How to start and have anal sex correctly: sexologists’ tips

How to start and have anal sex correctly: sexologists’ tips.

, How to start and have anal sex correctly: sexologists’ tips

It’s no secret that men are attracted by any unusual type of sex, and penetration into a pretty elastic female ass is generally a dream! In this article we will discuss, how to have anal sex correctly, and how to prepare for it to avoid unpleasant consequences. The main thing is to carefully read everything that is written below, and discuss with your beloved all the nuances.

Does it hurt to engage in anal

Although we discussed this issue, and more than once, but many still continue to be interested in this aspect. We will answer: do not hurt anal sex, but on condition that you are not in reaches. Of course, some discomfort, not quite familiar sensations will be present, but you quickly get to know them, get comfortable and learn to have fun.

If the partner insists

The correct activity of anal sex for a girl implies the presence of an adequate man – not rude, able to listen to the desires of his diva, able to control his emotions even at the most erotic moment.

A man should stop at any time when a woman says “stop”. It doesn’t matter if he is ready to orgested in her seductive ass or only heated in front of the marathon, but her desires are ahead of the universe!

In addition to the ability to press the brake pedal in time, your partner should be patient and affectionate, because the prelude, which we will talk about, plays a direct role in the correct beginning of anal sex.

, How to start and have anal sex correctly: sexologists’ tips

Can a girl get an orgasm from anal sex

It is worth immediately stipling such a moment: In the first experience anal, an orgasm will not receive an orgasm, Because for the first time, as in first grade – everything is new, unusual, a little frightening and strange. But in subsequent times, a girl from anal sex can get an orgasm. The fact is that there are a lot of nervous endings in the rectum, because neat penetration stimulates them and delivers truly paradise pleasure. But this is not the most relish! The main bonus of pop jokes is the tactile stimulation of the back walls of the vagina on the other side – from the rectum side. This excites your brain with its non -standard and brings euphoric ecstasy to your pussy)

By the way, we are talking about a vaginal orgasm, the very one that we discussed in the article “How to get a vaginal orgasm during sex and how it differs from clitoral”. Do you want the whole body to pulsate for a few minutes? Then try to finish from anal sex – you will not regret.

Is it dangerous for health to have anal sex girl

Only in case of improper technology, anal sex becomes dangerous for the health of a girl, With the proper approach, there are a bunch of pluses, And here are a few of them:

  • A variety of bed relations of the couple + new emotions;
  • improvement of personal and domestic interactions against the background of novelty in intimacy;
  • the ability to practice sexual contacts during critical days;
  • lack of risks of unwanted pregnancy;
  • Preservation of vaginal virginity.

You can laugh about the last point, but there is so in life. Many moralists satisfy their natural desires through anal, but they go to husbands “virgins”, however, only vaginal.

, How to start and have anal sex correctly: sexologists’ tips

How to prepare an anus to penetrate the penis

The first non -standard sex is a very responsible sexual intercourse, especially when performing it with anal “virgin”. Yes, it is the man who is entrusted with such a great mission! Of course, the successful outcome of anal sex largely depends on how much the partner is ready for him, both physically and morally.

Where to start anal sex

I really want to write “with penetration”, but it will be a delusion. First of all We break psychological barriers, who inhibit your beloved to write out theomory to the virgin wilds. Be sure to discuss with her her fears, doubts, a negative experience that could happen before you. Promise that you will do everything for her pleasure and painless acquaintance with a priest with a penis. We will not focus on psychological and moral aspects for a long time – these are topics of other articles. Here we are talking only about the practice of putting down between the buns)

We work with fingers

To penetrate the anal, first you need to develop a rectal hole. It is not necessary to do this a member. You have fingers, so they will move them in the right direction and rhythm. Everything should go gently and carefully. Let the girl get used to the presence of something outsider in the pope, do not overdo it with motor activity.

Before the penetration of the finger into the anus, you can stroke and massage the hole itself, moistening it with saliva or anal grease. Spend with two fingers between the buns up and down, and if the girl did not push you away, we continue. After entering a 1-2 cm finger in the ass. Movements can have different amplitude: up and down, clockwise, with swinging. Alternate these techniques.

For those who do not disdain, Anilingus to help. About how to lick the ass, we wrote in an article about preparing for the first anal . If your girlfriend is not dirty, then it will not smell like anything. In principle, the issue of disgust is generally strange in this context. The squeamish do not “love” girls in the priests)

We caress erogenous zones

To distract it from new sensations that may not be the sweetest at first, we stimulate especially responsive and excitable points on the body of a partner. Caress your chest, clitoris, neck, back – you should know what your woman loves. The main thing is to keep the light of excitement in it in any way.

We practice games with fingers and caresses of erogenous zones until the point of the largest finger over the entire length without compressing the rolls with your curel.

Sex toys

This is the next stage of the development of the anus before anal sex. Agree, the difference between a finger and a member is considerable, so we try to prepare our gerlu for such an alien invasion with some average rubber friend or anal sampling of a small diameter. Well, to avoid the effect of bulging eyes and steam from the ears with the first anal act live. And so that the “magic door” does not slam the rest of his life in front of the very nose of an excited male.

You can insert a cork into its seductive boner a couple of weeks before the planned moment X to spread the hole. Do not forget about grease, because screwing such devices “on dry” will repel the desire for further practices. So, the sleeve sticks out of the right place, what to do next?

