. About 1,000,000 condoms are made per day at our factory, and each product is checked for integrity, as this is extremely important for buyers. We take a natural substance — latex. Latex is made from rubber wood from Malaysia. We bring latex, process it — This is a three -stage process. Occupies this process from 5 to 7 days. (Devid Moran — Durex factory technologist)»

Of the 15 tons of latex, you can make more than 5 million condoms. This is the week of the plant. So that the product does not stick over ammonium and passes up to 5 days before latex is considered ready for immersion — the process in which condoms acquire the form.

-«This is two steps of immersion. We put 2 layers of latex, which combined together acquire a single shape with a thickness of about 55 microns. (Devid Moran — Durex factory technologist)»

Glass forms are immersed in the liquid. First in painted latex. Then it passes through various heaters. After the first dive, the form is dried and goes to the second dive. Then they are passed through several heaters with a temperature of about 140 degrees Celsius. In this case, the process of vulcanization occurs. Then the condom receives a consistency in which it can be removed from a glass form, after which the next stage begins. As soon as it dries, it is removed and treated with different chemicals so that it does not stick together.

-«Next, we treat them with liquid suspension — a solution of chalk, a mixture of magnesium carbonate and calcium carbon dioxide. This does not allow rubber to stick together.» (Devid Moran — Durex factory technologist)

Then, for several days, condoms are left in this suspension. Latex is still too hot for packaging.Manufacturers use this time to make sure that the offer does not exceed demand. Here, almost 1,000,000 units of products are made every day and each passes special testing.

-«In theory, a condom after the processing stage is almost ready. You can add a lubricant and seal. But here we try to move on and give them what we call our level of quality. We check each product. When testing it, it is rolled out in a metal form with spinning rubber brothers and we pass through it an electric discharge. If the electric discharge passes through latex, then there is a chance that there is a microdistine in a condom. In this case, we will find it or not, but we reject the product.» (Devid Moran — Durex factory technologist)

A few days later, condoms are ready for lubrication and packaging. For this year, the plant will produce about 250,000,000 condoms. And their total consumption in the world is from 6 to 9 billion. Before they go to Europe or North America, they are tested several more times.

-«My six -year -old daughter still thinks that I am making inflatable balls. They are more durable, they can be inflated to large sizes and they do not burst.» (Devid Moran — Durex factory technologist)

The last degree of verification for the condom is tested this until the gap and then just to make sure of its strength.

Women’s condoms

But traditional condoms are not the only choice in the world of safe sex. Women — The fastest growing group is subject to sexual infections, so it is not surprising that a new product for women has appeared on the market. Until recently, condoms were suitable for only half of humanity. But now everything has changed. A war of the sexes began in the world of condoms. This product is called differently: Femis or Domenic — These are just a few names. It can be worn before the partners are excited and it is rapidly breaking into the world market. They are produced near London. The female condom changes the view of traditional contraception.

-«As for the female condom, people should get information about the product, then they will more confidently use it and promote it in the market». (Esser Bailis — company «Women Health»)

Despite his simple design, he can change the attitude to male contraception.

-«In the UK, for example, they are most often treated with a mockery. When you tell friends about him, they laugh and say that it can be used as a package for purchases — And all in that spirit». (Esser Bailis — company «Women Health»)

But the manufacturer is sure of one.

-«The cars were new and not experienced, so I had to create everything from scratch. There were no instructions or benefits, but now everything works like a clock. And now there is a question: can we produce more?». Polyurethane is a very strong plastic, not allergenic, quickly acquires body temperature. We fill in the shape of 2 polyurethane rings, one of which is attached to the open ring of the device, and the other inside it. Then we add grease and place the product in a packaging machine.« (Michael Pop — company «Women Health»)

Conductives for various tests are taken from each batch. Now the plant produces 300,000 female condoms weekly and the demand for them seems to be growing, especially from developing countries.

-«So many cases when women cannot force men to put on a condom. Women’s condom new weapons in their arsenal — a tool that they can use to protect themselves.« (Michael Pop — company «Women Health»)

In other words, if a woman cannot force a man to put on an elastic band, no one can forbid her to do this to her. But talking about the benefits of this product to protect against infections and an undesirable infection is not so easy. Companies have to expand their imagination.

-«I think the main difference between the purchase of condoms and shoes is that you can’t measure condoms in the store. This is the main difference, in addition, a test is impossible like a machine. And we have to work on packaging, so that the buyer is sure that he is buying a good and high -quality product.» (Mark Critley — company «Durex»)

Others attract attention with other means. In the end, sex and humor are walking nearby.

More than just a condom

In the world of consumption of fashion designers — common occurrence. And as on the account of fashion designers?

-«We always looked at him and thought how to decorate him. We always tried to change the perception and its view. We watched what was happening and thought how we can make this gum more fun and cooler. If a candy is on a stick — This is funny, why can a condom cannot be on a stick too? ))) We once tried to associate it with aliens and created funny alien options — This is what we do. (Devid led — company «Durex»)

Just a few streets from the center of Boston you will see a small workshop in which people work on all -time phrases for sexually preoccupied. The world protection corporation receives condoms from behind the ocean, where they are charged in the conveyor line and lubricated, and then put in bags with the latest jokes, jokes and phrases. We want society to recognize them as an example, toothpaste. Put on a condom is the same as fastening in the car.

-«What tricks do we not resort to. For the past few years, we have to go out of the skin, as the popularity of condoms has decreased. (Devid led — company «Durex»)

The task was in the company, to invent new ways to sell old products.

