Is anal sex harmful?

Is anal sex harmful?.

Many fear anal sex, considering it not only "perverted", but also dangerous to health. Is it correct? Of course, the anus is not provided for by nature for sexual intercourse – but subject to the necessary safety measures and the availability of common sense, you can have anal sex without risk to visit a professional doctor.

It is believed that anal sex can cause hemorrhoids – but there is no evidence of this statement. On the contrary, according to numerous studies, anal sex can serve as a prevention of this disease. Hemorrhoids arise due to stagnation of blood at the bottom of the pelvis. But when having anal sex, this part of the body is actively "works" – how much stagnation is there! So it turns out that stimulation of the anal zone and rectum "disperses" blood – reducing the risk of hemorrhoids at least twice! Such a very same time "doctor". But the risk of prostatitis in anal sex is completely reduced by 70%! Indeed, when the penis or toys is penetrated into the rectum of the stimulation, the prostate is subjected to it – blood flows to it, and negative inflammatory processes are inhibited, or even disappear completely! By the way, the prostate is generally impossible to stimulate somehow differently, except through the rectum – so any stimulation of the prostate in some way anal sex.

It is also believed that during anal sex, the risk of transmission of sexually transmitted and infectious diseases is much higher than during vaginal sex. This is true. The intestinal walls are much thinner than the vagina, so microtraumas and small wounds can appear in the anus after sex. People who regularly have such a type of sex are at the risk group of such dangerous diseases as, for example, AIDS and hepatitis C. There are also bacteria in the rectum that get into the urethra cause infectious diseases, for example urethritis or cystitis. And if the harmful bacterium enters the vagina of a woman, then you can get a vaginal infection. But… This problem can be dealt with – and it can not become an obstacle to anal caresses! There are condoms that are designed specifically for anal sex. These condoms are denser and stronger than ordinary. And the usual condom will do. The main thing is not to forget about the lubricant – almost always microcracks and tears on the tissues of the rectum are formed due to a deficiency of sliding. There is never a lot of lubricants with anal sex! Well, experimenting with large toys without preparation is also not worth.

Speaking of preparation. Most of the problems, as well as unpleasant, uncomfortable sensations from anal sex are associated precisely with insufficient preparation for the process, but meanwhile this preparation is mandatory! The rectum should be relaxed and lubricated with a sufficient amount of lubricant so that none of the partners will experience pain! It is best to use special anal lubricant – it will relax the entrance to the anus, remove unpleasant sensations.

, Is anal sex harmful?

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