The girls’ feelings from anal sex, how to improve it, sensations after anal

The girls’ feelings from anal sex, how to improve it, sensations after anal.

, The girls’ feelings from anal sex, how to improve it, sensations after anal

Dear lovers of “strawberries”, if you came here, then you want to know 100%, What sensations during anal sex and after girls are. According to statistics, only 20-25 % of women living in active sex life practice regularly anal penetration. Almost everyone tried the love of “behind” at least once. Many people thought about whether to diversify their intimate with a partner in this way, but they did not dare to because of fear of getting unpleasant pain during an anal act or test them after.

We agree that the anal is not a very standard type of love, but it can bring a sea of new impressions. One has only to overcome the obstacles on the way to this pleasure, that is, to overcome fear and dispel doubts fucked up by reviews on the forums of some unfortunate people who got a rude inexperienced man who was in the ass without preliminary caresses. The action “And what, so they engaged in anal in porn, there the girls liked everything”. Well, you understand the thought)

, The girls’ feelings from anal sex, how to improve it, sensations after anal

Girl feelings during anal sex: do they like anal

So to understand, What do women actually have sensations from anal sex, Let’s figure out where the legs grow from.

Factors affecting sensations from anal

  • The psychological mood of the girl herself. Does she want this or practices anal sex exclusively with the aim of happy to make a man?
  • Her awareness of this type of intimacy, about the physiology of this act.
  • The size of the penis in a man. Still, anal sex with a large penis, especially with the first experience-is a difficult task.
  • Man’s behavior, the ability to control his desires and movements.
  • His approach to a woman: accuracy, proper preparation, the ability to catch a psychological wave of a partner.
  • Features of penetration: affectionately and slowly or rudely and quickly, the presence of additional stimulation of erogenous zones, the use of sex toys and lubricants.

The sensations themselves or the whole truth about the first anal experience

Most likely, you have already realized that what feelings of the girl experience during the first anal sex depends not only on her. In general, the gamut of feelings can be completely opposite: to a woman It may be painful, scary and unpleasant when penetrating into the anus, and, conversely, it is likely that its It will cover a powerful orgasm, Well, or at least A pleasant excitement will come.

We will not deceive, At the first penetration into the ass, an orgasm is unlikely to occur. Some discomfort at the first time is present in completely all girls. This is fine. The fifth point is not intended for nature for intercourse, so you have to sweat a little in order to “sail”. Someone feels Call of nature “throw off ballast”, Someone arises dumb pain when entering a penis in virgin rectum, others can feel Light tingling (if there are already microwaves of the sphincter, then this is inevitable). A competent partner is able to reduce the pain syndrome, make it fleeting, and at the same time scatter the fears of the girl.

Experienced lovers can even make the first anal enjoyable. The secret lies in skillful appeal, the ability to feel a partner and in the use of high-quality intimate-loans, which penetrate the ass, especially the first, make less painful. For a pleasant anal sex, lubricants with an analgesic effect, anal stimulants, contraceptives, massage oil and body cosmetics are needed-all this is sold in an excellent intimate store Eroshop in the “Preparations and Cosmetics” section, go and choose.

Read more about the intimacy for anal

The significance of sex toys is difficult to overestimate. Exciting funds for women make sensations from anal pleasant. And how deeply and painless the penetration will depend on the level of excitation of the girl. This is an open way to get a lover and gently persuade her to anal.

Condoms Protect from infection. The fact is that in addition to STDs, you can catch some sort of Escherichia sticks and a partner’s penis to the vagina. What’s next? Cystitis, urethritis, vaginitis, gardnerellosis, etc.D. It’s little pleasant, I agree? Not only the girl is at risk, but also a man. Bacteria from the rectum can also settle on its mucous membranes in the urethra – hello, urethritis, prostatitis and other lamping. Even if he himself does not feel any consequences, you will constantly and again bring “gifts” on the “tip of love” again and again. The treatment will be endless. So condoms are our everything!

Body cosmetics and massage oil They will just help a woman relax and tune in to make love in the ass. This paraphernalia will come in handy for vaginal and oral sex in the future.

Lubrication They play a very important role in anal sex, because they facilitate the introduction of a member in the ass, slightly reduce pain and prevent the appearance of microcracks and ruptures. Anal “on dry” – it’s just torture. Saliva will never replace professional lubricants and lubricants.

And now about anal toys. What is in the arsenal of sex shops for anal stimulation?

  • Anal beads. Let’s start with them! This is a chain of gradually increasing balls. You can choose silicone or whole -lit. It does not hurt to enter them in the ass. Slowly, one by one, in a relaxed state, pushing the balls into the hole. Half an hour before the alleged “rear -wheel drive” pleasures – the most. If desired – at least every day) mastered one dimensional ruler, proceed to another!
  • Traffic jams and bushings there are completely smooth, but there is an expansion. Here you are more convenient for you. Smooth ones can jump out, and the second option at first seems to be uncomfortable. Try both options. Tell us about preferences)
  • Anal queens of the 80th level can push into a dark hole not only traffic jams and balls, but also Silicone friend. But to such a higher anal aerobatics, beginners still grow and grow, and train on beads.

If you want to have sex in the ass with a girl, spend time and money, buy the necessary intimate goods. A kind of manifestation of such concern will already positively affect her attitude to you and your anal fantasies. Having tried the puny joys, she herself will soon initiate your bed games.