Try vaginal sex with anal traffic

You ask, where is the vagina here? Well, we kind of, the same one, in the ass … we wanted. Therefore, we work further and do not ask stupid questions. Let your future lecherous feel in sex with an ass filled with something-this is necessary for a psychological mood. Try to bring it to clitoral or vaginal orgasm – this is very important! May this fact be delayed in her mind that the presence of foreign objects in the priest may be pleasant. We draw parallels: there is something in the anus-an orgasm and buzz are free, as in the “2+1” campaign “Pyaterochka” store. With real anal experience in the future, you will find less physical resistance, as it has already been nailed psychologically.

What a bonus to you From all this forerun with her ass long before the real anal act? Ha, but be stunned! . The head of the penis, you seem to rest against a narrow, red gap, hitherto not knowing anything long and elastic) so puff a little-for your own orgasmic good.

When all these stages have been passed, consider, you already have anal sex in … not in your hands, of course, but you understand. The fleshy female ass is about to break off, into which you will insert a love tool with all passion and, finally, get a forbidden fruit.

How to prepare a woman for anal sex on the very day

The main rule is to act without haste. Suppose that psychologically you have already prepared your girlfriend to make love in the ass, all her fears and stereotypes are dispelled. Now there is a question of hygiene and aesthetics. Women are always worried about such moments during intimacy. The gentleman will take care of the creation of conditions for his partner in which she will completely relax. The pleasure of what is happening and the possibility of anal penetration directly depend on this.

What should be prepared in advance:

  • anal condoms (they are of medium density, to avoid the effect of braking and friction);
  • grease or lubricant (as an option – with anesthesia);
  • anal stimulator – a cork or sleeve (with a sexy fur tail will excite stronger);
  • microclisms or anal shower.

Exciting creams, lotions, perfumes with pheromones and a glass of wine will not hurt either. Girls love all this tinsel – she helps them calm down, relax and feel awesomely sexy. Have the listed devices in your anal arsenal, and you will be happy.

You know where it is convenient, beneficial and anonymous, you can buy all the cosmetics and anal toys for your fun? Go to the largest sex shop, choose everything that you like, in the categories “drugs and cosmetics” and “anal stimulants”-here is a complete collection of goods according to preferences! We wait!

If all the paraphernalia is ready, the priest is already virgin only conditionally, because the fingers and toys in it have visited it, we go to sexual intercourse. Do not forget about the romantic environment. Beautiful bedding, candles, wine, music, flowers, a sincere conversation about the beautiful … And here he is, the moment X, for which all these difficulties were overcome!

, How to start and have anal sex correctly: sexologists’ tips

Entering inside: how to have anal sex correctly, so that it does not hurt

For the penetration in the ass to be painless, it is important to remember the simple rules.

Rule 1: It is undesirable to penetrate immediately

We recall preparatory trainings when they developed anus. With a lot of lubricant, we introduce a finger or a cork in the ass, having previously caressed the anus. At the same stage, you can resort to anilingus. Stock her at the same time on the buttocks and hips. Be sure to follow how the muscles of the anus react. First there is tension, then relaxation. That’s just during the period of relaxation we advance a finger or a cork further. 1-2 minutes of preparation is enough, after which we introduce the ass with a living and hot penis!

Rule 2: First bring to orgasm

Most likely, this should be the number one rule, because before climbing to the sorcerer, it is worthwhile to appeal to Gerlu in other places. Sexologists recommend bring the girl to orgasm, and then go to anal caresses. It is quite acceptable to change the sequence a little: first the prelude is common, then we caress the ass, insert a cork, sex the virgin vaginally and let it finish, and only then we go to the cherished goal along the beaten path – anal penetration.

Rule 3: adjust the speed of movements

We do everything slowly! We enter a millimeter per minute! Add more lubricants to avoid friction and ruptures of the anus in your Madame. Do not insist if the girl gave me to go to the ass only to the “half a lurk”. The next time you will be allowed to move a little further, and then for all power) patience! We accompany the process with warm and affectionate words. A woman should understand that a partner knows how to have anal sex correctly. He does everything correctly and, if necessary, stop. It is advisable to accompany anal caresses with stimulation of the clitoris, chest and other parts of the body that will help to achieve orgasm.

Remember the rhythm. We do not accelerate, do not aggress, do not hammer it as the last time – we do everything extremely neatly and gently. You will watch the races on TV, but the female priest is not a track to you.

When a man finishes, he should also carefully leave his partner, as he entered. In general, the anus should be treated carefully, which will prevent the onset of negative consequences for a girl in the form of anal cracks, ruptures and hemorrhoids.

Rule 4: We use a condom and lubricant

Firstly, this protects against infections;Secondly, it will help not to stain the member with life products. Although this is unlikely if the girl was prepared for anal: she went to the toilet or made an enema, washed thoroughly and blown a light diet. Lubrication is needed to easily enter and reduce the risk of injuring your baby’s bon.

Rule 5: Select a convenient pose

We take convenient and correct poses for anal sex, but they are not so few. We take the poses “Doggi-Stayl”, “embryo” and “squatting”. In general, those in which the back bends well, and the member enters the right angle.

In any position, first enter the penis head into the hole, and then slowly penetrate deeper and deeper into the anus. In the “squat” pose is on top, so it can control the entire process on its own. We constantly keep contact with a partner, remember the nature of frictions (and they differ from vaginal) and enjoy anal sex together!

Whatever you say, but if you know, how to have anal sex correctly and follow the recommendations of experts, he will be a great alternative for two partners and an addition to standard intimacy with penetration into the vagina. At the same time, we do not forget that the sphincter and the rectum – the sensual and delicate places of the female body should be touched by a reverent and carefully!

Dear-analyzers and just sex lovers in all its manifestations, join the discussions in the comments, share experience, give advice, write your questions! We are always open to dialogue and are ready to tell you everything that will make your intimate life brighter!

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