Exciting words and phrases for men – 73 examples

73 exciting words and phrases for men.

Words have great power not only in everyday life, but also in sexual. Properly selected and most importantly in time the word said can both excite and significantly strengthen sexual desire. In this article I want to teach you to correctly use exciting words and phrases for a man. After all, how much he will be in charge will depend on the power of his orgasm. We will share with you tips that will help you with the help of sexual phrases and words to create a special excitement from your partner. This skill will help every woman not only maintain sexual interest in herself from a beloved man, but also allow him to feel his incredible sexuality.

Now you are reading the first chapter of the leadership on how to conduct sexual conversations and apply vulgar phrases to arouse a man. On this page you will learn 73 exciting phrases for men that you can use in the future.

3 groups of exciting words

Before moving on to other chapters of this leadership, it is advisable to immediately familiarize yourself and “take into service” some words and phrases. All of them are divided into three groups.

1. Words for exciting a man

  • If there were nobody nearby now, I would jump on you!
  • I would have fucked me right now, but?
  • I’m so hungry, I want your cock right now. – learn about the technique and methods of blowjob.
  • Today I will squeeze everything from your “balls”!
  • I barely restrain myself, I want to undress and bend you on a member.
  • Mmm, I want to feel you inside myself.
  • Nobody has fucked me as you like you.
  • Even when you are so evil, I still want you to fuck me.
  • Today I want to give you … myself.
  • Here we’ll return home and I will saddle you, my stallion!.
  • The thought that you are mastering me is driving me crazy.
  • I don’t know what to wear in the evening, thongs or panties? Or maybe nothing to wear at all?
  • You will punish me if I am a bad girl?
  • I’ll tear you up today. – You can learn about dominance from this leadership.
  • Close your eyes to all, I will kneel and take your cock in your mouth.
  • I am flowing, thinking about how you grab me and press me to the wall in some secluded corner.
  • And I have a surprise for you … x (it works cool when sending a text message and t.P.) – 43 more messages on this topic.
  • Do not leave, let’s have sex all day – perfectly suited to strengthen sexual attraction if he was suddenly going to leave.
  • I like it when you have tight -fitting clothes.
  • Guess what color my panties?
  • Rather come home after work, otherwise my lust will kill me.
  • I want to wrap my pussy around your member.
  • You are so excited in the morning.
  • I put on these panties for you.
  • I’m so excited when you dominate.
  • Oh, today and pull it out (it is wonderful as a SMS message)
  • If the cards do not lie, you will have breathtaking sex today.
  • Don’t look at me like that, I’m all flow.
  • Today we will do what I wanted to do for a long time. It will be very fun!
  • Today you will scream and somersault!
  • It’s a pity that we are not in bed, I so want to feel your body on my.

2. Exciting words for a man during sex

  • I want to be your little lustful doll ..
  • I want to feel your cock in my mouth.
  • I like it when you fuck me like a whore.
  • Fuck me as you want!
  • Plow me to unconsciousness!
  • End my mouth.
  • I want you to end cool.
  • Pour it to me.
  • Fuck me so that tomorrow I could not even move.
  • Understand me.
  • Polish me.
  • Do not stop.
  • Fuck me tougher.
  • I’ll finish now.
  • I love your cock.
  • Fuck my pussy.
  • Fill me.
  • I want your sperm.
  • I want to fall asleep with your member inside myself.
  • Remember my chest and squeeze the nipples.
  • I am a bad girl and I need to be punished.
  • You will not leave here until I suck everything from your member.
  • Deeper! (Make a partner go deeper with the help of arms and legs)
  • I want to hear how you shout my name when you finish.
  • You like me to fuck?
  • Take my hair and slap my ass.
  • Oh, fuck me tougher, daddy.
  • Make me your bitch.
  • Cum in me.

3. Words so that he only thinks about you

Note: many of these exciting words work best when sending to SMS.

  • I feel like a little girl when you hug me … I missed me very much.
  • When you kiss me, I flows on my thighs.
  • I’ll just think about you and already wet!
  • I missed your cock.
  • In what position would you prefer to have sex with your rest of your life?
  • And I finished it in the evening, imagining how you fuck me. – The slaughter technique of masturbation here and here.
  • Has not yet moved away from last night
  • You are the only one who can angry me and satisfy me.
  • The hottest memories of last night are your hot sperm spilling inside me.
  • And I still feel the taste of your sperm.
  • I want to be for you Lady Fentazi.
  • You start me like that ..
  • We need to work, but all I can think about now is how you fuck me.

Why is it important to be able to apply exciting words

The first thing that every girl needs to understand is why we need exciting phrases. Many women think that their use is appropriate exclusively in the bedroom. Naturally, this is the most suitable place, but there are many other places where their sudden application could expand the horizons of your intimate relationships.

We create a sexual desire. The most obvious need to use exciting words is an increase in sexual attraction between you and your partner. This attraction is one of the main foundation blocks on which a happy relationship between a man and a woman who experience deep feelings is being built.

