Ben Wa Balls – before, after and instead of sex

Ben Wa Balls – before, after and instead of sex.

There are many diverse opinions about vaginal balls – all women who ever used them, either speak of vaginal balls in enthusiastic colors, or, conversely, their reviews are very negative. So why, the opinions of women about useful, and delighting a considerable pleasure sex toy are so radically diverge? Ben Wa Balls came to us from Asia, where they appeared several millennia ago. They were made of stones and wood, metal and ivory – Ben Wa Balls were successfully used by noble ladies – concubines in the palaces of emperors and eminent nobles – and commoners. The active use of Ben Wa Balls by Japanese geishas made them a popular souvenir among European sailors who brought "Eastern exotic" Home, giving the opportunity to spread vaginal balls in Europe.

Now Ben Wa Balls are quite popular in the world – many women regularly use these uncomplicated simulators, massaging the walls of the vagina and stimulating the vaginal muscles, making them more elastic and elastic. In Thailand, and some other Asian countries, there are even a show with the participation of girls showing all kinds of vaginal muscles with the help of their trained vaginal muscles "Focuses" – smoking with vagina, holding with its help large objects, opening bottles, "shooting" Balls for Ping Pong on targets – and much more. But in reality no "Focus" No – such a developed muscles of the vagina appear thanks to daily classes with Ben Wa Balls. It is in regular training that lies "secret of success" – Daily stimulation of the walls of the vagina and all groups of vaginal muscles leads to the fact that a woman learns to masterfully own her intimate muscles, achieving the ability to control them as she considers necessary.

Regular exercises with Ben Wa Balls are capable "return" Any woman condition "youth" its vagina – the elasticity and elasticity of the vaginal muscles. Those girls who give unflattering reviews by vaginal balls, having tried them on themselves, as a rule, do not know how to do exercises correctly and cannot feel their body and its needs. After all, Ben Wa Balls would not have existed, almost unchanged, for several millennia, if they were actually not safe for health, an effective tool for a full-fledged sex gymnastics that strengthens the muscles of the vagina, deeply massaging it and stimulating the bloodstream in the pelvis. And Ben Wa Balls also help with urinary incontinence, they are great for ladies of all ages – they are especially good for giving birth to women – after all, after passing the fetus, vaginal muscles lose their elasticity, and exercises with balls are great for their restoration.

The diameter of the standard Ben Wa Balls is about 3-4 centimeters, although there are Ben Wa Balls and more and smaller diameter. As a rule, these are two balls interconnected by a flexible lace. The materials from which modern Ben Wa Balls are made are quite diverse – models of plastic, silicone, polyvinyl chloride, glass, metal are presented in the sex shop – for every taste. The assortment of the store has Ben Wa Balls, made in the form "Strawberry", football or basketball balls, with soft spikes, with a vibration function – any girl can find those Ben Wa Balls that she will like exactly.

For girls who first decided "Test" There are standard recommendations on the yourself Wa Balls – you need to enter the vagina selected in size, and try to keep them there, using the muscles of the vagina and vaginal walls. The main purpose of Ben Wa Balls is a training of vaginal muscles – and in order to achieve a result, you need to regularly engage. First of all, you need to learn how to strain the muscles of intimate places without balls – to feel your vagina and all muscle groups – the lower (those that close the entrance to the vagina), the upper ones (located in the immediate vicinity of the cervix) and medium (located between them). By introducing Ben Wa Balls into the vagina, learn to hold them, roll up and down and move to the sides with all groups of vaginal muscles.

At first, you need to try to hold Ben Wa Balls inside the body at least one or two minutes, gradually bringing the time for retention to an hour or more. Many girls note that Ben Wa Balls is not at all difficult to keep in the vagina, practically without straining the muscles. This means that your "Intimate muscles" is in good condition, and therefore, for its best training, it is worth using Ben Wa Balls heavier. When holding balls inside no longer causes difficulties, you can start making movements with them. It can be some housework, unhurried walking – some girls walk with their Ben Wa Balls on the street – go shopping, study, work and so on. During walking and moving with Ben Wa Balls inside, not only training of the vaginal muscles occurs, but also to obtain special sexual pleasure.

The next stage of training is the ability to move Ben Wa Balls up and down, and to the sides using the muscles of the vagina. First you need to learn how to cover the ball "medium" muscles, reducing them, and then try to move it inside yourself. Try the upper muscles to push the ball down and keep it inside, creating resistance. It strengthens the muscles of the vagina and such an exercise – trying to pull the balls introduced into the vagina, hold them inside yourself with the power of muscle tension. You can experiment and come up with your exercises – the main thing is to learn how to feel your muscles and control them. At the same time, do not forget to relax – after all, muscle tissue is better strengthened precisely in a state of rest.

In addition to training the muscles of the small pelvis, Ben Wa Balls also serve to get sexual pleasure. If you introduce Ben Wa Balls into the vagina, and perform simple – slow and smooth movements of hips, then the balls, rolling inside, will gently massage the walls of the vagina, the cervix and point G, while creating a very pleasant effect "Fullness" internal space. Some girls who are inside Ben Wa Balls create a feeling of being a penis there. Ben Wa Balls can also be used when stimulating the clitoris – being in the vagina, they will enhance sensory sensations from masturbation. Many fair sex can repeat the leisurely swaying with hips for hours, moving from one vaginal orgasm to another.

Ben Wa Balls are good before sex – after all, skillful possession of intimate muscles, achieved thanks to them, can give a man unforgettable, vivid impressions of intercourse – a woman can passionately cover the penis, delivering to her beloved truly unearthly blissful. Ben Wa Balls are good after a sexual act – they help to bring intimate muscles into the desired tone. Well, instead of sex – to obtain sensory erotic pleasure from their location inside the body, and movements with hips and pelvis. Girls who regularly use Ben Wa Balls experience a whole range of sexual emotions – from easy excitement to ecstasy. Well, the most pleasant way to use Ben Wa Balls is a woman who knows how to control her intimate muscles is able to achieve higher pleasure and orgasm only by compressing the necessary pelvis muscles and the movements!

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