Artificial sperm! Buy a ready -made lubricant or make it yourself?

Artificial sperm! Buy a ready -made lubricant or make it yourself?.

When you watch porn, you probably think from time to time where the performers have so many sperm. Most of these videos at the end have a large amount of sperm, which shows the successful completion of prolonged sexual activity. The shot of sperm, which often ends the porn movie, should be, of course, especially strong. Often sperm is erupted violently and in large quantities, and it is almost impossible to believe in it. But in fact, artificial sperm is often used for this.

Sexual intercourse in porn and real life – different things

Porn films can be very exciting and stimulate the imagination, but in the end these are still films. With actors and scripts. In many porn films, the main attention is paid to the male orgasm;For many viewers, ejaculation is the main exciting moment. Men-actors usually really reach climax, but there is always some ambiguity.

First of all, the directors and actors do not know whether the sperm is enough and whether the pressure will be sufficient when it exit. Secondly, it is also unclear whether sperm will fall into those places where you need. When using artificial sperm, shooting is much calmer, since the actors do not experience any pressure. The corresponding scenes can be recorded separately and later integrated in the video.

Artificial sperm today is a common occurrence in the porn industry. It is ideal for complementing the amount of natural sperm or its complete replacement.

If you want to repeat what you saw in porn, then you can purchase artificial sperm, which can also perform the function of the lubricant.

Everyone can make artificial sperm itself, but…

Huge volumes of sperm in porn pushing an increasing number of people to think about the independent manufacture of artificial sperm. If you do not want to spend your precious time, you can always buy artificial sperm.

How to make artificial sperm? There are many recipes on the Internet, how can you easily prepare artificial sperm at home. It is proposed to use different ingredients, such as starch, rice broth, egg protein, sugar, sugar powder and other products. If you decide to prepare artificial sperm yourself, keep in mind that some ingredients can negatively affect the mucous membrane, as well as stain underwear, and leave the spots after drying out.

Attention! You can use home -made artificial sperm to simulate sperm on the body, but you should not use it on the mucous membrane.

Using artificial sperm as a lubricant, lubricant manufacturers took an example from artificial sperm in many porn films. Now you can buy artificial sperm that looks like ejaculate. One brand (Tom of Finland) produces a lubricant in the form of artificial sperm with an appropriate smell. Unlike real sperm, lubricants imitating sperm are not sticky and easily washed off.

However, you should not expect that the taste of such a lubricant will be similar to the taste of real sperm. Nevertheless, you can experience especially realistic sex with your partner and at the same time provide better grease. If you are fond of crimp (the term used in the porn industry to indicate the situation when a man ejaculates a partner in the vagina or anus, after which the sperm arising from there is demonstrated) or something like that, then artificial cum can complement your pleasure during sex.

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