Preparing a girl for the first anal sex, an enema that needs

Preparing a girl for the first anal sex, an enema that needs.

, Preparing a girl for the first anal sex, an enema that needs

Dear lovers of sexual experiments, if you really want to try an unusual type of intimate entertainment, but do not know how you should go Preparation for anal sex in a girl and her partner, we offer to carefully read the article and listen to the advice of sexologists and psychologists. Their recommendations will save you from embarrassment situations, pain during anal and unpleasant health consequences.

We know for sure that most of the men like this sex, and for some reason women are shy and even afraid to discuss it with their halves. To prepare for the first anal sex, enemas and other hygiene procedures will not be enough. A very important role is played by a psychological mood, mutual agreement and complete relaxation of both moral and physical.

Does it hurt to have anal sex

To immediately remove the main question, Does it hurt to have anal sex for the first time, Let’s discuss this. We will not rely on the experience of those who have seen anal sex only in porn video in their entire life-this will be a delusion. In a porno, any anal looks natural and relaxed, as if to enter the anus is as easy as to enter the penis vaginally. This is just an illusion for young and immature, so that saliva is allowed to be on the ending busty blondes and look again and again, raising the rating of such resources. In real life, anal penetration requires proper preparation and accurate information about possible sensations.

If you approach the process punctually, do everything competently, without haste, pain will be minimal. Inevitably, it is painful with anal sex only to those to whom the partner “accidentally” put under his tail, “confusing” the holes. By the way, these are the consequences of watching porn, where actresses are smooth, like clockwork, two members are stuck in the anus. After that, it seems to men that the wife or girl will be just as simple and pleasant, and the orgasm will fly in a couple of seconds.

The consequences of the anal will not be terrible. Gaps, hemorrhoids, microcracks and constant pain – this is the result of a negligent attitude to the process. In addition, we will discuss just below how to avoid the consequences after anal penetration.

Yes, the first minutes you may have a feeling of stuck kakahi, but in fact these are false urge from habit!

You just haven’t tried fisting! Read about this in the article about vaginal and anal fisting, and you will understand that you have not tasted much, but worth it! Just relax and don’t be afraid of anything)

, Preparing a girl for the first anal sex, an enema that needs

Preparation for anal sex: tips for girls

If you decide to please your lover Anal, congratulations – you got high chances of becoming his goddess in bed. It is not as difficult to prepare as it seems at first glance. To begin with, we will analyze the most basic psychological barriers that prevent women from fulfilling the sexual dream of their man.

We get rid of fears and prejudices

Fear of staining your beloved life products

We have already said that proper preparation excludes this possibility. Go to the toilet in a big way, make cleansing microclism, wash yourself well, and everything will be in order!

Fear of pain and consequences

To exclude such options, we use anesthetics lubricants, lubricants-moisturizers, anal bushings and traffic jams to develop anus before the first contact. By the way, not only the cork, but also the skillful introduction of one or two fingers into the anus (naturally with grease) for a couple of minutes every day will help a little to relax the muscles of the sphincter.

Fear of displacement of vaginal sex anal in the future

Many women think that after the first anal sex, the partner will only want him, and the vaginal classic will fade into the background. Yes, the anus is much already than the vagina, and the man actually experiences a thrill of stimulation of the head of the penis in such close conditions, but just latent homosexuals will refuse ordinary intimacy. This is just a variety.

Fear that a man will quickly get tired of sex with one partner and he will pull on the development of new horizons

Most likely, he will get tired of monotony. But from such delicacies as high -quality anal and yelling no one has yet run away. On the contrary, the more you give a man pleasure, the less he is drawn to the side. And in any case, a pathological ribbed will find adventures, be you at least three times Miss the Universe and an actress of porn of the highest category in one person!

If you want to give a man a little sensation before you decide for anal sex for the first time, pay attention to the sleeve of the fox and similar anal stimulants that will provide double ecstasy with vaginal penetration of both you and the partner. It will be satisfied from all sides thanks to the tail -sticking tail and double stimulation when the penis penetrates into the vagina.

By the way, such double penetration will be useful for a woman: at the same time, prepare for anal sex, since the anal sleeve sets in motion during the progressive movements, and we ourselves get new sensations.

Enema before anal sex, what is needed, how to do it right

To make an enema in front of anal sex, you will need a sprint and warm boiled water or a decoction of chamomile (oak bark, calendula). Enter a little water in a sprint, lubricate its tip with vaseline and insert it into the anus. We do it on the side. Inject the contents, walk for five minutes and run to the pot. So you can repeat several times until the intestines are completely cleansed.

For especially disgusting and doubters, you can make an enema with saline solution. This is not even an enema, but cleaning the entire gastrointestinal tract, because we don’t introduce anything into the anus, but only drink 5-10 glasses of salted water at room temperature. In a couple of hours you should be thoroughly carried, the last portion of the output products will be in the form of transparent water. Everything, business is done. At the crucial moment the priest will not let you down! You can eat after that, but only light dishes and foods that do not cause bloating and fermentation.

