How to choose linen if you are not 90-60-90 | Erotic linen

How to choose linen if you are not 90-60-90.

, How to choose linen if you are not 90-60-90 | Erotic linen
If your parameters are approaching the classic 90-60-90 and you are earned by the model of Victoria Sigrets-you have no problem with choosing beautiful underwear. Everyone else, we will be honest, it is. We, earthly women with not perfect bodies, look at Beautiful linen, But we think: “But it will not work for me”, or “I have cellulite”, or “I gave birth, and I have stretch marks”, in a word, we think everything that can be designated in one phrase: “Where do I need it?”. And so we wrote a guide by linen for earthly women. For those who have cellulite, stretch marks and not perfect breasts. We tell how to choose, disguise and even improve. Let’s go talk about it.

Men are unlikely to read this article early, therefore, girls, let’s call everything a spade of their names.
First and most important: linen should be in size. It is very important!
Yes, sometimes terribly does not want to confess my love for cakes and rolls, but also that instead of model s-ki or “standard” m-ki you have l-ka, xl-ka or even xxxl-ko.

But, firstly, no one sees the tag except you (and it can be trifled!).
And secondly, in many ways it is the right size that the right size allows you to adjust and hide many shortcomings.
But linen is not in size, alas, does not paint anyone. Because no matter how wonderful panties, But if they crash into the hips, pushing all our fats – this is no good. You just won’t wear them in the end.
Therefore, pick up a centimeter and honestly measure your chest, waist and hips.
And first of all, focus on this.

Erotic linen They make from elastic fabrics, plus the dimensions “walk” a little among different manufacturers, but in general, the classic table looks like this:
– S/M: Russian size 42-44, waist 60-72, hips 88-100 cm;
– L/XL: Russian size 46-48, waist 72-84, hips 100-112 cm;
– Xxl: our 50 size, waist 84-89, hips 112-117;
– And to each size above XXL, several cm is added.
With any doubt – it is better to take a little more.

But as for bras – Bellya manufacturers, as a rule, do not bother with the size of the cup of the bra (all these a, b, C and t.D.). They just add centimeters to a cup or volume.
U erotic linen There is no task to comfortably sit under office clothes or keep your chest well while walking or running.
Such linen has one task: to be worn in the bedroom and look good in bed)

Therefore, busts make more beautiful than comfortable or comfortable.
And therefore – we will be honest – if your chest is larger than the third size, it will be really difficult to find a bust.
But the options are beautiful and sexual underwear for you anyway.

In principle, the times have long passed when Erotic linen It was sewn only on thin, ideal and with a fervently standing chest.
Manufacturers have long understood: girls are very different, and everyone wants to be sexy.
And if some five years ago it was very difficult to find beautiful linen on a figure that differs from the standard, now the choice is really very good. For all.

And perhaps we will start with the underwear, which really goes to everyone. Seriously. Absolutely everyone. Regardless of the kg, ears on the hips or what else is there.


No matter what type of figure you have, and do you have extra pounds.
It doesn’t matter if you are tall and thin, or small stature and sweet paste.
Anyway, how size your hips or chest.
Let you give birth to three children, on your tummy and hips there are fat or stretch marks, but if you take a chat – you will not be mistaken.
If you are embarrassed by your body, you need a chat.
And even if you are just afraid to make a mistake with the size – you also need to be chat. They are at least damn elastic.

Cat – He is a stocking on the body-o-Bal-as-like thing that goes to any type of figure without exception.
This is a well -stretched and tight -fitting mesh that is really capable of visually adjusting the problem areas of the figure, as well as hide many skin imperfections, such as stretch marks or “orange crust”.
And the Catstes always has a cutout between the legs, so that it does not need to be removed during sex, the man will get to everything and so)

The stocking of the body has one small minus: he is not able to support his chest and presses it slightly. But this minus Catsuta can easily forgive for the magnificent properties of “disguise” of shortcomings.
In addition, we give a life hack! – Under the net, it is quite possible to put on a bra.

Catsuts are different: from a large or small grid, with an openwork pattern or without, with open shoulders or covering the whole body, whole or imitating body and stockings.

Let’s take a closer look.

1. If you are a thin girl or your figure does not have noticeable shortcomings, like “rescue circles” and “ears” on the hips – in principle, any model of a stocking on the body will suit you in principle.
It is for you that nets with all kinds of erotic cuts are created:

  • opening the tummy (for example, Such or Such);
  • fully Obstructing breasts;
  • made in the form of a body and stockings (and there is a really huge choice: Here, Here, Here…);
  • completely daring and not hiding anything (like this);
  • and large nets like such or such – This is all yours, and you are not limited by anything!

