What kind of liquid is released when excited in men?

What kind of liquid is released when excited in men?.

Many girls, especially inexperienced in terms of sex, are interested in the question of what kind of liquid is released when excited in men. During the prelude, you can find as a kind of sticky lubricant, transparent and colorless, in small quantities forms on the head of the penis. But what is it, is it normal and what is the purpose of mucus, you need to understand.

What is pre -ejaculation?

Pre -Eyakulets – a secret produced in the berry glands during the excitation of a man. Is an inevitable and integral part of sexual intercourse. Outside it goes through the urinary channel, lubricating it for a lighter and fastest ejaculation.

In its composition contains a number of chemicals. Sometimes, especially with repeated excitement after the previous end, spermatozoa falls into the pre -ejaculate. This explains the possibility of pregnancy from pre -seed fluid.

That is, initially, in itself, the lubricant does not contain spermatozoa, but it can meet with them in the uric channel on the way to the head of the penis and become a kind of vehicle for them. The risk of subsequent fertilization, although extremely low, but there is a place to be.

The tasks of the pre -ejaculate

Situations when the pre -out -of -line fluid in a man is insignificant or absent completely, are found. This indicates, if not the deviations in the work of the reproductive system, then at least it is a negative scenario.

This is not a mistake and an accident, it has concrete functions and tasks that ultimately increase the chance to get pregnant for a partner and make ejaculation to be painless, simple and comfortable.

The first function is to neutralize the acidic environment in the blade channel. It is hostile to sperm and capable of destroying most of them. As we know, urine often moves through the channel, which increases the level of acidity.

In fact, the pre -ejaculate cleanses and normalizes the paths for the movement of sperm, making them safe and contributing to the survival of sperm. Thus, the more liquids, the better, because its tasks do not end with the uric channel, then the pre -ejaculate falls into the vagina, where it does the same – it neutralizes the acidic environment to simplify spermatozoa entering the cervix.

The pre -ejaculate is often called grease and this statement is very accurate. The business is that the pre -seeded liquid acts as a rail for sperm, which thanks it slides freely, which accelerates the process of emissions and stream strength.

Thus, sperm is more likely to reach their goal and the eggs of the egg will occur. Namely, nature set this goal before the entire sexual system of a man.

What is the danger of a liquid that is released when excited in men

If both partners are healthy and plan pregnancy, then the pre -seeded liquid carries nothing but benefit. However, in some cases, the pre -leaks can become a source of big problems. There are only two such cases.

First – studies have shown that pre – -seeded fluid contains a high amount of immunodeficiency virus in men with HIV. Many people think that if there are no wounds on the penis, but there was no end inside, then it is impossible to get infected. However, this is not so, there is enough lubrication for the virus to get into the vagina and lead to infection.

The second – the pre -ejaculate may contain spermatozoa, for this reason interrupted sexual intercourse is not a protection against unwanted pregnancy. A man can finish anywhere, even in a curtain, but pre -seeded liquid may be enough for fertilization to occur.

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