The story of the phalloimitator is the most popular sex toy.

The story of the phalloimitator is the most popular sex toy..

Any girl, even being in bed with an experienced and venerable man, many times during sex caught himself thinking – here he needs to be more actively, but here, on the contrary, to make a fervor. No one except ourselves is able to understand their body and their desires – and many women have to imitate orgasms in bed, without receiving them during sex. Here the phallimitator will turn out to be an indispensable thing – being alone with your body, relaxing, you can use the dildo to get an unforgettable pleasure and the brightest orgasms.

Phalloimitators – they are also Dildo (Dildo), among the people also known by nickname "Samotk" – Sex toy that imitates an erect male penis. Unlike most phalloprotes, they do not have a cavity inside, unlike the vibrator – batteries. As a rule, most of modern phaloimitators are made very realistic – they have a well -developed penis head, a trunk with convex veins, a scrotum. Many phalloimitators have a special suction cup, thanks to which it can be attached to any flat surface – for example to the wall in the bathroom or in the shower. There are phalloimitators that are made from the blind penis of famous porn actors – accurately copying them. Sexhopes presents phallimitators-giants designed for fisting-the length of such a dildo exceeds 30-35 centimeters.

No one will say exactly when the first phalloimitators appeared. In Germany, during the excavations of the Neanderthal settlement, stone phalluses were discovered, the age of which totaled 28 thousand years. It is not known for reliably whether these phalloimitators served sex toys or were objects of a cult, which they worshiped. In China, archaeologists were found likeness of artificial phalluses, whose age is at least 20 thousand years. A wooden dildo was found in Pakistan, which, according to the conclusions of the researchers, was made about 4 millennia ago. The tree was smoothly polished, and scientists have no doubt that this phaloimitator was used as intended. In the tombs of the concubines of the ancient Egyptian pharaohs found the golden dildo, according to legend endowed with the power of immortality. Falloimitators were also known in India and China, in Persia and Babylon.

In ancient Greece, the phalloimitators were very popular – the stucco gypsum penis of the god Priap (the ancient Greek god of fertility – depicted with a great phallus in an eternal erection) were used by women so often that the information about this was preserved in the Old Testament – in the book of the Prophet Ezekiel. There, in Greece, the first double phalloimitators were invented – for simultaneous vaginal and anal satisfaction, as well as the Greeks thought of exporting phalloimitators outside the country – it was the first case of export of sex toys in the world! In ancient Sudan, the phalloimitators were made of black wood, with a special channel for ejaculation and a leather scrotum. During an orgasm, the woman squeezed the scrotum, and the juice of an exotic African tree rushed into her bosom.

In medieval Europe, there were strict church prohibitions on masturbation – it was considered a sinful matter. Monks from monasteries numerous at that time, wax candles were used to satisfy, and many commoners of the then Europe were made by phalloimitators from improvised means – using cucumbers and ears of corn for vaginal stimulation. The knights, returning from the Crusades, brought with them as a gift to the ladies of the heart of the phalloimitators – so that, going on the next campaign, to be confident in the fidelity of their girlfriends. Scientists found the ancestors of modern phallimitators in America – they were used in the cult rites of the Aztecs and Maya, in Africa – in many tribes there was a custom to deprive of their help with young girls of innocence, turning them into "full -fledged" women. Aborigines of Australia and Oceania also had their own primitive phalloimitators.

The sexshop presents a variety of types of phaloimitators – made from different materials that have a different shape. Most often, modern phallimitators are made of silicone – despite the fact that this material is slightly softer than the real genital organ in a state of erection, silicone phalloimitators have a number of undoubted advantages. Silicon has no smell, its indestructible texture and resistance to temperature treatment prevent the risk of accumulating pathogenic bacteria, silicone phallimitators are durable. Recently, phallimitators with a latex coating have been gaining popularity – they are soft and pleasant to the touch, and much closer in tactile sensations to human skin. Falloimitators are also made of plastic, acrylic, glass, metal and wood. If there are a lot of plastic and metal phallimitators in a sex shop, then wooden dildo are more exclusive and are not designed for mass consumer. The scope of the use of phalloimitators is endless – both vaginal and anal stimulation – massage of the point G and clitoris. Many girls have not one, but two or more dildos for all occasions. Falloimitators are actively used during group, lesbian sex, as well as in BDSM.

Although "era" The phalloimitator has not a single century, and, it would seem, to come up with something new, it is no longer possible to improve the dildo – the dildo continues to develop and modernize. Sex toys developers are experimenting with materials, a form of phallimitators, with their color. And every year, more and more types of these products are delivered to the shelves of stores of stores. By the way, among all the goods sold in sex shops around the world, the phalloimitators are still leading! Neither vibrators nor other sex toys could squeeze them out of the first place. In general, this is quite natural – the phalloimitator, despite its "venerable" Age is the simplest and most effective device for a woman to obtain true sexual pleasure – amazing, sensual orgasms!

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