15 proven ways, how a woman is excited on her own at home

15 proven ways, how a woman is excited on her own at home.

, 15 proven ways, how a woman is excited on her own at home

Today we will touch the scrupulous topic, about which many are embarrassed to talk. She is relevant for those couples who live for a long time and lost a little past passion in bed. At the same time, love is preserved, and relationships can be called ideal. In general, the problem is banal to disgrace-complexity with excitement! Most likely, many of the readers are familiar with the situation when at some point your partner ceases to start – his intimate actions no longer make the proper impression. He tries with all his might, and a heap of ideas is spinning in his thoughts on how to beat the ceiling.

Smart husbands and wives know that it is stupid to escape immediately after the “left” sex. It is much easier to use some tricks that help to avoid intimate boredom and go around the statements that passion glues flippers after a couple of years of joint sniffing on the couch. So, a sore question for many: how to get excited for a woman on her own at home, To end sex with a bright orgasm.

What is female excitement and how to excite yourself yourself

Female excitement is a phantom. It seems to be there, but it is difficult to catch in reality. Each girl has an answer to external stimulating influences individual. One starts a delicate kiss, the other is a passionate prelude, and an exceptionally stiff porn inserts the third.

And yet a little generalize. Female excitement is a direct stimulation of erogenous zones necessary to obtain sexual desire and, as a result, orgasm. To understand what turns on and what leaves indifferent, you will have to experiment, study your body and influence of external factors.

Many girls are shy about their physiology and body needs, which is very, very stupid! If you are ashamed of the desire to excite yourself, you will never know the capabilities of the body, and even more so you can independently start up to sex with a man!

Why is it important to be able to get excited

Sexually active woman – every man’s dream. It happens that the lady loves her partner very much, but does not experience strong sexual attraction to him. Or he does not cope with the task of setting up a young lady in a love way. If frank conversations do not lead to a result or you are just afraid to offend your lover, take control of the situation, learn to influence technically

Remember the simple truth: an excited woman excites a man! It is difficult to resist a girl who exudes fluids of sex and wants you here and now! Even avid righteous will give up positions in front of a heated furia.

And a few more reasons why it is important to know what to do if the husband does not start.

  • The woman always wants intimacy is able to maintain marriage if he is on the verge of collapse.
  • Regular sex with an excited woman is a way to avoid betrayal. Few men will seek the reason why his wife does not want her husband – he will quickly run away to the secretary in a short mini, who has long shoots his eyes in the smokers.
  • The girl’s reluctance to have sex with a partner is very hit by his male pride. For the male, the main question is whether he can satisfy the female. If his bed abilities are called into question, then there are two options for the development of events: your relationship is noticeably worsening or a lover appears or appears.

. The lack of attraction to his person is perceived by a man as a personal deep resentment, a painful blow to his male ego. Want to unravel the life in marriage even the most loving spouse, often portray a log.

All men, without exception, are young, age, slender, full, fuckers-terrorists and losers-screamers-lustful animals by nature. Constant relations, and even more a marriage, implies regular sex for him, and no less vivid than it was before the conclusion of the Union. Sex is a free option attached to a woman and marriage, in his perception. If you want to maintain relations with this partner, you will have to learn to quickly get excited on your own!

We understand that from a biological point of view, the female genetic code is programmed for several years of lust for one male individual in order to give birth and grow off offspring. Further, she can want anyone, who corresponds to her concepts of sexuality, reliability and female. The husband seems to become a relative, but love has not gone anywhere, so we do not want to lose it. Monogamy is a social seasoning to give the taste of an unsightly dish that would have flaunted in the relationship of men and women if we only followed the call of nature. We will try to deceive biology!

, 15 proven ways, how a woman is excited on her own at home

How to learn how to get excited before sex: the most useful tips for girls

No matter how strange it may be, the independent excitement of a woman leads to an amazing result. DIY passion incitement significantly reduces the time for prelude. This is especially true for steam, where mutual affection does not act on one or both partners.

Most of the fair sex are embarrassed to excite themselves. Consider this to be shameful and even betrayal of a beloved man. But it is important to maintain sexual warmth! Without an intimate life between spouses, tension and chill arise in relationships. 87% of families break up due to lack of sex or dissatisfaction of one of the partners.

We abstract from the hustle and bustle

We don’t think about children, snot, lessons, tomorrow’s dinner, dirty boots and hungry cats with their fucking trays! Throw out all household problems from the head. Try to tune in a sexual way. This does not happen instantly. In order for a woman to get excited herself, you need to switch a little, and this requires the overdles between activities.

Of course, wanting a stormy sex with her husband after evening washing dishes will not work. You need at least 20-30 minutes to feel yourself in another angle. Do not turn bed relations into an end item in the list of cases per day. Do not identify sex with duty or duty.

We fantasize

How can someone forbid you to be excited from an imaginary scene in your head. Let it be something out of the ordinary, without any public morality-no one will know anyway! Dream, imagine yourself and your husband by the participants of your fantasies, and then, when the flow of blood to the perineum is noticeably noticeable, you can return to reality.

What will you beg for your fantasies? Porn, erotica, candid photos, intimate conversations with a partner, corresponding literature. In the end, read the story about unforgettable sex on the beach with a stranger or similar stories.

We masturbate and self -abuse

Which can excite better than your own hand? You are relaxed, in a comfortable environment, listen to pleasant music or watch thematic videos … Your body is configured to the desired vibrations – explore it, caress, look for the most sensual points, fantasize about the most hidden desires! It is so intimate, intimate and so exciting from this!

Of course, the main assistant in self -excitation will be a vibrator, but in addition to him there are so many interesting devices for adults! Go to the main page of the best sex shop and travel to sections-you will find everything from beautiful underwear to a strapon for your husband! Try, experiment, excite and enjoy sex with each other even after 20 years of marriage!

