How to use a prostate massager | Prostate massagers

How to use prostate massager.

, How to use a prostate massager | Prostate massagers
If you have never enjoyed stimulation of a prostate, you have clearly lost a lot! This erogenous zone is rightfully considered the male version of point G, and, acting on it, you can achieve explosive and even multiple orgasm! Finding a prostate gland is easy, but a comfortable and erotic effect requires some skills and time. But, fortunately, there are many toys that will make a study of this aspect of sexual life much easier ..

What is the prostate iron?

The prostate iron is a male analogue of point G. It can easily be found independently or with a partner.

Between the anus and the scrotum is the crotch. It approximately corresponds to the internal location of the prostate.

It is easier to influence the prostate through the anus – from the inside to the touch it is like a soft bulge. It plays a very important role: with its help you can control an erection, orgasm and ejaculation.

Having massaging the prostate gland, you can get a stronger, long and even multiple orgasm! But let’s not run in advance ..

How to find a prostate gland?

Finding a prostate gland is not always easy. Some men prefer to do this themselves, others with a partner, depending on the preferences.

As already indicated above, the prostate gland is located approximately between the scrotum and the anus inside the body.

Take a convenient position: lie on your back and raise your legs or lean, leaning the upper part of the body on the bed.

Then apply the lubricant to the index finger and slowly enter it into the anus. Grind a small tubercle the size of a small coin – it is on the front wall of the anus, the one from the side of the abdomen. This is the point p!, How to use a prostate massager | Prostate massagers

How to stimulate the prostate?

If this is your first experience in sexual games of this direction, then all movements should be slow and smooth. The sensations can be either incredibly pleasant or very painful – depending on the type of stimulation that you choose.

First, be sure to apply a lubricant to your fingers and anus so that stimulation does not bring painful sensations.

Having discovered the zone p, begin to rub it slowly, moving your finger along the prostate. Remember what movements and in which places you are most pleasant.

You can put pressure on the prostate a little stronger – see what sensations you will have. In many men, an increase in pressure on the prostate causes an orgasm approach. But pressure can always be reduced to stretch pleasure.

You can try more sharp movements up and down so that stimulation passes more intensively.

If your prostate is stimulated by a partner, this can become a pleasant addition to oral sex. This will bring not only new sensations, but also distract attention from anal penetration and will help to relax., How to use a prostate massager | Prostate massagers

Is it possible to use a prostate massager?

It is better to go to sexual toys for prostate after you have already tried to stimulate it with your fingers. Then it will be easier for you to find the prostate gland with the help of a massager and get an unforgettable pleasure.

The massager must be chosen taking into account your individual anatomy and the type of stimulation that you like. If you like to bend your finger inside – you need a massager with a significant bend, such as a Nexus Titus prostate massager. If you, on the contrary, hold your finger even and tense, then the Nexus Neo prostate vibroostimulator will suit you.

Many believe that large massagers – as a prostate vibro -stimulator, Rock off Rude Boy – this is already for advanced users, but in fact it is not so. More massager -ideal for beginners, since it is easier for them to find a zone -p zone. But a massager with a small surface of contact-as a Nexus G-Play prostate massager-it is more difficult to determine the position of the prostate, but the sensations are more saturated.

A series of Nexus prostate massages is famous for helping men reach long and strong orgasms. It is convenient to use them, since the hands at this time are free. In this series you can find massagers of various shapes and sizes. Having read the product description and reviews, you can determine which massager is suitable for you. Choosing a massager with or without vibration function is a matter of taste. But remember: you can turn off the vibration, but add – no!

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