How Thai massage is done

How Thai massage is done.

Thai massage can give an unprecedented pleasure. Determine the equipment and provide your lover for a moment of unforgettable pleasure. In addition, such a massage will help restore potency, which is why the woman herself will win. There are two types of Thai massage-general and erotic Body-Body. Vacationers in Thailand usually get a common massage with fingers, palms, knees and feet. Erotic massage is somewhat different from the general, it is made with the whole body about the body with a large amount of massage oil.

What is Thai erotic massage

There are points in our body, pressing to which will contribute to one or another reactions of the body. By acting on some zones, you can increase an erection and drive a person crazy with pleasure. Thai girls even in childhood know the secrets of such a massage, and by their age they become real professionals in sex technicians. Men always like Thai massage, but their girls can experience jealousy. However, there is nothing wrong with this, because health and potency will only improve from it. In order not to worry, it is enough for girls to master this technique, and their men will fly every time with pleasure from pressing their hands. Watch the video course “Secrets of Thai Mans”, where all the elements of Thai erotic massage are completely demonstrated.

Before massage, you must relax as much as possible. This is facilitated by the atmosphere in the room where there should be quiet music, pleasant aroma, not too bright light. You can take a bath with essential oils. During the massage, it is better to turn off all mobile phones, as one call can negate the entire effect of massage.

Thai massage technique

First you need to warm up the body of a man with your hands, do not forget about essential oils to improve the effect. Massage starts with the foot. Then wave -shaped rhythmic movements are made. Such a technique is called “Gunfu”. Its essence: first you warm up the body of a man with stroking, then you act intensively on your back.

Next, we move to Thai technique “Anim”. Here you need to make rubbing movements with your palms, and then your thumb. Movements should be tender so as not to leave the bruises. If desired, you can add moments of erotica, actively rubbing the chest, hips and buttocks, which are the erogenous zones of men, but not with their hands, but with their body. There are many techniques of Thai erotic massage Body-Body, but the main feature remains that a woman on a large amount of massage oil slides over a man’s body, stimulating him with her breasts, stomach, buttocks. If you want to learn more about all the techniques of erotic Thai massage with visual examples and secrets? Watch our video course “Secrets of Thai mistresses”.

Those who want to deliver even more pleasure to a man can master the Thai technique “Awakening of the Dragon”. With the help of fingertips, massage the groin area without affecting the genitals. The wife can be on the knees between the feet of a man.

Girls with long hair can apply the “hair shower” technique and conduct their curls throughout the body, which can increase the erection.

The highest degree of pleasure for a man is a thai massage of a member. Start with stroking the chest, abdomen, legs, smoothly moving to the inside of the thighs, slightly touch the fingers of the penis. Movements should be light, tender, smooth. Gently run up your fingers from the scrotum, while touching the man’s body with your body. Pay attention to the testicles, alternate the compression of the penis with your hands with light pressure. Periodically distract from the penis and caress the hips, stimulating blood flow. Also regularly change the technique, pay attention to the head, caress the bridle in a circular motion.

You can study even more techniques with practical tips and video materials in the video course “Secrets of Thai Mans”.

All of the above techniques will allow you to bring incredible pleasure to your man and get closer to him even more. This is an excellent prevention of impotence and high -quality sex between spouses. Just leave your laziness, prejudices and master new techniques for your lover. According to Thai experts, massage is able to manage another person at the subconscious level. Therefore, in your hands a huge force may lurk, which only you will control.

How to make Thai massage not only for pleasure, but also for benefit?

The initial purpose of this Thai massage is a positive effect on health, gaining harmony, normalizing the physical and mental state. This is a whole art, which is possible to master anyone, there would be a desire. Another argument – no one prevents the unit of erotic and healing Thai massage. From such an impact there will be double benefits. Consider how to do it correctly.

Thai legs massage

It all starts with the feet. The algorithm of actions:

  1. Put the client on the stomach, let him stretch his hands along the body, turn his head to one side. The first trick is the steps of the masseur on the feet of a man. Stand on the feet, slightly press the pads under the thumbs with your right and left foot in turn. Make sure that the client does not hurt. Next, turn your back and continue to press your heels, after which – again with pillows.
  2. The starting position is the same, only spread your legs to the man. The masseur is on his knees, presses his palms on the hips, energetically, but not sharply moving from below and up. The weight of the woman’s body is gone into her hands. Repeat the reception 5-7 times.
  3. The next stage of Thai massage is stretching. Stand on one knee, take the client’s leg in your hands, slowly approach the heel to the buttock, hold it out at the closest distance from the priests for 10 seconds. There should not be pain. Repeat the reception 3-5 times.
  4. Extension. The masseur sits on his feet from behind the client, takes his legs in his hands, bends in his knees (the angle should be straight) and tilts in one and the other, until the thigh begins to rise. The number of repetitions is 3-5.

Thai back massage

  1. The masseur puts his hands on the sacrum, spreads his fingers, does not apply to the spine. In the rhythm of the patient’s breathing, it is necessary to gradually move up the back, transferring weight of the body to his hands, slightly pressing. Repeat 5-7 times.
  2. “Cobra”. The masseur sits on the hips of the client on his own feet, takes the man by the wrists and slowly straightens. The body of the client is bent back. You need to perform the exercise smoothly, no sudden movements! Repeat it 3-5 times.
  3. A man sits on the heels, reducing the feet together and opening his knees, the buttocks touch the legs. You can put a roller if you yourself can’t sit down so. The masseur carefully presses the sacrum, moving down the skin, does not touch the spine. Repetition-5-7 times.
  4. Put the man back on the stomach. Squeeze your fists, tap in the sacrum area, avoiding the spine. The wrists are relaxed at the same time, the movements are rhythmic, without jerks. The duration of the exercise is 40-80 seconds. Further, for half a minute, you can tap in the heart of the heart from the spine. The last stage is the impact with both hands: one in the area of the sacrum, the second – hearts. Duration of execution-1-2 minutes.
  5. Stretching. Let the man turn over on his back, bent his legs in his knees and cross them. The masseur holds him by the wrists, listens to his breath and stretches him up on the exhale. Next, you need to freeze for 10 seconds and smoothly sink. Repeat 5-6 times
  6. The last trick is to relax the shoulder zone. The client sits on the heels, the girl kneads her shoulders for 3-5 minutes with light massaging movements.

When you can’t do the Thai massage of the whole body?

We have already said that massage on Thai techniques is therapeutic and erotic. In the first case, there are contraindications, since the effects on the points on the body with some pathologies lead only to a deterioration in the state. This:

  • oncological diseases;
  • allergic reactions;
  • cardiovascular and renal failure;
  • gangrene;
  • acute inflammatory processes;
  • injuries;
  • vascular aneurysm, pathology of arteries;
  • tuberculosis;
  • atherosclerosis;
  • osteomyelitis;
  • HIV;
  • mental abnormalities;

Before inviting the partner a therapeutic Thai massage, it is worthwhile to ask if he has contraindications. Otherwise, it is better to limit yourself to erotic.

How to do Thai massage to a man: some tips

  1. Your partner should not be hungry or fed to capacity. The optimal time for the procedure is 2 hours after eating.
  2. Do not start unnecessary conversations throughout the session. Interested in whether it is nice and comfortable for a man, but leave ordinary topics until a more suitable moment.
  3. Avoid excessive pain. The impact on Thai techniques should be tangible, but moderate.
  4. Take care of the environment: prepare a sufficient amount of massage oil, adjust the temperature in the room, light the candles, turn on the quiet pleasant music.
  5. If you have a bad mood, postpone the Thai massage session for the next time.

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