Thorrafilia and other amazing fetishes

Thorrafilia and other amazing fetishes.

Your sexual fantasies seem strange and unusual to you? You are not alone!

Today, some researchers have 549 a wide variety of sexy fetishes. And only six are far from the most amazing of them.

, Thorrafilia and other amazing fetishes

Golden Rain
Sexual excitement during urination is a fairly common fantasy (according to some sources at one time or another, such scenes represent about 10% of men and women). Moreover, such a sexual game does not imply the obligatory presence of the second partner at all. Like many other fetishes, golden rain allows you to overcome social prohibitions, get rid of a sense of shame during urination at someone. Also, it can be part of the BDSM of relations when there is a dominant and subordinate partners.

Many (if not all) heterosexual men find women’s clothes, underwear and shoes sexually exciting. Therefore, one of the most common male fetishes is a variety of women’s toilet objects. It is enough for someone to do underwear part of the sexual proximity to the partner. Someone uses female things during masturbation to stimulate excitement. Another common option of a sexual fetish can be the fitting (dressing and wearing) of female things and linen.

Very “Tasty” sexual fantasy that implies the use of food during a sexual game with a partner or without. Cover each other with whipped cream, honey or jam (or ketchup with mayonnaise for special gourmets), there are fruits and berries from the body of a partner or at least use edible lubricants with smell and taste – it is even strange to call something amazing! Although this is the most sexy fetish.

A sexy fetish can manifest itself in a desire to walk in a diaper, get it down, engage in it with masturbation or sex, imagining that at the same time they treat you as a child. Adult fans of diapers love when their partners care about them as a child or they themselves enjoy the fact that they help to use diapers to others. During “falling into childhood” Part of the game can be children’s toys, rattles or bottles. It is believed that this helps to calm down, relieve stress, feel the protected care of another adult…

Another unusual fetish directly related to food. Given how closely such pleasures as food and sex in our culture are, it is not surprising that they often go next to each other. Feeders enjoy the process of feeding a partner or each other. This fetish can be both part of the prelude and a variety of BDSM of the game, when elements of dominance and submission are present in relationships. Sometimes such relationships take extreme forms when one or both partners gain a critical weight that prevents them from even moving.

Phrase “So I would eat you” – of course not always, but it can be a manifestation of hidden sexual fantasy, in which a person enjoys, imagining how he himself swallows a partner or another person or a large animal swallow him himself. It is very important here that fantasy itself is in no way connected with real cannibalism, and is more likely not the process of eating, but the opportunity to become virtually part of another creature, being eaten.

Sexual fantasies and fetishes, no matter how strange and unusual they seem to be an integral part of sexual life! Do not be afraid to share them with your partners – you will see how many similar desires you have, the embodiment of which will make relations even more close, trusting and, of course, sexy.

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