Pain, injuries, microbes: real truth about anal sex

Pain, injuries, microbes: real truth about anal sex.

, Pain, injuries, microbes: real truth about anal sex

Canons of anal sex

Anal sex – it hurts. What drives heroic women who agree to a forbidden fruit? Love for a man who persuades you to discover a new kind of pleasure? May be. Sincere love of anal sex? Exactly!

Proper anal sex – This is primarily your sincere desire.If you, dear, are afraid and do not want – Never agree to anal sex. This is fraught with consequences.

Where there is a desire, relaxation appears. And, coupled with relaxation, there is always a safe pleasure from anal sex.

, Pain, injuries, microbes: real truth about anal sex

Many advise during anal sex to activate high power mode and play to the fullest. These are nonsense, after which your ass will suffer from pain for a long time. Anal sex – This is the only place where safety is more important than rampant orgasm.And it largely depends on the man.

It is interesting to know: the strength of anal orgasm is much brighter and more powerful than from clitoral or vaginal. This is real science fiction!

Anal sex – This is parking. MAIN – Approach correctly

Fears, diseases, psychological barriers – This is just the beginning of a bitter list of consequences with an incorrect approach to anal sex. The most important – calm, sequence of actions and no sharp movements.Especially in debut tests.

You like spontaneous sex in the evenings? If you are planning anal, forget about random meetings. It will be right if you take a hot bath together, envelop you in a pool of delicate hugs and really relax.

, Pain, injuries, microbes: real truth about anal sex

A common female mistake – too bright focus on anal sex and anxious thoughts: «Suddenly I will be very painful», «Suddenly I’m staining the bed?»,«what if it fails?». Try to avoid negative thoughts. Catch a wave of relaxation, do not think about anything except mutual pleasure.

The climax of anal sex – This is a male exit on stage. Explain to your partner what he has to do:

  1. Prepare a bottle with lubrication and condoms in advance. A man applies a lubricant to the area of the butt and his hands that will relax the anus.
  2. Delicate anus stimulation with fingers.
  3. The man relaxes, and the woman talks about her sensations. Talking during the exciting scene of preparation, you will save yourself from awkwardness and unnecessary nervousness.

If scary, but scary will be definitely, use anal traffic jams. This thing will help to overcome the psychological barrier of dispersing and even give pleasure.

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