-«My favorite condom luminous. In my opinion he is the best. Everything else is attracting attention to packaging.» (Devid led — company «Durex»)

How to use a condom

But what is inside is interesting in itself. Given the fact that the anatomy of a man is unlikely to change in the near future, the condom form will remain the same. And condoms glowing in the dark, this is a way to draw attention to a bored tool about which one must tell those who are only entering adulthood. Stefani Mitelman teaches sexual education in Montreal. Cold Canadian winters in her lessons at school hot!))) She makes teenagers talk about sex. And more importantly, this is that it promotes safe sex.

-«Teenagers like to listen to specific facts. For example, this penis is how it works or this is what happens during pregnancy, or diseases are transmitted like this. But the realization that they can die from sexually transmitted diseases or stay with a child in their arms, or the beginning of sexual activity can change their fate. This is all very difficult for some people and young people need enlightenment. They should know what a condom is and how to use it.» (Stefani Mitelman — Sexual education teacher)

It is very difficult to hold the attention of young people in the lesson. But the topic of which Mitelman is talking about too interesting.

-«Most manufacturers consider adolescents as the main buyers, as well as alcoholic and tobacco companies, they understand that the new buyer can stay with them for life. We want to make youth our main customers. The age of our main buyers category from 16 to 24 years old and boys and girls. Durex should become a unified brand.» (Devid led — company «Durex»)

Some believe that in a world where so many sexual images should definitely talk with youth about condoms and how to use it.

-«This is the same as learning to drive a car. Before driving, you should figure out what the car consists of and how it works. And getting into the car you first fasten. You must learn road signs. And maybe you are a good driver, but you do not know who you will meet on the road and you want to be safe. From my point of view, the theory of sex should be taught in the same way.» (Stefani Mitelman — Sexual education teacher)

What were the first condoms

Now you can talk freely about sex. But there were times when condoms were not sold without a doctor’s prescription and this was only a few decades ago. Fortunately, their production has also passed a long way. We offer to get acquainted with the first options for this product.

-«For many centuries, men put different things on their penis, for example, bean string. Only in the 17th century, the first condoms began to be made from sheep’s cecum — This is the working part of the intestine. The APDENDICE was also used. It is quite long, about 46 cm and it had to be processed in various ways, and then shortened to the desired size. And today, organic condoms are made from almost the same material and almost the same shape.» (Percy Sky — Museum of the history of contraception)

Before the invention of rubber, the first condoms were from organic materials. But since then, some changes have occurred. Their appearance has not changed much, but the packaging has become completely different. It was necessary since some buyers were confused.

-«The condoms are comfortable, they are not expensive, they are easy to buy, but all exactly they are often used incorrectly. A few years ago, we had an example in Australia, when we learned about a teenager who took candy wrappers in the house, cut one end and used them as condoms. This is not recommended.» (Percy Sky — Museum of the history of contraception)

How to wear a condom with an mouth

It’s good that there are those who teach how to use a condom correctly. Advanced course of Dr. Ele Kadel.

-«I teach people how to make sex safe and erotic at the same time. I like flavored condoms — They are great for oral sex and even for simple sex. Whatever fragrance you choose, it fills the whole room. Many men complain of problems with erection while putting on. And I understand them, but I do not think that men themselves must wear it. I teach women to wear condoms with my mouth. You take a condom by the outside to your mouth, put your tongue inside and put it on it with your lips. I do this because I want to leave a place on the tip for sperm, and then straighten it with my hands until the end.» (Dr. Ele Kadel — Private sexologist)

So there are no more complaints that the process of wrapping kills passion especially if you use the methods of Dr. Kedel. But why almost 4 out of 10 people have unprotected sex annually? In the world of sex, risk lies in the shade. And a person is not always thought about him. Continents with proper use protect you by 99%. But the problems of the industry are still not resolved. Studies have shown that although such contraception means have been on free sale for several decades, many still do not know how to wear them correctly.

-«We noticed that many people incorrectly use condoms both while putting on and during intercourse. Their improper use leads to its break, moving, problems with an erection. And to our surprise, many do not represent the measure of the importance of proper use.» (Dr. Wiliam Yarber — Indiana University)

How to relate to the condoms of the porn industry?

Despite a simple design, its tension can create difficulties for those who love you. Even in the largest — Sex industry are ambiguous. In the porn industry, nothing is shy about one — Using condoms in sexual scenes. But sometimes pornstares remind of safe sex. Recently, 4 famous pornstars found HIV. Stephanie Trip is one of a thousand pornstars. She fights for the right to use them during filming.

-«I am not comfortable during unprotected sex. In my personal life, before I started to act in porn, I only had safe sex. And I know that my former partners gossiped behind me, that I have a very tough attitude towards this. And I was proud of it.» (Stephanie Trip — Pornstar)

Despite her personal choice, demanding to use contraceptives during the filming, she risks remaining out of work. Porn industry promotes unprotected sex and she doesn’t like it. But the number of filming depends on whether you want to use condoms or not and therefore you will not have a lot of work and you will not be removed. Working in the world of unprotected sex, actors risk during sex. But very often this is not their decision, but it is made by the studio. Bright contrast with the world where most people can protect themselves.

What happens to a condom after use?

Although condoms are not popular in porn films, there are places where they remain for a long time and it is difficult to get rid of them. In large cities, wastewater processing installations are most affected.

After you used it and you no longer need it, you throw it away where it got. There are even those who throw them into the toilet. Condoms are a headache for urban wastewater treatment plants. They are made of latex, they are strong and stretch well. They cling to anything, this is rubber. Rubber that should withstand sexual intercourse can cause harm to huge metal machines. But the condoms found in the end fall on the landfill.

From creating to destruction. To create it requires a lot of energy, although it may not be as much as during its use!))) Until you forget about them, everything will be fine.

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