10 best condoms in 2017 | Condoms

10 best condoms in 2017.

, 10 best condoms in 2017 | Condoms
What condoms are the best? In the world, thousands of similar contraceptives are produced by different companies. We picked up the best models according to our users. It was these options that customers chose most often. And it was these 10 models of the best condoms that received the maximum number of positive reviews.

The procedure for the location of the models is arbitrary. This does not mean that the first model is better than another. The list of 10 best condoms includes only high -quality and practical models. They guarantee a high degree of protection, are completely safe for the user and have interesting effects.

Sagami Original Quick 002 Polyurethane condoms

The best condoms are made not from latex, but from polyurethane. This material is 4 times thinner, while no less durable. Such products protect the couple from diseases and an unplanned pregnancy. And they are almost not felt during sex. Sagami is Japanese contraceptives of excellent quality, they are recognized as the best condoms around the world, and in 2017 they are actively sold in dozens of countries. The packaging includes 6 pieces. The products are disposable. Lubrication has no taste or smell, and the product itself is neutral for the user. Lack of aroma is a significant plus for many consumers. But at the same time, Sagami condoms are not the most budget option, the cost of packaging exceeds a thousand rubles.

Okamoto PURITY condom classic flesh -colored

, 10 best condoms in 2017 | Condoms

You can buy the best condoms from latex. This material is more familiar to users. And good condoms are reliable, have a convenient anatomical shape, and also have a bodily color. On the body are almost invisible. Such options are produced under the okamot brand. In a pack of 10 products, each in individual packaging. The diameter of the best condoms is 53 mm, this is a universal size for an average man. A delicate lubricant applied to the outside makes sliding more smooth and tender. Why are these condoms the best? They do not have a strong smell of rubber. And dozens of tests are also held that guarantee security and reliability.

Masculan condoms No. 4 Ultra with thickened walls

, 10 best condoms in 2017 | Condoms

Which condoms are better for anal sex? For such types of caresses, it is recommended to use options with thickened walls. And it is Masculan No. 4 that are ideal for such experiments. They are not torn even with strong load. You can also use them for vaginal sex, but only to those men who finish too fast. Thick walls slightly dull sensations, thereby prolonging sexual games. Latex thickness 0.085-0.095 mm. And such condoms are made in black, which looks very stylish. Black condoms can become part of role -playing games, and with their help you can easily surprise a partner.

Condom Vitalis No. 12 Color Color Fragrant

, 10 best condoms in 2017 | Condoms

Which condoms are best used for oral sex? During a blowjob, the transfer of sexual infections is also possible, so protection is necessary. But to make the girl more comfortable, it is better to use good condoms with a pleasant aroma. Special lubrication eliminates the smell of latex, while it tastes pleasant. In total, in the package 12 products with three different tastes: banana, strawberries and chocolate. And also protective products from Vitalis of different colors. Red, yellow and black condoms are suitable for ordinary sex. This brand belongs to the premium class, these are reliable products that can really be called the best in 2017.

Sagami Xtreme 0.04mm ultra -thin

, 10 best condoms in 2017 | Condoms

Thin condoms are also latex. The technology of their creation is unique, and the thickness of the wall is only 0.04 mm. Which condoms are better to buy for very vivid sensations? It is these thin latex products from Sagami. The packaging of Japanese protective things includes 15 pcs, it is enough for a long time. At the same time, the lubricant, which is part of high -quality silicone, sliding light and pleasant. The addition of a lubricant is not required. Compared to other models, latex is almost 2 times thinner, and more experiences from penetration. If you want the most realistic sensations, then these are the best condoms for such a case.

My condoms.SIZE of different sizes

, 10 best condoms in 2017 | Condoms

Good quality condoms are my.Size, but the best makes them the best. Each packaging from the series has its own diameter. A man with a big or small member can buy an ideal option for himself. And such a latex product will not subside or squeeze the organ. You can choose an option for a particular man. Minimum size 47 by 160 mm. Maximum – 69 by 223 mm. To understand which option is the most suitable, you need to measure the coverage of the penis in an erect state, and then find a value that coincides or is 1-2 mm more. My condoms.Size is an elite series of condoms for those who appreciate comfort. All of them were developed with the participation of many researchers to make contraceptives as convenient as possible. And German quality guarantees safety and excellent pregnancy protection. There are packages of 3 and 10 pcs.

Masculan condoms No. 3 classic with rings and pimples

, 10 best condoms in 2017 | Condoms

Pink condoms with a unique relief is a solution for those who want to experience additional stimulation. Pupyryshki are located along the entire length of the product, they massage the bosom of women. The rings are placed in the area of the man’s bridle, they stimulate both participants in the process. In this case, the main function is performed – protection. Condoms give more sensations than classic options, while the price is almost no different. Silicone -based lubricant, latex Latex thin and soft. Do not reduce sensitivity, but rather make every sex more interesting. Produced in Germany. Masculan brand is known in a hundred countries and is characterized by excellent quality of all products.

Vitalis # 3 Delay&Cooling condoms with a cooling effect

, 10 best condoms in 2017 | Condoms

The best condoms with a special effect is Vitalis Dlavay&Cooling. The cooling lubricant makes use unusual, but very pleasant. Both partners feel light chill, this enhances excitement, allows you to feel the usual movements in a new way. Lubrication affects the nerve endings in the area of erogenous zones, increasing the experiences. At the same time, elite condoms protect, which is very important. Users praised this model, and more and more often choose latex products with some effect. In 2017, demand decreased by classic models, and increased to goods with special properties.

Masculan condoms No. 3 ultra extending

, 10 best condoms in 2017 | Condoms

Many men strive to ensure that sex lasts longer. And special lubrication in condoms can help in this. The composition allows a man to slow down a little to give a maximum sensation to a woman. Masculan prolonging condoms have a special texture – pimples and rings for light massage. And inside each product a small piece of soft wax, which is impregnated with anesthetic (benzocaine). This substance reduces the sensation of a man, this is point, as a result, the intensity of orgasm does not decrease. With such condoms, one can easily achieve simultaneous orgasm, because a woman is excited stronger from the texture, and a man can delay the moment of ejaculation. These are the best condoms that have collected several effects at once.

Sagami Hot Kiss condoms

Polyurethane condoms with a warming effect – this is the new 2017 from Sagami. A special lubricant makes movements much more pleasant than with a silicone lubricant. And also in its composition warming substances. It is the woman who feels warmly, and her excitement becomes more intense. It is worth using such condoms if a woman does not have time to finish with a man. Such products will help her tune in and get more pleasure. At the same time, the texture is very thin, and the man does not feel such a protective product. Everyone should try polyurethane condoms, and after them you will no longer want to return to latex.

What condoms are the best? Everyone will answer this question himself. We have collected options that our customers really like. These are high -quality condoms that reliably protect during the proximity. They are always available in our store. And if our selection did not help you decide, read – how to choose condoms and how they differ.

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