Beautiful linen

Any woman, buying beautiful underwear and home clothes, feels more confident and sexy. When she puts on a new lace set or seductive transparent body, her inner goddess simply trembles! And you will always want to show a man how appetizingly the breast looks in the bright red bodice to get a portion of admiration and desires.

Pleasant smells

Many women are very susceptible to smells. You can excite you not only the aromas of your own body after a chic shower gel, but also a spilled “bouquet” around. Use aromatic candles, smoking sticks, automatic sprays, fragrant body creams and original perfumes. You can put a pads with dry herbs in bed, which intensively affect our sense of smell and wake the libido.

Do not choose too tart and persistent incense, they quickly tire and begin to annoy. If you are a romantic nature, – surround yourself with the aromas of a sea breeze, a summer flowering meadow, French vanilla, tantric neroli or wild sandal.

If you have a favorite men’s perfume, be sure to inhale its aroma before sex. Ask your loved one to sprinkle them so that the natural male hormone that performs signal functions for the opposite sex mixes with a pleasant smell. Such tricks help improve mood, blow up libido and want sex.

, 15 proven ways, how a woman is excited on her own at home


Not forbidden to use harmless pathogens for women. They help increase blood flow to the pelvic organs and genitals. It can be intimate creams and gels, drops on herbs, oral drugs, perfumes and shower gels with pheromones, aromatic fragrant oils, etc.D.

Comfortable atmosphere

For men in sex, the exciting factor is “hunting and extreme”. It is the guys who like fast sex at work, at home, in the car, other places where it turns out to recreate the picture of the instant capture of a woman. Comfort and calm are important for girls, and the extreme is perfectly replaced by romance and tenderness. Try to surround yourself with a pleasant environment. The entourage should awaken the same feelings that lead you to an increase in attraction.

Imagine a situation when you spend 20-30 minutes in a clean room with beautiful bedding and incense, see an erotic melodrama, where there are pleasant scenes, and caress yourself almost until the climax itself. But you will receive an orgasm with a husband who, upon arrival home, will see an excited wife and will have extreme sex in the corridor with her. Compromise between male and female desires? The real one.


Pool, fitness, running, yoga – any sport helps to improve the mood and increase the production of the necessary hormones. The impact of sports on sexual desire is very high: we become relaxed, more resilient in bed tricks, increase self -esteem and throw off the gruel gained instantly. Just do not overdo it, so as not to get the opposite effect when any desire is extinguished from fatigue.


You can wash yourself in your soul, and also get to be quickly excited before sex! Direct the stream of water to the crotch and massage the clitoris. Very quickly you want something “sharp” instead of sleeping.

Mirror and visual incentives

You know that on the planet most people are visuals? Individuals who perceive information through visual processing. In other words, these are those who love their eyes. For full excitement, they need to look at the charms of a partner as air. It is not difficult to start yourself, and this can be every girl who will find for herself the source of “inspiration”.

Vizual girls love sex in front of the mirror. However, this starts the guys. Partners enjoy when you see each other during love affection and the process of intercourse itself. Do not neglect such trifles – they play the main role in many serious issues.


For those who perceive the world through the prism of tactile sensations, exciting massage before sex is very suitable. These are kinesthetics – men and women who know that they can be excited on their own only after stimulating erogenous zones. The bodily sensations that are able to bring to orgasm are the only thing that will wake up such a partner. However, there are also fantasies here where to walk around.


If you do not attribute yourself to visuals, your way of quick excitement is passionate sounds during sex, hints of sex. Among the women’s aids are more often found those who are made by the phrases of a partner. For example: “I want you right now”. For one hundred percent result, you can call sex by phone or read an erotic text aloud.

The ideal pathogen will be correctly selected music. Rhythm, melody, tonality of the voice – all these sound combinations affect the deep structures of the brain and cause a natural response in our body. Everyone has favorite melodies, under which we love to remember, suffer, enjoy, have sex, sad, etc.D. Turn on the playlist who tunes you with close to a specific person. Most likely, in your arsenal there are songs that cause associations with it.

Wine and gastronomic delights

For a woman with any type of perception of external stimulations, gastronomic relaxation is suitable when we can pamper ourselves with something tasty, expensive and very desired. A piece of Austrian cheese, a glass of real Italian wine, a ripe Thai mango, beautifully chopped by slices – this is also a way of independent excitation of a woman.

Any trifle, liberty, which we do not allow ourselves in the stream of daily routine worries will become an island of rest for a lady who stopped wanting her husband. Our desires are often crushed by the lack of elementary rest and simple human joys! Give yourself bonuses – this noticeably increases libido.

, 15 proven ways, how a woman is excited on her own at home

Role-playing games

We do not urge you every evening to dress up with a flight attendant or nurse. Role games help to change the usual rhythm of sexual life with a constant partner to look at each other from a different angle. You can notice new reactions that your beloved did not give out before. As you know, everything new excites and excites. Let’s demolish the iron habits developed for years!

The role -playing game may look completely different than show in pornographic ribbons. Improvised, prepared, with the exact rules and without them, erotic games for adults change the periodicals of marital life and help in exciting a woman. You can re -meet your husband on the street, meet on the highway and ask for help in connection with accidental breakdown, beat the script “Master and cat”, “Photographer and beginner model”, etc.D.

To control sexual attraction is not difficult. But you need to be patient and use all available methods. The wider their assortment, the faster the excitement will occur.

We told you about all possible methods, how to be excited for a woman on her own at home! And what can you answer? You know other means to strengthen desire? How to quickly get excited before sex? What methods of excitement do you use to independently start close to a permanent partner? When you felt that the passion has faded a little? Share secrets!

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