How to persuade a girl to anal sex

How to persuade a girl to anal sex.

If you have already tried anal sex with a woman, then you know: pain in anal sex is what every inexperienced girl is afraid. On the Web, they often ask how to persuade the girl to anal sex – if your half represents him with a real torture, then how does she want to try him? In fact, everything is simple – if you understand female fears well, you know what to do before anal sex and for the purpose of learning “how to have anal sex”, you also watched more than once, the first experience will certainly be successful. Do not believe – read on!

Pain for anal sex or what girls are afraid

We will be honest: women’s reviews about anal sex are different – there are a lot of good ones, but there are not very rainbow. If your girlfriend focuses on the experience of others, she can unreasonably be afraid of anal sex and think of her own fears:

  1. The girl can take it right in front of anal sex and change her mind to do it, and you know why? Many are afraid that they will look unaesthetic, because the anus is objectively not the cleanest place of our body. And in society anal sex is mainly condemned as something dirty and immoral.
  2. Many reviews about anal sex talk about pain in anal, especially the first. We say right away: if you know what you need to do before anal sex, then anal sex will pass completely painless. This is generally the norm to strive for.
  3. Before anal sex, the girl, as it were, decides to convey to you the brothers of the board – this way there is another common fear that the guy will not stop at her request and will be rude. The main solution to the problem is trust and proximity between partners.
  4. Sometimes a girl is afraid to comprehend the secrets of anal sex simply because she does not want to look easily accessible in the eyes of a man. It depends on your behavior whether she can overcome this fear or he will not allow her to get a real buzz from your sex examination.

How to persuade a wife for anal sex

, How to persuade a girl to anal sex

It is you who can save your girlfriend from all fears, liberate her in bed and, like a bonus, persuade her for sex – let your words be more authoritative than the reviews of unknown women about anal sex. But for you, by the way, reviews about anal sex on the forums can become a source of valuable information: study them and try to understand why fear arises, what feelings the girls experience in the first anal contact, what needs to be done before anal sex so that the girl can relax andenjoy.You can confidently give your girlfriend authoritative information and convince her that you know how to make anal sex painless.

Sometimes the fears of the girls can be completely stupid – for example, an enema in front of anal sex seems to them an execution, but in fact it is not needed at all, since only 100 ml of water is enough to cleanse the intestines with a special pear called anal shower. You can easily find such a thing in an intimate boutique.

How to persuade a wife for anal sex:

  • Say that you will act very tenderly and stop at the first request;
  • When you do a massage or caress it, often touch her ass – make this zone it is connected with pleasure;
  • Try oral affection for the anus – this just drives many girls crazy!

How to persuade a girl to anal sex? Understand her fears and work with them as a psychologist-first listen to what exactly she is afraid, offer to try to try something less terrible and certainly pleasant-for example, Annilingus. Girls love with ears, so it is your right words that will help you choose the key to her heart and ass.

If you are interested in finding out how to persuade your wife to anal sex, we will tell you what you can’t do in any case. Do not put on a woman and do not force her, do not blackmail – this is very unpleasant and will ultimately lead to poor consequences, and the girl will definitely not be able to experience anal sex without pain, and even with pleasure.

How to make anal sex painless: Guide for a man

Remember the psychological features of anal sex – a woman feels not at ease and is afraid. If you turn on your lust and you will jokely joke, this will not increase her self -confidence. You must become a real gentleman – gentle and attentive. It is your self -confidence that you know the secrets of anal sex with pleasure and without pain. A girl who notices your confidence and knowledge (even theoretical) is completely trusted to you as her guide to the world of new sexual pleasure.

