Ben Wa Balls: What is and How to use?

How to choose the best Ben Wa Balls.

About vaginal balls, we think, many have heard. The most important and useful purpose is to develop intimate muscles. In addition, they can have additional stimulation to achieve orgasm.  However, not everyone knows how to choose the right and how to use Ben Wa Balls.

, Ben Wa Balls: What is and How to use?

Types Ben Wa Balls

The choice of Ben Wa Balls is great, they differ in the manufacturing and form of release. We will try to describe the features of the most popular and frequently encountered.

Collective vaginal balls

, Ben Wa Balls: What is and How to use?

The prefabricated Ben Wa Balls are presented in the form of two plastic semicircles that are connected together. If you fell into your hands, then immediately put them aside. Such balls can cause severe harm, and all due to the fact that a negative microflora will form at the junction.

Tip: choose not assembly, but cast format.

Balls for vagina on a thread

, Ben Wa Balls: What is and How to use?

These are two vaginal balls that are connected by a regular thread. This option is also worth leaning. Firstly, an unfavorable microflora is formed on the thread again, the same thing happens in the holes where the thread is stuck. Even the best disinfection will not give a 100% guarantor. Secondly, from the first reason there is that such Ben Wa Balls goes at a time, and if you want to train the intimate muscle, then this option will be an invoice for you.

Tip: For training intimate muscles, choose one ball with a special loop to extract. It will be more effective, as two balls will reduce the effectiveness of such exercises.

Metal Ben Wa Balls, Ben Wa Balls: What is and How to use?

Such Ben Wa Balls can be called the most popular, but only because their photos often come across on the Internet.  However, there are a large number of problems with them:

  • not for beginners – if you have just started training intimate muscles, then such balls do not suit you. All due to the fact that their size is small, but at the same time they are heavy. It will be difficult to hold them, you can only start a metallic vaginal balls only prepared girls;
  • The quality of the metal is natural that such balls should be made of stainless steel. However, many manufacturers in order to reduce the price, make them from ordinary iron coating. All this can harm the vagina, since over time the coating is oxidized and an unfavorable environment is formed;
  • The presence of a hole – do not take balls with a hole or with a thread, as we have already said, bacteria accumulate there.

Tip: to make sure that the vaginal ball is made of steel, put a magnet to it.  Steel magnetize and sticks to it.

Ben Wa Balls with a complex surface

Manufacturers of this product no longer know how to surprise their sophisticated buyer, so they begin to produce balls of various, married forms. However, if at first glance it seems interesting and unusual, then in reality the situation is different.

, Ben Wa Balls: What is and How to use?

Such Ben Wa Balls are absolutely not suitable for those who want to pump up intimate muscles. And all due to the fact that in a complex construction the sliding is added, which is why the training becomes less effective. However, even if the ball glides well, that is, the danger from hygiene. Those complex Ben Wa Balls should be avoided, where there are bulges or gaps, since it is these places that are the center of accumulation of harmful bacteria, it will be much safer then only by the Kegel methodology will be done at all.

Jade Ben Wa Balls

, Ben Wa Balls: What is and How to use?

Recently, the jade Ben Wa Balls has gained great popularity, but there perhaps there are the greatest number of delusions around them:

  • Fake. In general, nephritis is a very expensive stone that can only be purchased in a jewelry store. Therefore, such balls can be very, very expensive. And from here it follows a large number of fakes that can be found in stores on the Internet platforms. To create such fakes often use jadeite. It is much cheaper, its color is not so bright, and its structure has a porous surface. And as you know, if there are irregularities and holes, then this will again lead to the spread of harmful bacteria;
  • the harmfulness of the material to be this stone itself and benefits, but not in the case of training the inner muscles. Even the jade itself has bumps and small cracks that can harm. An ideal ball can be obtained only by an individual order from a jeweler;
  • Not for beginners. Before using Ben Wa Balls made of natural stone, you should already have experience. Real jade eggs are very heavy, and if you have weak intimate muscles, then you should not start with such balls, otherwise you can get the opposite effect.

Ben Wa Balls with a displaced center of gravity

How is such a ball arranged? Everything is quite simple and easy. The smaller ball is placed inside the large ball, most often it is made of metal, but it can also be made of plastic. During movements, the smaller ball beats on the walls of the large and additional fluctuations are formed.

This species is very popular, since a good PR company has made such balls the most effective, although in practice nothing of the kind. From such a design, a woman can simply get additional pleasant sensations, but this will not give the same, promised high result and benefit Ben Wa Balls, this type will not be pronounced.

, Ben Wa Balls: What is and How to use?

It is worth noting that such Ben Wa Balls is expensive, so we do not recommend taking it, because this is all the advertising move and the usual pumping of money, it is best to pay attention to other options that we presented below.

Best Ben Wa Balls

Since choosing Ben Wa Balls correctly? Despite the fact that there are a large number of types of Ben Wa Balls, the safest of them are the following:

  1. From silicone. If you look about the aspects of health, then the silicone Ben Wa Balls are safer. This material has no irregularities or a complex structure where harmful bacteria can develop. Vaginal balls correctly take those that go without a loop or with cast.
  2. From stainless steel. In previous articles, we described the metal Ben Wa Balls, and said about their danger, but it was precisely the stainless steel balls are safe. Before buying, be sure to make sure that surgical metal or food was used for the creation, as they are most acceptable for training the internal muscles. Also as advice, it is best to heat balls a little before each use, since the metal has a low temperature.
  3. Boxed plastic. We have already described that the plastic Ben Wa Balls can only be suitable if they go cast. In addition, they are not very heavy and have good sliding.

Be careful and success in your training.

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