How to make an enema for anal sex correctly?

How to make an enema for anal sex correctly?.

Thought about how to clean the intestines before anal sex? Many people make an enema before anal sex. The enema consists in the introduction of fluid through the anus to the colon.

This article explains how to make an anal shower, how to wash off before anal sex and the advantages of this.

How anal shower is used?

An enema before anal sex is made using anal shower. What is anal shower? Typically, an anal shower is a device consisting of two parts – a tank for liquid and an oblong nozzle for anal administration. How to use anal shower? The nozzle is introduced into the anus and compressed the tank with a liquid, directing the liquid from the nozzle into the last part of the colon, called the rectum.

The liquid is usually kept in the rectum until the urge to defecate appears. Liquid can remain inside the body for several minutes and longer. .

Which liquid to use for anal shower?

Most often, the liquid used for an enema in front of anal sex is ordinary water. Many people believe that the enema is the first thing that you need to do before anal. Remember that there is the possibility of introducing harmful substances into the body through an enema, so be careful. In addition, the colon contains various forms of beneficial bacteria, and too frequent use of the anal shower can disrupt the bacterial flora and damage the delicate membrane of the colon.

What to expect after using the anal shower?

In most cases, the use of anal shower is a simple process. People usually put enemas, although some people may need help if they have problems with mobility or cognitive functions.

Keep in mind that the enema needs time to act, and you will stay in the toilet for some time. Make sure you have allocated enough time before you clean up before anal sex.

How to make an enema for anal sex correctly?

1. First, apply a lubricant to reduce any discomfort and make sure that the nozzle of the anal shower comes in smoothly.

2. Take a lying position to reach the anus. This is, as a rule, a pose on the side with a bent knee.

3. Gently insert the nozzle of the anal shower into the anus and squeeze the entire liquid.

4. Remove the nozzle from the anus after the administration of the entire liquid, then delay the liquid for a while inside.

5. Enough the intestines in the toilet after waiting time.

Precautionary measures

Before washing before anal sex, you should study precautions. Most people do not experience any difficulties using the anal shower, but there are several things that should be avoided.

Do not insert an anal shower too deep into the anus, so as not to cause painful sensations.

Be sure to check whether the nozzle of the anal shower is reliably fixed, because part of it can get stuck, which will lead to the obstruction of a foreign body.

It is also important to use a sufficient amount of liquid. If you use too little, the enema can be ineffective. And if you use too much, cleansing can take more time, because the fluid has reached the colon.

Take a doctor immediately if, after cleansing the intestine, you have arise and do not pass pain, fever or other symptoms on their own.

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