Unpleasant consequences from anal classes

Unpleasant consequences from anal classes.

, Unpleasant consequences from anal classes

Sexual caresses with anal penetration scare and excite at the same time. The fear becomes a fear of getting intestinal and anus. There is also awkward sensations that you can get dirty about feces. In fact, the process reveals new aspects of pleasure and is absolutely safe if you follow certain recommendations. Unpleasant results can also be, but the chance of their appearance with the right steps is extremely low.

How to prepare for anal

The main condition for successful anal sex – Performance of hygienic procedures. The enema cleans the rectum of the products of life. A chance to get dirty It will become much less. But it is not necessary to arrange it, sometimes there is enough to visit the toilet 1-2 hours before the start of the action, so that everything can do without troubles.

, Unpleasant consequences from anal classes

Penetrate the anus smoothly and accurately. Sharp actions will bring only pain. Human physiology is arranged so that when an alien object is introduced into the anal hole, the muscle tenses and the sphincter is compressed. For this reason, rude and hasty actions can lead to injuries of thin skin. This can be avoided by acting smoothly.

At this time, you must be as careful as possible and attentive to the partner. There is discomfort before any damage. If you notice it earlier and change movements or stop them, there will be nothing wrong with.

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