A lot of lubrication during sex, what to do? | Psychology of relations

A lot of lubrication during sex, what to do?.

, A lot of lubrication during sex, what to do? | Psychology of relations
During excitement, the woman “gets wet”. The amount of lubrication released in the process can be different. If it is not enough, it is recommended to use lubricants, but what to do if there is a lot of natural secret? Do you need to worry with strong humidity?

Female lubrication is formed and secreted by bartolin glands. This is a paired organ located at the entrance to the vagina. During excitement, a transparent or whitish secret without a bright smell is released. He moisturizes the entrance to the body, makes the penis sliding was smooth during copulation.

How much lubrication should be during sex?

There is no consensus how much lubrication should be. Each woman has this parameter. For example, some lubricants are not enough, you have to add. Others are almost “swimming”. At the same time, it is important to monitor the changes, the increase or decrease in the substance may be associated with the disease, a change in the hormonal background or emotional stress. The amount of secret depends on the force of excitement. Long dates, an interesting prelude allow you to make discharge with plentiful.

Normal discharge is not pungent. A woman almost does not feel the aroma of her secret, he is neutral for her. If there is a smell of fish, dairy products, this may indicate the presence of infection or dysbiosis. If there are doubts, it is recommended to undergo an examination by a specialist.

The amount of lubrication and its density can change on different days of the cycle. For example, during ovulation, the secret is thicker. He retains sperm in the body, contributing to conception.

Do not confuse grease and squirt. The second type of discharge occurs during orgasm, if point G on the front wall of the vagina was stimulated in the process. Squirt is precisely the liquid when the lubricant is more like gel. Squirt is a rare phenomenon, and the secret is formed by the glands of the skin, and is released from the urine canal., A lot of lubrication during sex, what to do? | Psychology of relations

What to do if there are a lot of lubricants?

The abundance of lubrication does not interfere with sex. On the contrary, sliding is more smooth and comfortable. But there are several psychological problems that cause embarrassment.

  • 1. Sloping sounds.
  • 2. Excessive humidity in bed.
  • 3. The partner is not felt.

How these problems are solved?

Sounds during proximity – This is a far -fetched problem. They are present at almost every sex. Of course, there can be more with an abundance of lubrication, but because of them you do not need to worry. If it seems uncomfortable, discuss this with a partner. Land what is happening and stop worrying. It will not work to remove sounds, you need to relate.Sex moisture – This is not a problem either. If you do not want to sleep on wet sheets, change bedding after sex or lift a towel. Again, this needs to be discussed with a partner, but it is unlikely that he will be against. Another excess moisture can be wetted with napkins. Keep dry towels next to the bed, at the time of the change of position you can remove the excess grease with them. But here it is important not to overdo it, if you wipe everything, it will no longer be pleasant, but it hurts in the future.

If a man is not felt inside, this is already a reason to worry. In this case, you will have to look for poses that will allow it to feel it differently. Attention should be removed with maximum immersion positions. Sometimes it will simply be useful to change the penetration angle. It will help in such a situation an increasing nozzle for a man, but you need a model that gives an additional diameter, not length.

A lot of lubrication is not a reason to worry. No doctor will help to solve this problem. There are no such drugs that do it. The quantity can only be changed if it is caused by some disease. In other cases, you will have to look for ways to just make life more comfortable, but honesty and openness with a partner helps in this.

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