Prelude for men – 5 tips on how to get a man before sex

Prelude for men – 5 tips on how to get a man.

Many girls mistakenly believe that the prelude to a man is superfluous. After all, their nature is such, unlike women, that they are already quickly and easily excited. All this is true, but do not forget that excitement is different and the stronger it is, the brighter the orgasm in a man will be. And here a woman can take many different techniques in order to boil male imagination before you go directly to sex.

Having mastered the skill of preliminary excitement of a man, sexual relations can be made really very hot, especially if you have never done this before!

These advice on the prelude will help you raise your partner’s sexual satisfaction to a new level.

Prelude to the prelude

The prelude is not only about kisses and caresses. She is more multifaceted. Before proceeding to the prelude, there are many different things that you can do to start and configure your partner. I call this preparation for the prelude.

  • By phone. Even before the meeting, you can start setting up a partner for sex and getting pleasure. The simplest thing is just to send him a text message. Examples of such messages can be viewed by clicking on this link. You can also call your man. You shouldn’t talk much at the same time. Just “hello” and briefly that something interesting is waiting for him in the evening, that he should really like it. Let him remain intrigued and will look forward to the future events.
  • Clothing and appearance. Men love their eyes. They “start” from what they see. This is what I constantly repeat about. And you must be able to use this in your interests. What do you need to do for this? If you want to catch it on your nets long before the start of the prelude, change your home bathrobe with a short skirt and high heels. I hope you understand what I mean. Putting on a sexual outfit, do not forget about the hairstyle and makeup. You look more attractive with loose hair? With a tail? Or can be pigtails? Try to experiment a little to determine what your man “starts” most of all.
  • How about makeup? A little lipstick will make your lips more attractive, and a little shadows will give your eyes more expressiveness.
    Do not be afraid of experiments, look for the most attractive image for your partner.

All this is so obvious, is it not true? The fact is that many women do not always attach particular importance to this and think that this does not apply directly to the prelude to men. But this is exactly the seed from which his desire to master you as a woman germinates.

Prelude to excite a man

Now that you have received some tips on preparing for the prelude, it is time to find out and master the technique and tactics of the prelude itself for men.


If you read an article about kisses, then you already know how to kiss your man correctly. But, if you did not have the opportunity to get acquainted with this material, then here are some tips:

  • Language, lips and teeth – kisses are not only lips. A kissing a man can be used by language and teeth, it will especially sexually bite them with a kiss of an earlobe. You can also gently bite his lips and partner’s tongue teeth. Remember that you can not make strong bites, just lightly squeeze his lips or tongue with your teeth.
  • Outside his mouth – in addition to the mouth there are several great places for kisses. Try to move slowly all over your face, kissing it. Go from mouth to cheek, then to the neck, and from it slowly to the earlobe. Then, biting the earlobe slightly, move back to the cheek and mouth. If desired, the same can be done on the other side of the face.
  • Kisses from the face to a member – a natural way of moving from kisses to lips to a blowjob is a slow movement from lips to the neck, then down to the chest, stomach and perineum, all the time showering the partner with kisses. Speaking of a blowjob, I want to remind you of the video I have prepared, which you can watch by clicking on this link.

More useful tips on kisses can be found here.


What nonsense!? I am an adult woman and I know what I need to do to get my man! I thought this article is about prelude to men.

This is precisely about the prelude! But how you touch your man plays a decisive role in this mysterious process. Let me ask you a few questions:

  • You yourself begin to touch him, not looking for any reason?
  • Or wait until he starts to touch you himself?
  • You stroke, squeeze, caress, capture and hold a partner or you just put your hands on his back when you have sex?

These are the main issues that you should ask yourself. Most men sometimes prefer more aggressive and persistent women, and sometimes more humble and flexible. Please remember this, starting the prelude. There are many different ways to touch a man to give him a wide range of various sensations. Here are just some of them:

  • You can gently hug him with your hands by the neck and pull it to your kiss.
  • You can run your hands under his shirt and put your nails up and down the back.
  • You can capture his ass.
  • You can massage his back.
  • You can run your fingers along the inside of his leg from the knee to the crotch.
  • You can run your fingers into his hair.
  • You can suddenly tickle it.

Domination and submission

Just don’t worry, this should not be connected with whips and chains! We are talking about how you behave in bed with your partner.
Very often it becomes a routine, which is destructive for your relationship. Alternating dominance and subordination is a great way to avoid this routine. As already mentioned, the whips and the chains are not required here. I’m talking about much more subtle things. Here are some tips on how to combine dominance and submission:

  • If your man constantly initiates sex, try to take the initiative on yourself and live a little. Just not constantly, but occasionally.
  • If you always dominate sex, then next time during the prelude, try to kneel and make it blowjob.
  • Try to say “dirty” words and order. Order to go to bed. Order to do erotic massage. Order him to make cunnilingus.
  • Next time during the prelude, pushing it on the bed, saddle and take control of the situation.

I hope that these advice on prelude to men will help you better excite your partner.

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