2. If the stomach, priest or hips are your problem areas, choose whole models without cuts, from classic medium -sized grid. Can be with a delicate pattern.
For example, Such or Here is one The model is remarkably disguise the fat on the stomach or ears on the hips.

Moreover, it should not be Black nets (although black is slimming) – there are excellent models and among colored mesh – delicate White, delightful Beige, Or bright Red, imitating corset with panties and stockings (but at the same time everything is closed!)

In short, do not be shy of yourself and Choose a mesh. Say we thank you for the advice)
For any bed date, the chatter will definitely come in handy!
And we will go further to consider Beautiful linen)


, How to choose linen if you are not 90-60-90 | Erotic linen
The principle of choice Body the same as in Catsutov.
If you are lucky to have a good body without flaws – absolutely everything is available for you: and insanely sexy body boodies (like Such), And minimalism, And incomparably impudent things, like this or this.
In a word, everything you wish.

If you are smart and beauty, but … fat – choose more integral models covering problem areas.
-For example, body with openwork pattern and cut off “Kare" (Especially goes to girls with magnificent breasts!).
-Or a translucent mesh with an American armhole (if you have beautiful shoulders, such a style will highlight them and emphasize)
-Or models made of fabric, concealed tummy – like such or such.
By the way, the second model at the expense of the “belt” is able to “make the waist” if you do not have it, so it is especially suitable for girls with a “rectangle” type.

There are a lot of beautiful bodies of all sizes and for any type of figure there is here.


And here is actually the main thing is to just choose your size and take into account some nuances.
Because Beautiful sets, belts with stockings Or not gentle Sork with panties – This is a classic, and it cannot help but go)
But here there are several life hacks.
Let’s start with classic sets, a la “panties and bra”

  • If your chest is good in shape – take a set with an open bust, they look insanely erotic.
    Such sets are created specifically for sex, because they open breasts for male caresses. Examples of such sets: Here or Here.
  • If you are embarrassed by the forms, choose the bodice so that the main part of the chest is covered.
    However, even here there are especially piquant options with slots that cover the chest, but Opening nipples.
  • And finally, options that go to almost everyone are sets with classical brackets, slightly forming and lifting breasts, for example, such or such.

Belt for stockings – in principle, what every girl should have.
They are equipped in different versions:

  • Belt and panties
  • Belt and stockings
  • Sometimes a belt for stockings is already complete with a bra and panties, for example, as Here.

The main thing when choosing, again, is right to choose your size, good, they are from S, to amazing 7xl

-Girls with not wide hips, as a rule, go sets with wider belts, such Such or Such, Visually, they form the volume of the hips.
As well as sets With ruffles, or when the belt imitates skirt.
Another great option for a poorly pronounced waist – narrow belts with a landing at the waist, Thus, it “looms” and stands out.

-Figures like “sand clock” with a pronounced difference of breasts-talia-bedra are coming Thin belts For stockings, low on the hips – this is how the beautiful bend of the waist emphasizes.

-Sometimes the belt has an additional function: cover not perfect places. Therefore, there are a lot of models that often hide the problematic part – the lower abdomen. Examples of such models – Here And Here.

The choice of belts is not very modest and in any case there will be something that is suitable for you.


Panties are selected generally very simple:

– the thinner the waist, the lower the panties should sit on the hips.
Even if the stomach is not perfect, the emphasized waist with a luxurious bend will overshadow everything.
Moreover, for magnificent hips, it is worth choosing models with narrower side parts: you can choose something completely to the size of the size L Miniature, Girls larger should pay attention to models with narrow lace On the hips.

-Type panties “shorts“Go to thin girls with more” boyish “figures and narrow hips.
Wide lace adds volume and sexy hips.

-Also on figures of the type of rectangle, they perfectly “make” the waist of panties with several ribbons on the sides, for example, such or such

Walks and peignoirs

, How to choose linen if you are not 90-60-90 | Erotic linen
You stocked up mesh, panties, belts and showed him in sex the highest aerobatics?
And what do you throw over yourself after sex in the morning, while the man will do you coffee? You will not pull the terry robe?
You need sexy Peniir.
Because the peignoirs – it is very beautiful and at once solves the problem “What to throw on yourself in the morning or getting out of bed after sex”.

Peignoirs and robes are of different types.
Transparently created in order to “get out of the bath” or “beautifully go into the bath after sex”.
They also look magical at a romantic home dinner by candlelight.
Short and opaque no less erotic, but more universal – you can even walk around the house (if you live alone).

In a word, if a personal life is not alien to you – you should have at least one peignoir or an elegant robe.
And better and more and a choice for different occasions.

OK it’s all over Now. Do not be shy of your body. Men love us different, if only not boring)
And please make yourself beautiful linen.
It is very important. And for self -esteem, including;)

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