I often receive letters from desperate girls, and they all draw the same picture … Hmm, maybe you were also in a similar situation. You have a long relationship or you, even married. You love your man, but as the relationship develops, he becomes more for you more or just a good friend instead of being those who excite and excites you.

And now to the place to tear off each other’s clothes (as before), you both fight for “excitement” and the corresponding “mood” for sex. Perhaps you even tried some “tricks” or “formulas” from the Internet in order to light the spark that was between you at the very beginning of your relationship again – but all this does not work more often.

Sexual attraction – the key to success

This is the magical feeling that makes you think about each other, causes a desire to be constantly nearby and causes excitement when you are in an intimate environment. The use of exciting words for men is the best way to create a sexual attraction in him in relation to you.

  • Intensive sex. With the help of exciting phrases, you can strengthen and activate your sex life. You can scream curses during sex. For example, “Fuck me stronger!”,” I like the taste of your sperm!”,” I am bastard from your member!“But … you can also use other bizarre and dirty words that make sex more sensual and clockwork. Whisper in his ear “Don’t stop, I am so cool” or “This is incredible, dear” and you will receive an intense response.
  • Make him think about you. The creation of sexual attraction is the main goal of this leadership. In addition to this, it will help you make your partner think only about you all the time. There is nothing worse when your man goes to work, on a business trip or, even worse, you suspect that he flirts with employees at work. Using the right approach and saying the right words at the right time, you can make your man constantly think only about you, dreams of meeting you and look forward to your next phone call or SMS.

A combination of sexual attraction in a situation where your partner constantly thinks about you, with intensive sex can strengthen your relationship.

How to start and what exciting phrases to say to a man

Now that we discussed why it is important to use exciting words, it’s time to find out how to do it.

  • Start gradually. If you suddenly begin to tell your man such phrases, then there is a chance that he will be somewhat embarrassed, especially if this happens far from an intimate setting. It is much better to start such conversations with hints and semi -people, not too longing for events.
  • We start with the bedroom. This is a common and most suitable place to start when you are alone. In the bedroom you can afford to relax as much as possible. After you get used to the use of exciting words for men in the bedroom, you can proceed to experiments in other places. There is nothing more exciting than to see the reaction of a man when you whisper in his ear all obscenities, when you both sit, for example, in a crowded bar!
  • Adapt to his preferences. Almost all men love when women say “obscenity” to them, but it is important to know what exactly your man likes most specifically. Some prefer thin and transparent hints, while others like frank “dirty” words sometimes, even mixed with swearing. For example, one man will be very excited by the phrase “I was waiting for you, fly home”, the other will feel a move in his pants at the words “I want to feel your cock in my mouth”. The main point is using samples and experiments to find out what you like most and excites your man.
  • Do not forget about yourself. Of course, speaking and depraved with your partner, you are trying to “get”, first of all, it. However, we should not forget that you need it to the same extent! And many women forget about it. If you feel embarrassed or you do not like the idea of such communication with your partner, do not force yourself to do it! However, I strongly recommend at least a try, before you decide whether you need it or not. This is completely natural and worried when you first want to squeeze out some kind of exciting phrase, especially if you have never said anything like this before. As you begin to more often practice such conversations, your confidence will grow, and constraint and excitement decrease .
  • Do not force events! Tips you read here are just advice. They do not be mandatory and do not work flawlessly every time or in any situation. Do not believe the one who will say that he owns a secret, a “magic formula” as, what and when to say, which works constantly and without fail. So, if you tried to use exciting words from this article several times and did not get the desired result, do not focus on this! Just forget and try something else. Through the process of trial and experiments you will find what is suitable for you and your partner. You will slowly create your personal strategy for dirty conversations, which will bring the desired results.

    Some women believe that frankly dirty phrases are very effective in terms of excitation of a man, while others believe that more sophisticated sexual words with hints and semi -trees work better. Some achieve great success in communication by phone, others succeed in intimate SMS correspondence. The key to success is to understand through trial, which is more suitable for your man.

  • Not everything is obvious obvious. Among women there is a very common misconception when they begin to apply exciting words for men. I hope you did not fall into such a trap. Many believe that the more aggressive and frank these words, the better. After reading this leadership and having tried some phrases in practice, you will quickly realize that sophistication and hints in an intimate conversation with your partner can often have a more intense and powerful effect than a more vulgar. For example, at a party you whisper “if there was no one here, I would have done this with you”, while smiling, and then continue the usual conversation, as if nothing had happened. This will be a real surprise for your man. He will be intrigued, trying to find out what you meant, and therefore, he will be very excited. And you will remain silent that will strengthen his curiosity and excitement. Keep this in mind when you experiment and learn to conduct sexual conversations and then you can take possession of a man who will fully add to you and will be very happy.

Now that you have read the first chapter of this leadership and learned a lot of exciting phrases for men that can be used in intimate communication, you will be interested in how to say this to create a sexual attraction, excite your partner and make him constantly think only about you. The following article is devoted to this.

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