How to prepare for anal sex without an enema?

How to prepare for anal sex without an enema?.

The enema before anal sex is not a necessary procedure, it all depends on your choice how to clean before anal. In fact, anal shower should not be used too often, since enemas can irritate the anus and intestines, as well as violate the natural rhythm of waste withdrawal from the body.

How to prepare for anal sex? Before anal sex, it does not stop going to the toilet and shower before getting down to business. If the partner recently emptyed the intestines and its digestive system is healthy (without diarrhea, constipation or intestinal disorders), only a small amount of feces will remain in the anus and rectum – too little for the penetrating partner "feel" them during the act. What does a man feel with anal sex is "Tight" the sensation of the anus and the increased friction that causes it. Anus is a very sensitive area rich in nervous endings. The anal sphincter reacts to the first attempt to penetrate with a spastic reduction, which is usually felt by a partner who penetrates. Such constraint of the anal region is one of the reasons that anal sex belongs to a high -risk group in terms of HIV transmission and other STIs. Always use condoms and a lot of lubricant so that the product used does not break.

– What condoms are suitable for anal sex? The best for anal sex is condoms designed for anal sex, as well as condoms with a thickened wall. And to understand which condoms are better for anal sex, you will have to experiment. After all, each has its own opinion about one or another product, about each brand, etc. D. In addition, men can have different sensitivity and size of the penis, so it is important for everyone to choose condoms for themselves.

– What lubricant is suitable for anal sex? Be sure to use silicone grease or water -based lubricant. Avoid oil -based lubricants, lotions or oil products. They destroy latex! Many connoisseurs of anal sex prefer silicone lubricants by water, because they give more slip. But do not forget that silicone lubricants can have a negative impact on some materials of sex toys – be careful when you choose what lubricant for anal sex will come.

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