Preparation for anal sex – rules, tips

How to prepare a girl for anal sex.

The yard has long been the 21st century – a century of simultaneous depravity and decency. The theme of carnal love is fashionable, it is worth noting its interest for modern society. Now young people are discussing not just intimacy classes, but how to diversify their sex life. If for our grandmothers and mothers such topics are prohibited or, more simply, immoral, then for us this is the norm.

, Preparation for anal sex – rules, tips

In this article we will tell you what includes preparation for anal. This type of intercourse is known to almost everyone, but not everyone decides to try his sexual games with a partner. Most often, the girl does not want to do this, as it suggests that it will hurt her to have anal sex, that it is unpleasant and non -hygienic. However, we will tell you how to prepare for anal sex, because ignorance of what is sexual intercourse in anal, and gives rise to fears in a person. Many experts note that if a person is correctly and adequately treated with everything that surrounds him, then he will soon learn to enjoy even at first glance negative factors that occur in his life.

So, if you are still afraid, but no longer against carrying out anal penetration to your lovers, then we want to give you some advice. They will simplify your task and preparation for the act will be easy:

  1. Relax. If you are tense, accordingly your muscles, then the penetration of your partner’s member in anal will be very painful. Then you can forget about how to enjoy anal sex.
  2. If you do not want to get an unexpected surprise during anal, then we advise you to make an enema. It is not painful, fast and even useful.
  3. If you are not sure of your partner, then it is best to buy contraceptives in the form of condoms. Preferably buy ultra -thin so that the pleasure of making love is maximum.
  4. In order for you to relax, let your partner make you cunnilingus. It will be a great start for intimacy in the ass.
  5. Preliminary caresses should last a little longer than usual.
  6. Before putting a member in the ass, you need to develop a hole with a finger.
  7. Use grease so that everything goes smoothly.
  8. It is worth agreeing on some rules of behavior during the act, because your partner can cause discomfort and she will ask you to stop the process.

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