How to use anal shower correctly

How to use anal shower and types of devices correctly.

Anal shower allows the entrance to the intestines and achieve its maximum purity. Without it, you cannot get real pleasure from anal sex both with your partner and when using a variety of toys. It provides safe sexual intercourse and makes it possible not to worry during sex for its purity and completely relax. Today we will talk about what are and how to use anal shower correctly. Well, you can buy such devices in sexshop.

Varieties of devices

In the Sex Shop catalog, you can find various tools that are designed to clean the intestines. They have all kinds of forms and sizes and are able to satisfy any need. It is better to consider the special shower of enemas that are created for quick and easy purification.

Here are the most common of them:

Set for douching – helps to clean qualitatively in addition to the anus of the opening of the vagina. The most important thing is not to forget to clean the nozzle before loading it into the hole. Otherwise, there is a risk of severe inflammation of the reproductive organs.

Souls with a hose – devices connected to a household water supply and taking water from pipes. They allow you to significantly facilitate the process of purification, give more emotions and pleasant sensations achieved by changing the pressure of the jet.

Anal enema – a traditional tool for cleaning the intestines before copulation. The design of this element includes a pear and a tip, which is of different lengths and thicknesses.

Show’s nozzles. These are tips with threads on the basis that must be fixed to the usual shower hose.

A pear for douching – in fact it is a simple pear of rubber, but equipped with a special tip.

How to use anal shower correctly: recommendations

The anal opening should be cleansed about 40-45 minutes before the start of sex. When unpleasant or pain appears, immediately stop the procedure.

Since the anus does not emit natural lubricant, it is necessary to purchase a lubricant so as not to damage soft tissues.

Follow the water temperature – it should not be ice or vice versa – too hot, otherwise it will not work to avoid discomfort. In addition, a liquid that is colder than body temperature leaves quite quickly from the body.

For the first time we advise you to buy a shower with a narrow tip and soft pear. Do not resort to anal soul more often than two to three times a month, otherwise you can harm the work of the rectum.

Together with an anal shower, you can use other toys that help clean the anus.

How to use anal shower correctly: step -by -step guide

So, follow the following actions (for example, a pear is taken):

Wash the tool purchased in a sex shop with warm water. Do this even if you use it for the first time. Of course, manufacturers mainly monitor the purity of their products, but it is better to play it safe;

Lubricate the tip of the introduced part of the toy with a lubricant for painless introduction. For nozzle made of metal, it is allowed to use lubricants on any basis.

But for nozzles made of rubber or silicone, it is recommended to take a water lubricant. Do not forget that water eliminates this grease without problems and, introducing the tip again, it will need to be applied again;

Fill the pear with warm water and enter the tip into the anus. Take the right pose for comfortable administration – lie down on the side and press your knees;

Click on a pear so that the water enters the rectum and removes the pollution from the anus. Press the smoothly, gradually strengthening the stream;

Take the tool and wait until the liquid leaves the hole;

Repeat the procedure until the water emerging from the anal will become completely clean.

It is best to carry out the process in the soul or near the toilet, it will be more convenient and cleaner. I hope we were able to reveal the topic and explain how to use anal shower. You may be interested to know why you need an anal sleeve and what are.

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