What is a foot and how to excite a fetishist

Foot-physism and its types.

Footfetish – one of the most popular areas in a sexy fetish, which consists in special thrust and sexual excitement from human legs.

, What is a foot and how to excite a fetishist

To answer the question of what a foot pheny is, you can use an example: in a foot-physha, a person is excited from everything that concerns the legs. This is the appearance, smell, taste, sensation from touches and so on. Most often, a craving for female legs is manifested.

However, footfetishism can concentrate not only on the legs themselves, but even socks or shoes. Before you start enjoying your feet, this part of the body is by no means washing, since the whole aroma from which foot fluids are highly enchanted, most often it is the smell of their legs that stimulates their orgasm.

Footfetish implies various actions with the legs:

  • foot massage;
  • kisses;
  • licking;
  • There is a direction in which men like it when a woman tramples them with her feet;
  • There is also a preference to contemplate legs in stockings or tights.


Bastonada is a variety BDSM in combination with Foot fetish, which implies bodily punishment by blowing the feet.

, What is a foot and how to excite a fetishist

For implementation Bastonads The partner’s legs are completely immobilized so that in the process of flogging he can not remove them. Next, a stick, cane, bamboo stem or the like are taken and the punishment begins. The main thing is to remember that the whip or object that the blows is made should be small so as not to cripple your partner.

Here the fierce pleasure is experienced by the one who is being charged. This is due to the fact that there are many nerve endings on the feet of a person, so their surface is especially sensitive. However, there are also many tendons and important fabrics, so strong torture can harm the feet, and this will affect their functions, which controls not only the whole leg, but also the body.

Bastonada technique

  1. The one who will be punished is laid on any surface, preferably on the bed, with his back up. A separate stand is used for the legs to make it easier to beat them, but it should be soft so as not to harm the back of the feet. Next, you need to tie a partner and completely immobilize his legs so that he could not resist.
  2. Then a whip is taken, a small stick, like a thin branch and light blows, you can even say touches. The Bastonada technique in no case implies the use of heavy and overall lashes or sticks, as this will cripple a partner.
  3. To protect the heels and fingers, they can be wrapped in a cloth, barely left to leave the sole itself, in fact, it is it that is the most sensitive. Next, it is necessary to learn that it is necessary to beat with such an effort so that scars or bruises do not appear. The integrity of the skin cannot be damaged so as not to harm human health.
  4. For greater sexual arousal, you can use the temperature effect on the skin of the feet. It is quite safe and can bring a sea of sensations. You can use molten wax and drip it on the feet. The main thing is that the wax is not very hot, so as not to harm the surface of the skin. You can also use clothespins, pinched the phalanxes between the fingers. True, there should be care here, it should be kept about the clothespins for more than 5-7 minutes, this harms the skin.

In order to enhance the effect of bodily punishment, you can find out sensitive points located in special places of the foot.

, What is a foot and how to excite a fetishist

The rules of foot-physism

If your second half loves female legs fetish, then these are a few rules that you should know:

  • Footfetish involves tight contact with the legs, so do not be shy;
  • The legs should be well -groomed. Pedicure is required and it is desirable to cover varnish in bright colors. Also, there should not be corns, bloating or corns on the feet;
  • Footfetishists are very fond of tanned feet, since the skin seems velvet, and any flaws on the surface of the skin are not particularly noticeable;
  • In addition to the fact that the legs should pass pedicure, this can be taken by special baths and go to massage;
  • If you paint the nails on the legs, it is better to do this in a day, since the smell from the varnish can kill everything and the foot-physist will clearly remain dissatisfied;
  • Dress your socks before bedtime, but not woolen;
  • It’s not worth washing your feet before the caresses of a footfit. It is also worth washing them in the morning, and immediately wear shoes;
  • Not only the aroma is lost from the washing of the legs, but the skin becomes cold, and for foot fetishist it is unpleasant;
  • You can decorate your legs, special bracelets and foot rings, this will also like a foot to a fetshist;
  • If your partner loves when you wear stockings, then it is better to be thin, with a transparent toe, then he will be able to fully enjoy the beauty of your feet.

About what a foot-physha legs are, we can say that this is a harmless hobby that can give a person a strong pleasure.

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