How to make an enema before anal sex

How to make an enema before anal sex.

Anal sex with a woman is one of the top fantasies of most men. However, due to ignorance of techniques and rules by both partners, ladies rarely agree to him. For many, the anal is associated with pain, unpleasant sensations. In addition, the girl is afraid to embarrass during intercourse. This does not allow her to relax and feel the whole gamut of emotions.

How to make an enema before anal sex

The first rule: you need to prepare for anal sex, it is not unexpected. Hygiene and relaxation of anal sphincters is what the woman herself should take care of. The man is obliged to own certain techniques in order to provide his girlfriend comfort. I talk about such rules in detail in the courses “Love Anal Sex is 100%” and recommend that you go together.

Second point: high -quality awakening and stimulation of erogenous points. If everything is done right, the woman will definitely love anal sex and even get a bright orgasm from him.

The third point: Always use a condom. It guarantees safety from sexually transmitted diseases and various infections.

In this article, we will talk in great detail about one of the main rules – preparation for anal sex, and more specifically – about hygiene.

Do you need an enema for anal sex?

In ordinary life, it is rarely used. It is placed in the presence of medical indications: before the procedures or in the case of problems with the gastrointestinal tract. The enema disrupts the intestinal microflora, and therefore can harm health as a whole. Therefore, there is no urgent need for an enema in front of anal sex. In addition, it happens that a small amount of water remains in the intestines. When the penis is penetrated, peristalsis intensify, pressure is created, as a result of which unpleasant embarrassment may occur.

Another argument against the enema – it is addictive. Of course, from once the body will not “spread” to go to the toilet on its own, but regular procedures will provoke such problems.

If there are no constipation and flatulence, the enema in front of anal sex will not be needed. In order not to disgrace, carefully carry out hygienic procedures. In addition, in the ampoule of the rectum, that is, in its parts immediately in front of the hole, in a healthy person, feces do not accumulate. Therefore, there is no risk of disgrace.

Important! Even if you decide to use an enema, it should be exclusively for your. You can not take it from someone or give it to others. Before and after use, be sure to process it with a disinfectant.

When you need to go to the toilet before anal sex?

Used to defecation in the morning – in the evening you can have fun without problems, and vice versa. However, you do not need to torture the body and force it to defeat through force. You can have anal sex about 3 hours after going to the toilet “by large”. But remember: with various problems with the intestines and defecation, in particular, it is worth postponing sexual intercourse until complete recovery.

How dangerous it is to make enemas?

Doctors distinguish two possible complications.

  1. The inability to defecate yourself. Threatens with too frequent procedures, as the intestines gets used to the lack of tension and effort on its part. The maximum safe enema frequency is 1-2 times a month, even better-less often.
  2. Dysbiosis. In addition to feces, the intestines have a unique microflora necessary for normal activity. During the procedure, it is disturbed, many microorganisms die. Probable results – diarrhea, incontinence, abdominal pain, flatulence. In such layouts, it is unlikely that you will take care of the pleasure of anal sex.

Conclusion: to make a cleansing enema a mandatory stage of preparation for sexual intercourse is not worth. If you came across a very squeamish partner who forces her to put, remind what exactly the anal sex means and which hole will be used. A loving person will never sacrifice your health for his own calm.

To avoid troubles, go to the toilet as early as possible before the process, do not eat fruits and vegetables in a while, replace them with protein foods, wash yourself well.

How to make an enema before anal sex?

Still, they decided on radical intestinal treatment methods? Then carry out the procedure as safe as possible. Remember that it can not often be done, as well as have anal sex. By the way, the latter is no more than 10 days. When enjoying, only sphincters need to be washed, and not the entire intestines. Therefore, the volume of the pear should be a maximum of 100 ml. In no case do not take Esmarch’s mug. This is a large container with a long hose and a crane designed to perform medical procedures in the walls of the medical institution and under the supervision of doctors.

What devices can be used?


These are standard pears up to 200 ml. In this case, the pressure is small, it is enough to wash the rectum ampoule.

First, the sprint should be washed, pour the tip with boiling water, pour the liquid into the container. Next, lubricate the tip and anus with a lubricant (ordinary or water -based). It is better not to use creams and oils – they can cause irritation, which will result in prolonged treatment.

The algorithm of actions:

  1. Lie on your side, bent your knees slightly, pull them to your stomach.
  2. Neatly and slowly enter the tip into the anus. Sensations should not be painful. Take your time, because the walls of the rectum are thin, albeit elastic.
  3. Gradually release the solution of the pear. If you hurry, the pressure rises sharply, pain will appear in the stomach.
  4. Hold the liquid inside at least 5 minutes, then go to the toilet. Do not leave the toilet immediately after bowel movements, there may be several acts of defecation.
  5. Take a shower and wash thoroughly.

The water temperature should be room. The cool is simply absorbed by the walls of the intestines, the expected result will not be. Too hot is dangerous with burns of mucous membranes. To improve the effect, you can use chamomile solution.

Microclism “Microlax”

The product is available in disposable packaging and is immediately ready for use. The composition: glycerin, water, a solution of sorbitol, sodium citrate, sorbic acid, sodium lauryl sulfoacetate. The drug acts after 5-10 minutes, does not cause addiction, does not have a negative effect on the intestines.

Anal shower

It is considered a better and more convenient alternative to standard springs. His design is almost the same: a pear with a volume of up to 100 ml, nose (in some models – several nozzles to choose from). The water supply holes are on the sides of the nose, and not in the center, which provides more efficient washing.

How they make an enema before anal sex using such a shower? First prepare the liquid (ordinary boiled water or with a solution of chamomile) at room temperature, grease the nozzle and anus with a lubricant. Take the same pose as mentioned above – lying on the side. If convenient, you can sit on all fours.

Enter the tip in the direction of the navel (first 2 cm), then – parallel to the coccyx. The total depth of penetration of the nozzle is 8-10 cm. Take your time, movements should be smooth.

Contraindications to the enema

In some situations, such a procedure is strictly prohibited. This:

  • Period of menstruation. Otherwise, there is a risk of bringing the infection into the genitals, extend the period of menstruation and strengthen them.
  • Inflammatory processes in the anus, abrasions, cracks in the rectum.
  • Haemorrhoids. Especially relevant for the stage of exacerbation, since the bleeding may be deadly.
  • Polyposis.
  • The presence of neoplasms, and the genitals too.
  • Postoperative period if the intervention concerned directly the abdominal cavity.
  • Intestinal diseases, including colitis, diarrhea, dysbiosis, digestive disorders.
  • Umbilical or inguinal hernias.
  • Pregnancy period at the risk of miscarriage.

It is worth remembering that in most of the above cases anal sex is in principle prohibited. Therefore, you are responsible for your own health and prepare correctly to get true pleasure from sexual intercourse.

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