Sex bites – how to excite, but not harm

Sex bites – it hurts?.

There are many types of preludes before sexual intercourse that will arouse desire and prepare for sex both physically and emotionally. Most can be used both as preliminary caresses, and to enhance excitement already during the proximity. And one of these lotions is bite and sex bites. Although it is worth noting right away that not everyone loves when they are bitten and not only during intimacy, but in general. But the weighty part of the population gets rid of this, since at that moment they are excited even more.

, Sex bites – how to excite, but not harm

Sex biting

An interesting point in this part of the prelude is that British sexologists, based on the survey, learned that women are more likely to bite in sex of their partner. It is quite unusual when you consider that this is a gentle and affectionate floor. What is the reason for this phenomenon is unknown. Some argue that from the strong excitement that a person experiences next to his partner, he wakes up a desire to bite him. And the woman’s orgasm, as is commonly believed, is stronger than that of a man. Hence, such a tendency as bites in sex can be observed. Also, do not throw back the fact that most of the things that your partner is doing with you, he wants you to make him. Therefore, light biting from your lady can be a hint that she wants the same and bites in anticipation of a response.

You can bite during intercourse anything: neck, shoulders, chest, stomach, clitoris and so on. This will deliver not only pleasant pleasures, but also will be arousal, since we are more actively acting on the nerve endings that are located on our entire body.  At this moment, a person experiences a slight trembling and sensitiveness in the body, accompanied by a feeling of heat.

Bite is an innocent part of the prelude, like gentle touches or tickling. But in no case do not pin your man/woman. This bodily action does not excite in any way and only brings pain that can interrupt the orgasm. A brightly exposed pain in 97% of cases can abruptly cut off the orgasm and reduce the risk of re-excitation. And 3% remain those who are excited in pain (masochists). And sex bite should first be carried out with a partner carefully and controlling the force.

If you decide to try it after all, and bite your partner during sex, then you have to be careful. When an orgasm is suitable, a person experiences awe throughout the body, and he can lead to involuntary compression of the jaw. Thus, you can either strongly harm your skin or bite it off. Also, you need to know the measure and calculate power in other light types of BDSM-Utech, such as spanking (flogging of the buttocks) or ticking (tickling).

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