How to do erotic massage to a girl

How to do erotic massage to a girl.

, How to do erotic massage to a girl

A rather interesting topic, which in my opinion is not enough where it is disclosed.

The difference between an erotic massage and the usual one is that we give sexually pleasure, it often happens that we bring to orgasm, without bringing to sexual intercourse, or it is a very good prelude, which incredibly strongly excites and arouses desire, in t.h. and for new experiments.

Where to start erotic massage?

The most important thing is not in a hurry, you are not just wandering your back, your task is to relax the girl as much as possible, to excite, and it is possible to even bring to orgasm. Massage can last 20 minutes and several hours.

From my own experience, I will say that the first good result could only turn out with a month and a half massage.

First – you need to prepare a room. To muffle the light, you can light incense, and most importantly – the room should be warm so that the body is comfortable without clothes. So if your eggs are compressed, then you should still warm the room, your girlfriend, it will be worse without movement, and it will be little pleasant if she is freezing.

Ok, the room is ready, here it is, in front of you lies a shy sexy and insanely beautiful girl. You need to completely take off your clothes (not from yourself, from a girl, although you can, but everything is already individual and look at the reaction of your partner), if the girl is shy, then you can leave their panties and take them later when she completely relaxes.

You need to go to the stomach, it is best to start from this position, start from your neck, from your shoulders, rub your back, you don’t need to immediately climb into the crotch and put your finger there – do not do it, not only do you show the dibyl, and you will divert all your desire. Remember – everything is very sensual and gently.

Start with the back, neck, shoulders, do not forget that you need to kiss your partner, for example, while you massage her back, rub the oil, kiss her ass, you don’t need to lick her, just a couple of touch, it will already excite her.

It is very important – do not lie the oil immediately on the body, if it is cool – either heat it first in your hands, or warm up the oil itself.

After the back, carefully cross below, if the room is still cool, then that part of the body with which you do not work – you can cover with a veil.

Gently massage the ass, you can press a little, touch the inner thighs, neatly.

Pope pay special attention, she has several points on her, which show how relaxed the girl. and in general how really can she get an orgasm from massage at the moment.

Massage points scheme for a girl

, How to do erotic massage to a girl

The diagram shows 4 points. The first two (1 and 2) are points that should be relaxed, when pressed, they can cause a pain and unpleasant effect. Gently massage these places, gently pressing. Also pay attention to points 3 and 4 – they should also be well massaged.

Carefully go down to the legs and feet, before starting, you can shower them with kisses and then go to massage, legs massage – it helps to relax, alternate the legs and ass, especially the first two points on the priest, you can understand how much you can understand how muchThe girl is relaxed.

It’s what magic points? Rather, there is no than yes, but still-the physiology of the body is such that yes, they are somehow incredibly connected with how much the girl is relaxed and how realistic it is to bring her to orgasm in this state.

How much time to massage your back and ass?

Obviously not 5 minutes, look at the situation, catch the answer from your partner-but you don’t need to constantly ask-you like it or something like that, you are not tired, and you, but T.D., by this you will only annoy your partner, especially if she is shy.

I would allocate for about 40 minutes on this action, during this time – it will be able to relax, subside tension, relax, and excitement will appear.

As soon as you miss the legs, the ass, then if the back is covered with a blanket, remove it and massage her all her body to warm up it. I think it will be enough for it 5 minutes.

After which you can ask her to turn over on her back.

If the girl is embarrassed, then a good solution will be put on a bandage on her eyes, it will make her more calm and it will be easier for you if you yourself are worried.

Another moment, if you make massage completely naked and lying on your back, it will be an excited standing member – it will also excite it. But try to do so that she still does not be distracted by him and does not try to put him in her mouth, for example

Start massaging your tummy and rub the oil along the chest and around with slow movements.

You can kiss the papers around them, here look at the girl’s reaction-someone likes it, someone does not. Try to clamp the nipples in your fingers, but do not overdo it, do not need to tear them out and also look at its reaction. Choose what she likes and remember this.

Go from tummy and chest to handles and legs, completely coat it with oil and gently rub it, also pay special attention to the footsteps, and begin to move a little to the inside of the thigh, but try not to touch the crotch.

It depends on the position you will be in, you can put your cock in her hand, let him play a little with him, but do not let yourself get carried away.

At this point, her sponge (sexual) will already be swollen and excited.

Here very carefully, no need to go there immediately with your hands, t.To. This is a very sensitive zone and can also deliver discomfort in addition to pleasure and imagine your head with a dry hand will begin to rub, for example, and there are tens of times more sensitive.

Lubricate your hands abundantly and press your palm to its crotch, massage your stomach and chest with your second hand, you can also kiss her nipples at that moment if she likes it, or kiss her neck.

Here you can break and go to sexual intercourse, but keep yourself in your hands and do not give in)

Continuation has many options-you can go to stroking its crotch and gradual switching to the clitoris, the second option to enter the index finger inside and feel a small thickening, about 2-3 centimeters from the entrance-and begin to gradually press the upward movement on it. This is the so -called point g

Then you need to feel the answer from your partner – when you need to speed up the pace, but do not forget to use your second hand – stroke the tummy, chest

At this moment, you will already be on the way to orgasm, and rhythmic movements either at the clitoris or inside the vagina, which can bring the girl to orgasm.

, How to do erotic massage to a girl

If you do everything right, you will not rush, and bring to an orgasm (it does not always work), then it will be in your mattress to run, which will give you its advantages, it is true ?

Good luck and do not be afraid to experiment

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