Lack of prelude, what to do? | Psychology of relations

Lack of prelude, what to do?.

, Lack of prelude, what to do? | Psychology of relations
What if the partner does not devote time to preliminary caresses? How to convince a person of the need for proper preparation for sex? There are several approaches that will help make the proximity more pleasant and interesting, their use will allow you to bring something new to communication, bring sex to a new level.

Why there is no prelude?

Most often it is men who miss preliminary caresses. They need very little time to excite, kisses, hugs are not necessary for them, and they believe that women do not need all this. In such a situation, a man simply does not understand the difference between the sexes. And first he should tell about it.

Inexperienced people meet, This is a frequent phenomenon. But they do not do something not because they do not want or do not like. They just don’t know that this is needed. And here the moment of education is important, you need to give a person to understand that the stage of preparation is important. But you need to speak without a claim without accusing, but simply talking about ways to improve intimacy.

In this case, resentment, screams or accusations will not help. He simply will not understand what exactly you want from him. Here It is important to give instructions: what and how to do, and also explain – why do it.

A categorical refusal

A man can understand what a woman needs, but not to do it. For your reasons. Psychological injuries, beliefs, features of education can affect sex. For example, the infection of the genitals may be unacceptable for him, and for someone oral affection is prohibited. There are men who are afraid to be gentle, considering it a weakness.

And here it is important to find out, Why is he against slow preparation for sex. An ordinary conversation will help. A woman can start with an offer to try something. Sometimes you can talk about your interest in some actions and study its reaction. From the answer it will be clear what exactly is bothering him. Is it possible to change this is a difficult question. Sometimes it takes time to adjust the point of view, sometimes it does not work.

Understanding his position, you can come to terms with her or leave. Uncertainty is inconvenient, but here Understanding what is happening – This is the key to the decision., Lack of prelude, what to do? | Psychology of relations

Lack of interest

Sometimes a man only cares about himself. And then he is simply not interested in the pleasure of a woman. He is not ready to try, try to “get” or “please” her. It is more important for him to get his feelings. And then there is no prelude, since he does not want to do this.

The problem is that There is no emotional connection, No feelings or love. And it’s difficult to fix here. You can put a person before the fact – “do this or you yourself will not get anything”. But only this does not always work. Yes, and the prelude, when he does not receive pleasure, can be torture.

If there is no interest, it is better not to continue sexual contact. And do not try to repeat it again.

How to create a prelude

Prelude is not only a few minutes until sex, it can last several hours. This flirting in front of the process, This is the period when the partners are “walking up the appetite”. And you can initiate a prelude in a spicy correspondence. Playful messages will cause interest, plow both.

You can start seducing a man in a crowded place. Whisper to his ear of vulgarity or talk about the absence of underwear. In such a situation, both will wait for the moment to solitude. And this will also become a prelude.

By showing imagination, you can make sex more desirable. But if he does not want preliminary caresses at all, and there is no way to avoid sex, Use masturbation. By using Sex toys excite yourself, and only then go to bed with him. And the most daring can demonstrate his games with a vibrator, and then invite him to join. Such experience can also change his view of sex.

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