Rhinestones for priests or new anal jewelry | Sex Novers

Rhinestones for priests or new anal jewelry.

, Rhinestones for priests or new anal jewelry | Sex Novers
Anal traffic jams with crystals is one of the best gifts from a sex shop. Demand for them is growing constantly, so manufacturers come up with new forms. What are the jewelry for the anus, what new in 2020 can be bought to increase pleasure?

Classic models

Round crystal at the base is what it all began. This is what the first models looked like that became very popular. The decoration often served faced glass, but there were models with Swarovski crystals.

Improvement did not affect decorative elements, but traffic jams. More and more options with different relief can be found in a sex shop. This is no longer just a smooth treacherous shape, but different types of models with ribs, alternation of diameter. All this allows you to massage the anus, gives more sensations when diving.


Increasingly decorating bushings began to become composite crystals. It looks like a flower, a heart or butterfly of several parts. Or it can be one crystal, but not with a round, but a unique form.

Three -dimensional glass products look amazing. This is not just a stone, but a full -fledged work of art. And while the most popular are flowers and hearts. For example, anal rose Pipedream icicles no. 76, created from glass, looks amazing.

Zodiac signs

You can decorate the anus with a crystal with the image of the zodiac sign. This is an ideal solution for a gift, you just need to know the exact date of birth so as not to be mistaken. Such a sex toy looks stylish, suitable for a present to a loved one. The size of the base is average, it gives a slight feeling of fullness and stretching.

The flag of the country

Anal jewelry does not have to be with a rhouses. The flag of the country can be placed at the base of the traffic jam. Today there is only a US flag in stock. But such a present will definitely seem to someone an excellent solution., Rhinestones for priests or new anal jewelry | Sex Novers


Separate traffic jams are decorated with emoticons. A loving look, horror or surprise on the toy when using will cause a smile. And there are models with minimum diameter that will delight those who try to penetrate the anus for the first time.


In 2020, the first anal plug with a crystal equipped with vibration appeared. Power Gem vibrates in 10 different modes. This gives much more pleasant sensations when using. However, she is not afraid of moisture, she can be washed under the crane. It recharges from the USB port. This is the most perfect model that conquered thousands of buyers.


The tail is not a rhinestone, but the principle of application is very similar. The fur part is attached to the base of the anal cork and is sweet between the buttocks. Tails are long and short, fluffy and smooth.

The idea of using the tail is a quick reincarnation in some beast. Hares, foxes, wolves or unicorns – for them there are tails and ears.

Materials of anal traffic jams

When choosing anal rhinestone or tail, you need to pay attention to the material. Most often use 3 options:

  • Metal. Traffic jams are cast and hollow. The weight is very different. The material is durable, durable. Can be used with any lubricants. Will last several decades.
  • Glass. Very pleasant material, very significant. Tempered glass is used, which is difficult to break. Just wash the cork, it is permissible even in the dishwasher. Any lubricants are allowed.
  • Silicon. He covers the toy only from above. Inside is a solid base. The material is pleasant to the touch, has no taste or smell. In the body can be up to 12 hours in a row. Not afraid of moisture, but you can not leave in the sun or in rooms with frequent temperature drops.

You can choose any of these materials. These are safe compositions that are suitable for anal caresses. They do not contain harmful components, do not cause allergies.

The presence of relief on the surface will enhance the sensation. Ribs perfectly massage the body when diving and extracting.

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