Lingam massage. Popular techniques | Practices

Lingam massage. Popular techniques.

, Lingam massage. Popular techniques | Practices
Lingam is another name for the male genital organ. Within the framework of love games, you can caress it not only with lips, but also with your hands. Moreover, the techniques of these caresses can be very sophisticated. Lingam massage performed by an experienced girl will give a man a lot of pleasure. And therefore it is necessary to study at least a couple of techniques for its execution.

So, despite the whole variety of methods, some rules for performing this delicate massage remain common. And they also definitely should familiarize yourself with them. Therefore, it is worth listing at least the main nuances:

  • This type of exposure should be performed using a large amount of oil Or a dense lubricant. And it is important to choose the composition specifically for intimate areas.
  • It is important to involve the process Not only a member itself, but also a scrotum, and the surrounding area.
  • The process begins with the massage of the whole body, or at least with a light touch, and only then goes to an intimate area.
  • Hasting is unacceptable here, Everything is worth doing slowly, paying attention to the state of the partner, the level of his excitement.
  • Sexual massage at all does not have to end with an orgasm. It can be a prelude before sex, or an independent practice, carried out just for the sake of pleasure and relaxation.

Remembering these moments, you can proceed to the study of some techniques. In the future, you can combine them to deliver a man a maximum of various sensations and pleasure.

Endless input \ exit

The first and one of the simplest approaches will allow a man to give the feeling that he endlessly enter the vagina. To do this, you need to grab a member with both hands, and glide each of them alternately from the head to the base, managing to put the second hand to the head in a timely manner when the first descends to the base. Accordingly, the reverse movement will give a feeling of endless exit. At the same time, you can squeeze your hands stronger, or vice versa, relax your grip to change the intensity of sensations. In the same way it is worth monitoring the speed of the hands., Lingam massage. Popular techniques | Practices

Lacks and baskets

However, the mentioned version of the massage is by no means the only. You can give a man a variety of sensations using the “Basket” version. So, if you pass the fingers of one hand between the fingers of the other, inside, from the side of the palms turned to each other, a ribbed surface of the pillows under the fingers forms. It is they who should stimulate the member, especially the head.

If you grab the organ with your hands with your fingers folded in this way, and reduce your thumbs from below to stimulate the bridle, you get a lock. It will be necessary to move your hands up and down, again adjusting the grip and intensity.

There is another version of the castle – open. Then only the fingertips cross, and the connected thumbs are also below the penis to stimulate its sensitive zones.

Grasp from above

You can give an exotic sensation to a man when girth of a penis from above, when the palm lies on the head and the fingers surround it. So, if you slightly wrap your head with your fingers and move around or counterclockwise, you will get the movement of the “whisk”. However, if you move your fingers from top to bottom, without tearing their tips from the upper part of the penis, and sliding along it – it will be called the “octopus”.

Thus, the massage of the penis is not at all difficult. But if then you want to go to oral caresses, you will need delicious lubricant. It will not need to be washed off, you will not have to be distracted from the process.

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