The pros and cons of anal sex – whether to try

Basic pros and cons of anal sex.

Sex in the anus is one of many varieties of intimate pleasures around which there is an abundance of rumors. Unfortunately, all these rumors are shrouded in terrible warnings. However, in fact, the situation is not so critical and we decided to fully tell about the pros and cons of anal sex.

, The pros and cons of anal sex – whether to try

Even in ancient times, sexual intercourse in the rear hole was actively practiced. The era of Ancient Rome is still known as the most dissolved period when people often flowed into the orgy and random ties. Of course, at that time a different number of sexual diseases flourished. But still, it will be good to find out whether it is harmful or on the contrary, a similar type of comfort is useful. After all, he is interested in many couples, all the more forbidden pleasure has always been preferable.

And despite the fact that sex in the ass is a great way to bring diversity to their intimate life, many inexperienced couples are wondering “anal sex what it is”. Oral and onal sex is the first thing that comes to mind when partners decide to try something new. And although not all lovers can boast of the fact that they tried such variations, it is already customary to attribute them to the classic. However, most couples hold back many negative rumors and contraindications.

Advantages of anal sex

, The pros and cons of anal sex – whether to try

Despite all the prejudices, the advantages of anal sex have a sufficient number of convincing arguments:

  • There is no risk of pregnancy. Perhaps the most popular advantage of this type of sexual satisfaction. In addition, such an intimate may be needed if the girl only gave birth to. In the first weeks, the woman’s vagina is very stretched and can hurt. Because in order not to experience unpleasant feelings of dissatisfaction, you can try this kind of intimacy;
  • High level of pleasure. That women, as for men, in the anus there are a large number of sensitive endings. As a result, when having sex, the sensations will be much higher. I would like to note that the strong floor will be especially happy, because the diameter of the anus is many times smaller, which is why the walls will fit the penis dense in the correct poses;
  • the possibility of classes during menstruation. If you have a strong desire, but unpleasant days have come, then the anal will help you;
  • Influence on hormones. This argument will be aimed at women. Few people know, but it is with this type of sexual intercourse that a male hormone is actively produced in a woman’s body – testosterone. This is due to the fact that the frequent compression of the anus, stimulating actions activate the work of the adrenal glands. But it is they who are responsible for this “male” hormone. Many may be surprised why the girl needs it? The secret is that this hormone in the female body stimulates its libido and sexuality.  Thus, if a woman will more often practice this type of intimacy, then her sensuality, the number of orgasms and the degree of satisfaction will become higher;
  • novelty in a relationship. Traditional sex is, of course, good, but over time he is still boring. Therefore, it is always worth looking for new approaches, and this option will become very useful;
  • Full ejaculation. This plus will appreciate the male side. With the right approach, you can engage in without a condom and, moreover, cum directly in the ass of your partner. Many men dream about this, but you have to dwell on interrupted sexual intercourse in order to avoid unpleasant consequences.

The disadvantages of anal sex

, The pros and cons of anal sex – whether to try

As we have already said, a similar type of intimacy is shrouded in a lot of doubts and warnings. We will try to reveal only the main theses that you must take into account. So, we’ll burn about possible flaws:

  • impaired functionality of the rectum, its loss. Copulation through the posterior hole, especially if it occurs regularly, can largely weaken the small intestine. In some women, it is weak by nature, and also with such a load, the situation may end by the fact that the gut simply will not be able to hold waste products of life. In very rare and terrible cases, it can fall out completely, then you will have to resort to surgical intervention;
  • Development of intestinal infections. The intestinal microflora is represented by a whole set of different bacteria, one of which is the E. coli. While she is in her “native” environment, everything is fine, but if she gets into the urethra or in the vagina, then unpleasant days will come. Similar can lead to cyst and urethritis. As a result, the woman will suffer greatly, the vagina will often itch and itch, as well as constant and abundant discharge. To avoid this, it is imperative to adhere to all hygiene rules before having unevaganal sex. In addition, in any case, after entering the anus, a man should not penetrate the vagina. Initially, it is necessary to go to rinse the penis and hands with a soap solution, then you can continue sexual intercourse;
  • venereal diseases. This is the most frequent and common minus of anal sex. Thus, the risk of catching a sexually transmitted infection will be higher (especially if you do not have a permanent partner). To avoid this, be sure to use a sufficient amount of lubrication and try to have only one sexual partner;
  • rectal cancer. As we have already noted, with frequent penetration into the anus, microcracks may occur in it. If they do not have time to heal, then small ulcers will begin to occur in their place. A protracted inflammatory process can go into a cancer tumor.

As a result, we see that this type of intimate intercourse, despite all the fears, has a number of positive aspects. This type of sexual satisfaction is excellent for achieving a thrill and for a variety of intimate relationships. As a recommendation, we can only emphasize the importance of the rules listed earlier in our article.  With them you can safely plunge into the world of special pleasure without worrying about possible problems.

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