How to make erotic massage to a girl

How to make erotic massage to a girl.

People began to show interest in erotic massage more and more. For a woman, this is the coolest prelude that you can come up with so that after that she experiences an orgasm incredible in sensations. Therefore, any man who wants to give his woman enchanting pleasure should own erotic massage techniques. So that the effect of it is on top, it is important to observe the basic laws and rules.

How to do erotic massage to a woman: Preparation

Rule 1. The girl must first relax, and not immediately pounce on her and quickly massage the whole body. Try to turn off everyday thoughts, and only then proceed to excitement. Therefore, the first part of your game should consist of massage for relaxation. A win -win option: arrange a warm fragrant bath for a partner. Various salts or foams with aphrodisiacs can be added to the water. It relaxes well and sets up in an exciting?.

Rule 2. Take care of the corresponding atmosphere, consider all the factors.

  1. Surrounding the situation, lighting. The light should be muffled, but not bright. To do this, you can throw a transparent fabric on it, but it is better to replace the electrical appliance with aromatic candles, a fireplace, if possible. It is advisable to decorate the room itself, for example, rose petals. Pre -cleaning: the look of scattered male socks does not tune in an erotic way.
  2. Aroma. Aromatic lamp will help to fill the room with pleasant smells. Inside, insert a small candle, pour essential oil diluted in water into the tank at the top. As for aromas, first find out from the girl what exactly she likes. Floral oils smell well: jasmine, roses, lavender, many people like eucalyptus, mint.
  3. Music. A relaxing massage should take place under slow, calm melodies, preferably without words. If these are ordinary songs, a woman will listen to the texts, which will distract from the process and will not allow you to fully relax.
  4. Place. Ideal is a massage table, but not everyone has it. Alternative – a convenient sofa or bed with a hard surface. The body should not fall from the slightest pressure, but it will not be comfortable on the floor, since it is too hard.

All this guarantees maximum relaxation and raising the tone, as well as switching the attention of a woman from pressing worries and problems.

Rule 3. Prepare warm massage oil in advance. It can be heated in a water bath or directly in the hands. A special massage candle is also good, which will first create muffled light, and then become warm oil for erotic massage.

Rule 4. The room should be warm, without drafts. Make sure your hands are also warm and well -groomed: cut your nails, get rid of burrs, moisten your skin.

How to do erotic massage to a girl

When you are both already in the room, put a woman on your stomach and start with a relaxing back massage. We first advise you to watch the video course “Secrets of Thai mistresses”. There are very clearly and close -ups all elements of relaxing massage were removed. This part is performed without oil, only with the hands of the palms. The movements should be slow, palms – are fully involved in the body without cracks, otherwise it may be tickled. First stroke and rub the partner’s body, pat, then add gentle touches with your lips. This will excite a woman. Another option: Take a light feather and draw in the erogenous zones of the girl, combining with stroking the palm of the hand. You must irritate it with your movements. First hold an intensive pace, then touch more tenderly. Thus massage each part of the body. All relaxing massage lasts 20-30 minutes.


Here, girls have many erogenous zones, especially on the lower back, between the shoulder blades, along the spine. Therefore, these places definitely need to pay attention.

Start a pleasant massage with delicate stroking with the whole palm along, across the back and in a circle. This is necessary for general relaxation and preparation for further actions. You can also make rubbing – from sides to spine and in the reverse order.

Neck and shoulders

Usually they are tense more than other parts of the body, so their massage is very pleasant. When exposed, it is almost not necessary to use force. Start with stroking, move from the back of the head to the shoulders, increase the pressure, reducing it at the neck. Also do not forget about the hands.

Massage for excitement

Only after full relaxation, a girl can do an erotic massage. Dress the partner completely and turn it on your back. Remember that you need to move from the least sensitive zones to the most sensitive, having finished the genital organs and anus.

First massage the nipples, then the stomach, slightly touch the genitals, and then go to the legs and feet. Pay special attention to the area of the inner surface of the hips, the maximum number of nerve endings is concentrated there. Movements should be directed to the genital zone. Then the woman begins to be excited due to the intense flow of blood to the pelvic organs. You need to massage the inside of the palm. To give piquancy, add ice and aromatic cubes – this will provide greater sensitivity. Follow the woman’s reaction and intensively massage the places from which she gets more pleasure. Move constantly, do not stop even when you grease your hands with oil. Moisturize the skin – this will help to slide well and touch it more tender.

You can make an intimate massage to the girl even more pleasant with the help of kisses in the neck, whispering affectionate words. There should be a lot of massage oil to easily slide over the body. It is necessary to finish erotic massage to stroking the genital organs of a woman and perineum. It is better to make a light external genital massage, and then switch to the internal, which will provide an even greater blood flow to the erogenous zones. From this, the girl will be able to experience an incredible orgasm. This type of massage is described in detail in the video course “Give your woman 7 types of orgasm” on our website.

Zones that are considered the most sensitive: feet, neck area (especially from behind), wrists, lumbar back, nipples, ears (uric), inner thighs, genitals. Swings, shoulder zone, upper back, fingers, buttocks respond less to caresses.

Basic errors during massage:

  • The movements are very fast, too strong;
  • without the use of oil, which rubs the skin and causes discomfort;
  • The room is cold and not comfortable;
  • There is no music, it smells bad, it is not very convenient to lie;
  • cold oil;
  • chaotic movements, often tear off your hands from the body (it is better to start from below, heading up);
  • conversations are not in the subject;
  • movements are uncertain, weak touch, from which goosebumps go along the skin, it becomes tickling.

How to make erotic massage to a girl: basic tips and general rules

  1. Prepare all accessories in advance: warm oil, candles, vibrator and other intimate toys, a water -based hypoallergenic lubricant (for continuation).
  2. Take care of the atmosphere: do cleaning, decorate the room, organize muffled lighting, light the candles and put the aroma lamp.
  3. Good preparation is a joint shower or bath with a gel with Aphrodisiac, which will simultaneously excite and relax.
  4. Adhere to the rules of your hand hygiene: trim your nails, remove the burrs, moisten and warm up the skin.
  5. Start with a relaxing part. Massage your arms, feet, head, back, buttocks, legs. Movements should be stroking, rubbing, palms completely adjust to the body.
  6. Erotic includes massage of the intimate zone, chest. To enhance excitement, external vaginal massage is made, anal. They must be performed with a water lubricant. It is necessary to massage the anus carefully, spent first up and down, and then making circular movements. At the same time you can caress the clitoris to relax the partner as much as possible and give her joy. If the body is sufficiently prepared, slowly insert your finger inside.
  7. During massage of the genitals, you can connect lips and tongue, so the sensations will be even more pleasant.
  8. If one of you has a bad mood, transfer the session the next day.
  9. Stand near a woman, but don’t sit on her.
  10. Carefully observe the reaction – so you can find out the new erogenous zones on the body of your beloved girl, make sex even brighter.

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