What should you do:

  1. Prepare a warm bath for the girl so that the muscles of her anus relax;
  2. Take an anal vibrating plug with a ring, activate the ring and gently drive them through the erogenous zones of the woman, when you have been spent in the bath for some time – spend along her shoulders, hands, chest, hips;
  3. When it is excited, apply silicone grease to the anal cork and easily screw into the anus – it will not hurt;
  4. You turn on the vibration in the cork and continue to caress the woman with a ring or connect the tongue, hands – by the way, you can so far have vaginal sex with her, rightly taking out the cork, it will be a wonderful experience;
  5. If the idea with the bathroom is not suitable, make the girl a massage of buttocks with butter, after which you will accurately introduce her anal plug in the same way;
  6. When a girl receives a vaginal or clitoral orgasm, very gently and neatly screwed movements enter a member into an anus by 4-5 cm or give the girl the opportunity to do this herself.

Find out in more detail what to do before anal sex to relax the girl’s anus and reduce the resistance of the sphincter, you can from the video course “Give her anal orgasm”, which you will find on our website, be sure to apply these tips. For example, anal sex without an enema, or rather anal shower, for the first time it will hardly be enchanting, so this item is better not to ignore. Tell your partner how to make an enema anal shower before anal sex – she will understand that you take care of her and do not want her to hurt her. You can also tell what techniques you are going to use to start anal sex painlessly – if she knows the approximate order of action, she will be able to calm down and stop nervous.

, How to persuade a girl to anal sex

Women’s reviews about anal sex say: if a man does not know how to behave and what to do, an attempt usually fails. Since in this experiment your girlfriend will be exactly the passive side, active, respectively, you should become. Do not get lost, but better, first look at how to do anal sex video tutorial.

How to have anal sex correctly: video helps to find out

It is impossible to find out the secrets of anal sex without practice, but we urge you not to practice this type of intima completely unprepared – there is a risk of harm to a partner and for a long time to discourage her of anal caresses. How to have anal sex, a video tutorial on our website will tell you better: our sexologist Valeria Aginskaya tells about sensations during sex, explains how to make an enema anal shower before anal sex, works with basic fears.

It will be very good if you offer your partner before you to have anal sex of a video tutorial – let it also receive important information from first -hand. Most likely, it will stop frightening the pain with anal sex, because you already know how to make anal sex painless.

The enema for anal sex is an outdated technique, we can advise using anal shower. However, experienced lovers already know what needs to be done before anal sex and how to have anal sex – the video tutorial will rather serve as entertainment and source of additional information for them.

For anal sex, the reviews of girls are quite contradictory, but you must form a positive attitude to this type of intimacy with your beloved in her head, and then prove it in practice! Anal sex painlessly takes place for those girls who know what to do before anal sex and do not create excess nervous tension, behave calmly and relaxed.

Features of anal sex for the first time

Having persuaded your girlfriend to have anal sex, you should not expect a lot from the first time. Even if you have previously watched how to have anal sex, the video can not always cover all possible difficulties, especially psychological. To overcome them, be sensitive to your girlfriend, do not annoy her emotions and inexperience. Anal sex reviews really collects very different, but usually girls begin to feel real pleasure not immediately, but once on the second or third. It is important that the impression of the first anal is not negative, otherwise she simply does not agree to the second.

Features of anal sex according to real reviews

Ira, 27 years old:

“I’m just in shock! I never thought that anal orgasm really exists, but when my husband and I tried anal for the first time, I felt it is it – this is it! Now I just fly on the wings and wait for anal more than ordinary sex). From him, there are five more pleasures!”

Alla, 23 years old:

“When my husband offered to try anal, I first refused – I thought that it would be very painful. Then I read it on the forums – the girls describe such that they wanted to urgently try! What can I say: this is very cool, but only if a man behaves very tenderly and accurately. And the ass must be prepared, otherwise the guy will not be able to enter without problems and pain. “.

Asya, 32 years:

In sex, I am more conservative, and in the student I somehow had an unpleasant experience of anal with her then guy. When the husband insisted, she agreed more for his sake, but I must say my opinion I quickly changed! At first, a little unusual, but then a crazy wave of euphoria is going through the whole body. The orgasm is simply incredible!”

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