, Preparing a girl for the first anal sex, an enema that needs

Who can not make an enema before anal sex

Cleaning procedures cannot be done by those who have clearly expressed hemorrhoids, an operation on the intestines was recently performed, there is a inguinal and abdominal hernia, there is a risk of bleeding.

The remaining categories of sexy citizens can enjoy the enemas 1-2 times a week) Many doctors believe that this is the prevention of hemorrhoids due to regular muscle training.

Is it necessary at all and is a cleansing enema in front of anal sex? Not really. It is quite possible to get by going to the toilet and thorough washing all the holes.

How to tune a girl for anal sex

There is also such a side of the “medal” – a male approach to the psychological preparation of a girl for anal sex. If the guy’s proposal about non -standard proximity was greeted with tough remove, he should try to liberate his passion in bed as much as possible. All preparations before penetrating the ass of the girl are to set her in the most positive way. A man should give the impression of a very skilled lover with whom the thought that anal sex is hurt, does not even arise.

What should not be done with the first experience of anal sex with a woman?

  • Joke, draw and say cowrasties addressed to her.
  • Use outright vulgarities and rudeness.
  • Insist on a secondary anal here and now, resorting to blackmail and reproaches.
  • Swear, offend the moral unpreparedness of a partner.
  • Compare with other girls.

In other words, in order for the preparation for anal sex to be successful, it is important to support the woman, and not force her to suffer. Discuss with her a moral aspect. Many ladies consider anal mud and vulgarity, almost a direct analogue of homosexuality and similar perversions. Tell her that this is just a variety in your intima, that you will love and appreciate it even more. After such a partner, over time, he will change his attitude to anal sexual intercourse.

, Preparing a girl for the first anal sex, an enema that needs

What needs to be done to a guy to avoid pain with anal sex in a girl

The second aspect of preparation before anal sex is setting up physiology itself. To remove the reflex compression of the muscles of the female sphincter and avoid discomfort in both partners, we competently develop an anus. We have already said that a girl can relax the muscles of the anus with the help of special devices from an intimate store, but the help of a partner will be a more sexual moment. Of course, you can’t stretch the “hole” for one approach, but you can prepare at least the head of the penis for the penetration of at least a couple of times.

Knead the crotch for several days. Start with tender strokes of the sphincter itself, penetrate the index or middle finger in the rotational movements of the index or middle finger, having previously lubricated all the surfaces with a lubricant. My hands, my ass, so as not to spread infection around the district)

Preparation for anal sex: Basic rules

During the preparation of a woman for anal, we must stimulate the clitoris so that penetration into the anus is associated with pleasure. In addition, do not forget about such moments.

  • Anal sex after clitoral or vaginal orgasm will pass less painfully – satisfaction helps to relax the muscles.
  • We never penetrate from behind if the girl is not excited enough.
  • To prepare for anal sex, it is not necessary to make an enema every time every time.
  • Choose a convenient position for penetration into anus. These are “spoons”, “doggi-steel” with a pillow under the hips and “woman from above”.
  • Preparing the ass for anal intercourse for at least half an hour. The prelude should excite it as much as possible.
  • Do not forget about contraception, lubrication and anesthesia, that is, we visit the sex shop.

If a girl wants to drink wine for relaxation, please, but a large amount of alcohol in front of anal is bad. Sensitivity is dulling, which leads injuries.

Anilingus as preparation before anal sex

You heard about such a concept as “anilingus” or “Rimming”? In general, this is the real licking of the ass of your beauty! Language and mouth, you stimulate the anus of the lady in order to cause sexual excitement. Anal passage – a tender place and caresses quickly.

  • Losing up and down, left and right, quickly, slowly. Since the holes in women are very close, you can move from the anus to the vaginal, which will give even more excitement. Suction imitating a vacuum also start.
  • For completely desperate there is an option language penetration into anal. Yes, yes, we put her tongue right into the ass and caress the walls of the anus or imitate progressive movements. It is advisable to use latex napkins for maximum cleansing the anus area before the “invasion”. And lick priests for health)))

The most convenient pose for anilingus will be the classic “Doggi-Steel”. The hole is in the public domain – all caresses are easily obtained.

The first penetration

The penetration of the anus itself should occur slowly, you cannot make sharp progressive chopped movements. If a partner feels an obstacle inside the anus, do not rush-we move on a little bit.

Anal without preparation can bring troubles in the form of microwaves and cracks in the rectal opening due to its natural narrowness. If a woman feels acute pain and asks a partner to stop, a man must terminate the act even with an approaching ejaculation. Only the interaction of partners and their sensitivity to each other will help to achieve harmony and diversity in intimate life, and anal sex will make it pleasant and bringing new pleasures.

Practice anal sex with pleasure and write to us about your feelings! We are waiting for comments about your valuable experience) What do you think about rimming? How long they persuaded the girl on anal? What toys used?

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