Female and male foot-physism. Who loves the feet more?

Foot-physism-deviation or norm?.

, Female and male foot-physism. Who loves the feet more?

Sexologists, psychologists, and in general, all people believe that foot-physhyism is more male prerogative. Is it so? Or women are so not indifferent to male legs that this develops into attraction? There are many opinions, it remains to study stories and research in this area, and then draw certain conclusions.

Foot-physism-what is it?

The shortest and capacious definition of the term: foot-physism is an attraction to the feet, and the attraction of a sexual nature. When the legs, feet, shoes and other attributes on the legs cause sexual excitement.

Everyone knows that men excites not only a deep neckline or tight -fitting dress, but also beautiful exquisite stilettos or elegant sandals. Well-groomed legs, impeccable pedicures and even jewelry on the fingers can attract the attention of men prone to foot phenyism.

During the massage of the partner’s feet, when it is pleasant not only the girl herself, but also the man who performs the massage experiences severe pleasure-this can already be attributed to foot phenyism.
However, there are also girls who are happy to take for a man’s massage, perform it for a long time, earnestly and in the process understand that they would like to kiss their fingers, lick and touch the legs of a partner, for example, breasts or other intimate zones. And this is a foot-physism.

That is, it doesn’t matter that a woman or man enjoys the appearance of the feet of the opposite sex and wants to enter into closer contact with these legs. The only important thing is that this is all foot-physism. You just need to understand its types and types.
And those who have experienced at least once such an attraction to the feet, it is necessary to admit the fact that he is one of the representatives of the foot-physhysts.

Foot-phenysts-deviation or norm?

This is not a shame, but absolutely normal: if the legs, feet are part of the sexual game and what you like to watch, touch, massage and caress before or during intercourse. If the type of female legs in red shoes causes excitement, both when walking along the street and during sex, this is also normal. Or men’s shoes/sneakers in which the legs are shod that the girl would like to massage the man after a working day and gently kiss, caressing herself. And this is the norm.

The deviation of foot-physism will be when the feet are the only one that a person will need to obtain sexual arousal and satisfaction. When a person whose feet liked so much will not be interesting at all. When the whole process of satisfaction occurs only with the feet, legs. This is a pathology, then it is worth thinking, accept the problem and try to solve it. Often such deviations help to correct only specialists.

If we talk about foot phenyism, as a norm, about the form of sexual preferences, then here we can say that attraction to the feet is one of the most harmless fetishes.
The only problem can be a partner who (or which) will not understand and accept such passion for his feet.
Based on the varieties of foot-physism, misunderstandings can be of varying degrees.
For example, let the partner massage and kiss your fingers or put on shoes during sex – this is quite harmless and even normal. But, if the partner asks to take off and sniffs his legs after a working day, and then he wants to lick them – it will seem to many, at least, strange, will be squeamish.

Each has its own norm, and this is understandable. If the partner likes the legs so much, look at them, massage and even kiss – there is absolutely nothing abnormal in this! To the one whose legs are so attracted to the other, because it will also be pleasant from massage, because there are many nerve endings on the feet.
That an acceptable norm, and what is already similar to a deviation can be understood if you see some examples of types of foot phenyism.

The main varieties of foot phenyism:

  • Trampling – when they walk through the body with their feet
  • Licking the feet and toes
  • Supporting the feet
  • Stimulating genitals
  • Licking and sucking toes, sticking the tongue between the toes
  • Feet massage
  • Distribution with a special type of shoe.

Among men, there are still more foot-physhysts, according to statistics and polls.
And, perhaps, this is due to the fact that female legs are more beautiful than male. Like shoes and various legs jewelry – from pedicure to stockings and jewelry for the toes.
However, both men and women love to caress the feet of a partner.


Foot-physism is a norm, it is certain tastes and preferences. Just someone understands this and admits this, and for someone legs are just legs.

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