Falloimitator – Guide to action

Falloimitator – Guide to action.

Faloimitator (dildo) is not only the most popular type of sex toys, and not only the most popular product in the assortment of sex shop is also a very useful thing that will help women feel unforgettable sexual experiences and achieve vaginal orgasm. The phaloimitator is the best gift for a woman who can make a loving man for her – after all, women who constantly undergo satisfaction during sex can develop unpleasant gynecological diseases. And do not be afraid that your wife or beloved girl will be "change" You with a sex toy – according to statistics, those women who regularly use the phaloimitator are less prone to betrayal to their constant partner and sex on the side.

There are different types of phaloimitators – the most common phalloimitators -realests. They very high quality copy a male penis – as a rule, such phaloimitators have a scrotum, a smooth head and embossed convex veins. Most realistic phaloimitators are made of silicone, this material imitates a person’s skin well and is quite durable. There are phaloimitators -realistics from gel, latex, polyvinyl chloride and cyberskin – as well as other materials. Many realistic phaloimitators are made from the casts of the stars of porn films, and they exactly repeat the penis of their prototypes. Two-headed (bilateral) phaloimitators were originally intended for lesbian love, but due to their flexibility can be used for simultaneous anal-vaginal penetration. Two -headed phallimitators do not always have a symmetrical design of the two ends of the phallus, and are far from always distinguished by realism. Some phaloimitators have a rigid frame inside – it can be fixed at any angle, and after applying it is returned to its original form.

Most phaloimitators are designed for vaginal stimulation, but in sex shop you can also purchase special – anal phaloimitators. They differ from ordinary ones in a more smooth, streamlined shape and smaller diameter. The phaloimitators imitating the ejaculation are equipped with a pear or other soft capacity, which is filled with water or water -based lubricant (liquid if possible). When pressed on a pear, the warm liquid is spilled over the head of the phaloimitator, simulating the ejaculation. There are a dildo who have two phallos at once – for vaginal and anal stimulation. Also phalloimitators are used as strap -up nozzles. But the medical prostheses of the penis are not phaloimitators, since they are used by men forced in the absence of potency, and not to expand the range of sensations received. Such products are called phalloprostheses.

Masturbation with the help of a phaloimitator is very useful for the muscles of the vagina, while there is a deep and, at the same time, delicate massage of the internal organs of a woman. The physical condition of the muscles improves, including those that are not involved in everyday life. Thanks to the phaloimitator, the blood supply to intimate places is significantly increased, which prevents stagnation and the diseases caused by them. This is due to the fact that the pressure of the phaloimitator is regulated by the hand, and its movement can be calculated with an accuracy of a millimeter. If you choose the right phaloimitator using an experienced consultant consultant, it will fully correspond to the size of your vagina, which means that the impressions of its use will be much brighter. Phyloimitators are able to help women suffering from uterine omission, as a kind of vaginal muscle simulator – but phalloimitators can also be used by men. In some cases, the phaloimitator is used as a prostate stimulator – prostate massage (prostate) is a good prevention of such a disease as prostatitis. Where you can order a dildo? Of course, in a store that specializes in sex toys.

But how to use the phalloimitator? Surely, you yourself have already understood how to use the phalloimitator. The rules for applying a phaloimitator are very simple – just like a sex toy itself:
– Before using a phaloimitator, it must be treated with an antiseptic – Miramistin or chlorhexidine is best suited for these purposes., and also rinse with warm water and soap.
– Faloimitators are recommended to be used with a condom, this method is much more hygienic for the body. And in the event that, before using the phaloimitator, for some reason, it was not possible to treat it with antiseptics or wash – the presence of a condom is a prerequisite.
– For the best introduction of the phaloimitator in the vagina, it is necessary to use grease. Best for these purposes, water -based vaginal lubricants are suitable, which can be purchased in sex shop. You should not use the products that contain fats, for example, vaseline as a lubricant.
– For anal use, a special anal phaloimitator is best suited. The lubricant is also needed special – anal, this can be purchased in sex shop. When using a phalloimitator for anal masturbation, a condom should also be used – then after use your phaloimitator will be easier to clean.
– Do not wash your phaloimitator with very hot water, and do not store it under direct sunlight, or in the immediate vicinity of the heating devices. This can negatively affect the quality of the surface of the phaloimitator. Careful storage of sex toys will be a guarantee that it will last you for a long time.
– The phaloimitator is an intimate thing, and do not transmit it to other persons or use phaloimitators that have already been in use. Although when using a phaloimitator, the risk of infection with sexually transmitted diseases is minimized, nevertheless you should not risk.
– It is not recommended to use a phaloimitator for inflammatory processes in the genital area, or with damaged skin. Microcracks and microtraumas, which can form during masturbation, are very painful and heal for a long time.
– After use, rinse the phaloimitator with warm water and soap and dry.

Phyloimitators, unlike many vibrators, can be used in the bathroom or in the shower – most of the modern dildo (Dildo) are equipped with suction cups that allow you to attach the phallus to any flat surface. There are quite compact, small phallimitators and phallus giants designed for fisting. Of course, the phaloimitator is only a sex toy, and he cannot solve all female problems and, of course, will never replace a real man. But he is able to give the ladies that sexual bliss – both physical and psychological – which is rarely achieved with ordinary sex.

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