What an anal traffic jam is for? How to choose anal plag and how to use it?

What an anal traffic jam is for? How to choose anal plag?.

, What an anal traffic jam is for? How to choose anal plag and how to use it?

Another popular sex toy of small sizes, which has much more use of use than you think. Why do you need anal plug and how to use it?

Anal plug or plag (from English butt plug)– A small sex toy with a chain or a limiter at the end for use during anal sex, intimate games in the bedroom or beyond (wearing a plug).

The cork stimulates the nerve endings of the anal passage, causing excitement, and the need to constantly strain the muscles of the anus causes a rush of blood and improves blood circulation.

How can I use anal plug?

1. Preparation for anal sex – gradual development of the anus with a plug, abundantly moistened in lubrication. For such purposes, a set of anal plugs of different diameters and lengths is ideal – You need to start with the smallest traffic jam, and when the largest will enter without discomfort, you can start anal sex with the introduction of penis.

There are several approaches:

  • Gradual preparation for anal sex – wearing anal traffic jam for several hours or day – The partner gets used to a foreign body in the anus, over time we increase the diameter so that the muscles of the anus get used to a large size;
  • Interest – the smallest cork, a thickness with a finger, carefully caress the anus of a partner or partner to demonstrate pleasant sensations and moral preparation for anal sex;
  • Phased immersion – A pair of lubrication drops on the anus and cork, and neat immersion inside – Start with the tip;
  • Fixation of the result – If anal sex after developing the anus for some reason will have to be postponed, then it is enough to leave the cork inside and progress will be preserved.

, What an anal traffic jam is for? How to choose anal plag and how to use it?

Which cork will fit: a smooth conical cork up to 12 cm long with a convenient base or holder, from elastic, but not solid material. It is the cone that will relax the muscles of the sphincter as much as possible.

2. Double penetration – Simultaneous vaginal (using a member or dildo) and anal stimulation. Due to the filling of the anus, both partners feel that the vagina has become closer, this enhances sensations and orgasm.

What cork is suitable: a soft compact cork of medium diameter with additional bends, for example, a small member trafficger, an additional bonus will be a traffic jam with vibration.

3. Instead of anal sex – The perfect solution for entertainment alone or in the company of a girlfriend.

Which cork is suitable: a long solid plug of medium diameter with a comfortable handle or double -sided. The surface and degree of bends depends only on your imagination.

4. Prostate stimulation – A man who at least once knew what anal stimulation is, he will never refuse it: a rich bright orgasm, a fast erection, a member is filled with blood more, due to which it increases slightly in size. Anal traffic jams for men and women are practically no different, some couples have loved anal traffic jams so much that they use them together in traditional sex.

Which cork will suit: volumetric ciner -off traffic jam.

5. Decorative exciting function – Some traffic jams, or rather their limiters, have a very attractive appearance, for example, with multi-colored crystals or in the form of a playful tail for poni-play and BDSM.

6. Anal training is alone – preparation for anal sex and expansion «anal open spaces can be done alone.

Which cork will fit: an elastic cork with a length of 10 cm on a reliable suction cup.

7. The narrowing of the vagina – Due to physiological characteristics or after childbirth, many couples cannot get pleasure due to too much distance between the walls of the vagina. Anal plug allows you to narrow the vagina by filling the space from the anal passage.

Which cork will do: the same as for double penetration, only a larger diameter and length.

8. For long -term wearing – There are a lot of options: someone wears a cork, because it is simply pleasant, and some get used to it that without a traffic jam they even feel some void and discomfort;Others wear a cork for the purpose of training anal muscles;Another option – wearing traffic jams in order to increase sexual desire, so to speak, so that a partner or partner is always excited and ready for action, in this case the cork is used as a kind of prelude.

Which cork is suitable: silicone cork up to 11 cm long and with a diameter of 4 cm with a long thin limiter.

It is important that the end of the cork does not constrain movements and does not stand out under the clothes.

The more iron and smoother the cork, less its diameter and more weight – It is all the more difficult to keep the cork inside yourself, which cannot but rejoice lovers of anal training. To facilitate the holding of the cork, it is recommended to wear thongs, the back strip perfectly presses the cork and does not allow it to fall out.

Lubrication and anal plug

The anal passage does not emit quite natural lubrication, so the anal plug should be abundantly lubricated with a lubricant. If you are fond of long -term wearing, then there should always be a lubricant at hand to update the lubricant during the day.

For convenience, use lubricants not on water -based – They do not dry longer, and the rough surface of the cork better holds the lubricant.

What is more useful anal plug?

+ Hemorrhoid prevention – The anal muscles come in tone and become more elastic, classes with anal traffic can improve blood circulation, protecting from stagnation of blood and hemorrhoids;

+ Pain relief for prostatitis – Prostate massage relieves pain, helps to normalize spermatogenesis;

+ Relief of childbirth – The developed muscles of the anal passage and the ability to use it allows you to alleviate the whole process and prevent hemorrhoids in the future.

As you can see, anal traffic jam is a very necessary thing in a household for a couple of any age and orientation. Full range of traffic jams see anal toys in the section.

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