Erotic massage for men and women

Erotic massage for men and women.

Erotic massage is easy to do, it can be quickly learned if desired. Of course, it differs from everyone else. The most important thing in it is to have a desire to give pleasure.

How to do erotic massage to a man

, Erotic massage for men and women

First of all, it is necessary to achieve maximum relaxation. Therefore, you can lie a little in a warm fragrant bath. A woman can rub his back to him so that he relaxes as much as possible. This guarantees an erection raising.

For massage, it will be necessary to prepare aromatic oil, apply it in the palm of your hand and rub the hands and legs of a man with delicate movements. Pay attention to the muscles of the limbs, they need to be a little squeezed. Mark your palms and feet well, and then go to the back. Also apply oil and perform light strokeing movements. Do not forget that the massage is erotic, so press the chest and ass as close as possible. Next, begin to massage the buttocks, massage this area a little stronger. This will help to further increase the erection. If a man feels excitement and is ready to bring to sex, do not rush. Go to the chest area, from neck to navel. Massage the nipples with your hands, and then with your lips. You can easily bite them, only do it carefully without causing pain.

To excite your partner even more, massage him in the navel, especially devoting the area between the pubis and the navel. You can use your lips and nipples in massage. To finish erotic massage must be stroking the penis and perineum. Here the main thing is not to overdo it, so that a man can further move on to sexual intercourse.

Erotic massage for women

, Erotic massage for men and women

You should know that impotence in women also happens. And so that this does not happen, it is advisable to practice erotic massage. This peculiar stimulator will help a woman to wake her sensuality and bring her to orgasm.

Preliminary preparation for erotic massage is to create a romantic atmosphere in the room. Pleasant music should sound there, flicker candles, standing flowers and glasses of champagne. Massage begins with hands or ankles. Stroke them smoothly, and then knead. So that your movements give pleasure, apply a slightly moisturizer or essential oil in your hands.

Next, you have to do your back massage. With the help of a palm, fists, fingertips, massage your back, paying special attention to the area between the woman’s shoulder blades. This will arouse her sensuality. Do not crush much, because this is an erotic massage, a woman should feel maximum relaxation. Stroke the whole body to determine its erogenous zones.

The neck and area of the ears is one of the most sensitive zones in women. During massage, you can use light kisses. Touch your lips to the auricle and breathe a little there.

Help your partners turn on your back and gently massage your hands around the nipples, near the navel and in the pubic area. You can first do this using a flower from a bouquet presented to you. Massage the partner’s chest, with your hands and with the help of lips. Try to ensure that your movements are as easy and tender as possible, otherwise your partner will feel discomfort.

Sent below and caress this area. The most cautious movements are required here, since this area is the most sensitive for a woman. You need to know this in order to understand how to bring a girl to orgasm a member. After starting active actions.

The most important thing in erotic massage is not the skills of a masseur, but a desire to deliver pleasure. You may not adhere to these instructions one hundred percent, because who, how not you know what your partner gives the maximum pleasure. Therefore, do only what he likes.

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