Rules for the use of oil in erotic massage

Rules for the use of oil in erotic massage.

, Rules for the use of oil in erotic massage

For erotic massage, special oil is used – It helps to better slide your hands on the skin. In sex, oil can be used instead of lubrication. How to apply the product correctly, in what quantity to use? What types of oil are suitable for sexual massage?

Oil application techniques for erotic massage

Erotic massage uses several techniques in applying funds. In the first – The oil is immediately poured onto the massive part of the body. In this case, the room should be warm, and have oil room temperature. Then the sensations from drops on the skin will be pleasant.

In the second method The oil is poured into the palm, warm for 30 seconds, and then distributed over the skin of a partner. Such a technique is used if the oil is cold or cool in the room.

A bottle of oil should not be removed far to add, as necessary for better gliding hands on the skin of a massive.

, Rules for the use of oil in erotic massage

How much oil is used for massage?

The volume of the oil used depends on that, What is the body of the body massage. It will take approximately 1-2 tablespoons for the back, and a small number of drops will be enough for the feet and palms. And on the genitals before sex and massage it is better to apply oil with excess.

The oil must be evenly distributed over the skin so that it does not flow, and created a light film on the surface. Therefore, it is not necessary to immediately pour half the tube into the partner, and gradually apply the composition, adding to the desired areas.

The exception will be Nura massage – A special technique where a lot of lubrication is used, and the bodies slide on each other.

How not to leave traces of oil during massage

So that there are no traces left on the sheets, it is better to use water -based compounds. When drying out, they do not form divorces, but to completely clean the fabric – It is enough to wash her.

Conventional oil leaves fat spots on the fabric, which is not always possible to remove. Therefore, massage with ordinary oil is best done on special disposable sheets. Or apply a small amount of oil to the skin so that it does not flow out and does not dirty the fabric. In this case, only one part of the body will be massive.

, Rules for the use of oil in erotic massage

What types of oil are suitable for sex use

For intercourse, oil can be used as a lubricant. Many types of oil are suitable for this. But there are several restrictions that are important to observe.

  1. You can not use condom oil. Oil damages latex, and during friction it will tear. In this case, the oil must be removed before the penetration starts.
  2. Oil can lead to a negative reaction by mucus. If on the package of the product it is written that it is suitable only for external use, then it is better to avoid it entering the vagina or an anus. Otherwise the reaction of the body is difficult to predict.
  3. It is better not to use oil for oral caresses. The taste of the product is not always pleasant, many components in the composition cannot be swallowed. It is better to visit a shower in front of a blowjob or cunnilingus, or choose the compositions suitable for oral caresses.
  4. Cannot be used simultaneously with adult toys. Option of oil on the surface of the device can ruin the material, which is why the toy will be worthless.

Such moments are not fatal, but can harm health. Therefore, it is better to buy water -based massage oil. These oils are tested for compatibility with condoms, has a pleasant taste and safe composition, can be applied to genitals. And these products are suitable not only for sexual, but also of ordinary massage.

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