Fetish-sex by phone

Fetish-sex by phone.

Phone sex is an exciting way to maintain sexual life even at long distances. This can be especially useful for pairs in relations at a distance. An unusual type of game is a fetish-sech by phone, which is something more than just sex conversations.

What is special in the fetish segment by phone?

The most remarkable in sex on the phone is that you can bring to life all your secret fantasies, because, as we all know, not everything that excites in fantasies is applicable in reality. There is a place for any fetish in sex on the phone. During sex on the phone, you can realize many different fetishes. Role games are especially popular, as well as verbal humiliation.

Tips for Fetish Sex by phone

1. Set the boundaries

Before starting work, it is necessary to establish your individual restrictions. And it doesn’t matter who the fetish -sec on the phone will be with – all participants should know the boundaries and rules.

2. Do not be silent about your wishes

It is important that you talk in advance about fantasies and desires. What do you want to do during sex on the phone? Sex by phone should enjoy you both, so you need to report in advance about your desires.

3. Secret fantasies

You are less embarrassed to talk about secret fantasies during a telephone conversation. You should not feel awkward. You can realize all your fetishes, even those prohibited in society.

4. Safe word or hang a pipe?

Of course, when it comes to sex on the phone, it is easy to think that you can just hang the phone if it becomes too complicated for you. However, this is rather rude. Especially when talking with a partner by phone, you should agree on a safe word that will allow you to stop sex by phone without hanging up the phone. After all, even verbal humiliation can sometimes go too far.

5. “Dirty” Conversations

Classic “dirty” conversations are usually part. Depending on what fetish you are implementing, you simply adapt these conversations – they often act very well and interest even more. Descriptions of what you are doing can also excite your partner.

6. With video or not?

Currently, you can easily engage in fetish segment by phone through video chat. However, this is not everyone to taste. The peculiarity of pure sex by phone is that you can represent images. In addition, some people tend to control their image in the camera and be distracted.

7. Dominant or obedient?

Fetish -sex on the phone with a partner is a great way to show your submissive or dominant inclinations. In a role -playing game, you can check what to give you orders. So you can find out what you like and what you could try live.

8. Sexual story

How about reading erotic stories to each other? Again, you can satisfy your fetishes by choosing suitable stories. Stories can also arouse you. It becomes especially interesting when the reader forbids another to test the orgasm until the end of the story. This is called orgasm control.

9. Comfort and comfort

For fetish sex on the phone, you definitely need to retire to a quiet, calm place and get comfortable. Of course, sex on the phone should be a pleasant and relaxing occupation.

The fetish-sex on the phone will help you realize secret desires and fantasies without risk that in reality it will not give pleasure.

, Fetish-sex by phone

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