, The girls’ feelings from anal sex, how to improve it, sensations after anal

Sensations with anal sex during and after

Relaxation and true positive attitude correct all unpleasant sensations as much as possible. We already wrote a little higher, that during anal sex, the girl initially feels false urge to the toilet, light burning and soreness in the area of the anus. This is an optional condition, but it may well overtake you.

Those lucky ones who, when having anal sex, got pleasant sensations and even pleasure, do not know that soon they can be replaced by other feelings:

  • You can visit the feeling of bursting in the anus;
  • soreness in the pelvic area is also a frequent phenomenon;
  • light itching and burning for a couple of days at the entrance to the ass and inside;
  • Discomfort in a sitting position.

All sensations are different, the degree of perception and sensory integration in each individual. In any case, the partner needs to be careful and not show selfishness, but listen to his half.

And now we have come to the most important section of our topic. In general, we act step by step or get anal sex without pain!

What to do to make the girl’s sensations during anal sex become better

In order for a woman to be able to experience an orgasm during anal sex and get such feelings that she never knew, she will have to adhere to several rules. They are not so complicated. Want to take it in the ass? Remember!

Do not insist on anal proximity

Roughness is excluded a priori. No phrases “why are you breaking”, “Don’t pretend, it doesn’t hurt”, “But Masha gave every day in the ass” – there should be no blackmail. Violence eliminates pleasure. For rape “in places not so remote”, you can also pull the stern a little, keep in mind!

No pain

To do this, we use grease, preparation with hands and tongue, at the request of anilingus. We wrote about this in an article about the preparation of girls for first anal sex. Just do not put half a time in the ass on the ass – this is already fisting, and we are going to promote Madame so far only on anal. One finger is neatly in a circular motion in the ass or just caress the anus without invasion of virgin valleys.

Let the girl control anal penetration and adjust the angle, the length of the entry of the penis.

We remember that we must first relax it not only physically, but also morally. In the process of anal intercourse Keep a constant dialogue. A woman should not be silent about unpleasant sensations and, especially, tolerate discomfort for a man.

Do not forget about lubrication During anal sex – apply on top and distribute by the hole. We don’t climb into the gut. In extreme cases, you can take with an anesthetic effect.

We use condoms

This was discussed above. Anal pregnancy is excluded, but we do not need infections in the vagina and urethra.

If you were suddenly visited by the idea of changing anal sex to vaginal, just We change the condom And we continue love joys.

Long prelude and preliminary stimulation

It is possible to deliver vivid sensations of a partner and avoid negative consequences only with phased planning. Oral affection, anilingus, sex toys, caresses of the clitoris-use everything that will lead the lady. Perfect option – enter it anally after a powerful vaginal orgasm, when the crotch was swollen and is in a moisturized state.

, The girls’ feelings from anal sex, how to improve it, sensations after anal

Remember the combinations of pleasures

We stimulate the clitoris and chest, insert the vibrator into the vagina, use any erogenous zones so that the girl is distracted from anal sensations.

You heard about the technique “Trigasm”? Clitoris + vagina + anus. We caress all these three zones. If a girl loves the stimulation of the nipples, give her a vibration massager or vibrationclips to her chest-let her get “quatogasm” and go down in the history of anal-vaginal pleasures as a discoverer of new techniques.

Proper breathing and slow rhythm

We breathe right. Imagine, but it is important. Even breaths and exhalations will help to relax.

We do everything slowly! No need to screw it into her ass with your device, as if pitching a dowel into a drilled hollow. Then she still will have to poke – pity on the girl. If there is no pity at such a moment, because from the excitation of steam from the ears, imagine that it will not give you anymore. And the other still needs to be persuaded. As they say, it was washing at the stake ..

Correct completion of the act

After the accomplishment of the Great Act no need to turn off the side to the wall and snore (About you, right?). Just not today! Talk to her, learn about her well -being, impressions. Thank you for the night of anal love. Tomorrow and a couple of next days, do not forget about the health of your favorite part of your beloved. If you feel bad with memory, make a note on the phone)

Men, keep in mind the fact that a person has 2 sphincter! Yes! Two as much as two! At the entrance to the “black hole” one, which you and the girl can relax, and inside 3-5 cm from the entrance-the second. Here he is – a comrade stubborn and uncontrolled. The power of thought does not work here. If you feel persistent resistance, do not rush to barricades with a red flag. Patience and once again patience. After a couple of anal penetrations, this “guard of order” will take you for his own and miss you

There are also some recommendations for the girl how to make anal sex pleasant and painless.

  • In the ass, we let only a trusted partner – this is already half successful experience.
  • We also use contraceptives and follow the guy to change this device.
  • We are talking about our feelings, and do not please male Wishlists.
  • We select a pose convenient for you.
  • From time to time, knead the ass manually. It is possible without the help of a man.
  • Play sex toys to know our erogenous zones.
  • We observe a diet so as not to swell at the most crucial moment)
  • Hygiene, hygiene, hygiene ..

Speaking of sounds. Intensive progressive movements in the anus drive a lot of air there, especially in the Doggi-Stayle pose. And it turns out at the output of the fart postfactum. What to do? The ass of understanding and forgive. Physiology, that’s all. Lower the uploaded gas in the toilet if you are very ashamed.

That’s all! What they knew, they told you! It was very interesting to conduct a dialogue with you. We do not say goodbye to this, but we say “until imminent meetings”. Write comments, implement fantasies, get new sensations and have pleasant anal sex for health!

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