Psychological preparation for anal sex

Psychological preparation for anal sex.

Anal sex is what will help you really diversify sexual life. Over the years, traditional sex is boring. Urgent measures are required. Why not use the “back door”? However, to do this immediately in any case, it will not work. You will need careful preparatory measures. In this article we will talk about how to implement the preparation of the most competently as possible.

Preparation for anal sex: Psychology matters

, Psychological preparation for anal sex

View porn films dedicated to this topic is far from the best idea at the first stage of training. The thing is that experienced actresses accept the “tools” of their partners with great ease. This can create completely unnecessary illusions with you. Remember that I will lad -shooting in porn films can be compared with professional athletes. They devoted almost all their lives to various forms of sex. That is why there is no doubt about the preparedness of actresses for anal sex.

What to do with the first anal sex: we analyze the main fears

Many girls are afraid of unscrupulousness. From fears of this kind, eliminate elementary knowledge of anatomy. The thing is that the rectum does not begin immediately behind the external sphincter. You still have ten to twelve centimeters of a fairly clean space. Nature endowed these muscles with the ability to hold feces when it is necessary. It is they who stimulate the penis of the man. If you are still afraid of dirt, then use the enema. However, to do this procedure regular in any case. You can break the peristalsis of your intestines. And this is fraught with serious diseases. Most likely, over time, you will simply get rid of all complexes, and you will never need an enema again.

The opinion of girls about anal sex is of great importance

If you are afraid that after anal sex, a man will see in you a “libertine”, then in this case many questions also arise for him. Your partner himself is not averse to doing anal with you. Accordingly, if he does not want to meet with a too dissolute girl, then why would he “spoil” you? Two options are possible here: either he just wants to use you, or does not see anything reprehensible in anal sex. If the first case is, then, most likely, parting is inevitable. If we are talking about the second situation, then it remains only to enjoy the process.

Anal orgasm can only be achieved by tenderness

An important aspect of preparation for anal orgasm is to get rid of fear of pain. A man should be warned that he will need a maximum of caution and tenderness. As for the girls, here in the foreground is confidence in the partner. If you really trust your man, then you will easily get rid of all anxiety. 

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