How often you can have anal sex?

How often you can have anal sex?.

The physiological features of the anus are such that it is not intended for interaction with the penis, its task is to prevent any “guests” from outside. Of course, the prudence of nature is not a reason to refuse the pleasure that anal sex is able to give both partners to both partners. But solely on condition that the amount of sex will be moderate and a number of rules will be observed in the process.

How often can you deal with anal to a woman

The answer to the question “How often can you have anal sex?”Is always individual. The safe frequency of penetration for a woman depends on the characteristics of a separate body, state of health, and even the day of the menstrual cycle.

Proctologists do not recommend women to practice anal sex more than once a week. The neglect of this recommendation is fraught with the development of anal cracks, intra -acid bleeding, sphincter stretching (fecal incontinence). At the same time, if a woman does not experience in this form of intercourse of any discomfort, there are no restrictions in the frequency of this type of sexual pleasures.

How often you can have a passive anal sex man

Male physiology differs from female not only obvious things: there are differences between a woman and a man in relation to fabric elasticity. The soft tissues of the male body are less elastic compared to female and are restored after short -term physical changes much more slowly.

Therefore, men practicing passive anal sex should moderate their desires up to 1 time every 10 days. With all this, it is necessary to fear the same consequences that arise with too frequent anal in women.

Pregnancy and anal sex

The female body during pregnancy is subjected to a number of physiological changes. Including, under the influence of the fetus on the organs of the pelvis in the anus, the skin becomes thinner. Because of this, there is an increased risk of opening bleeding and, as a result, the risk of infection of various kinds.

In turn, a rush of blood to the pelvic organs during pregnancy makes the walls of veins and blood vessels vulnerable. In this case, unnatural penetration is fraught with the development of hemorrhoids. Since maintaining health is a key task for a pregnant woman, you should not engage in anal during this period at all.

Safe anal sex rules

If you want to have anal sex more often than doctors recommend, every time during such sexual experiments:

  • Use lubricants with an analgesic effect so that the penetration has passed for the receiving side without a feeling of discomfort.
  • Do not rush to immediately set the desired pace – a member must enter the anus slowly, carefully.
  • Exclude aggressive movements, try to move smoothly.
  • Use the restrictive ring if the length of the penis in an erect state is more than 13 cm.

Be sure to stretch the sphincter before anal with the help of fingers or anal stimulant. It will also avoid the appearance of pain in a partner and reduce the risk of injuries.

Contraindications for anal sex

As excessive love of anal sex can lead to sad consequences, so existing health problems are a contraindication for this type of sexual aid. The practice of anal is strictly prohibited for any rectum pathology: cracks, ulcers, hemorrhoids, intestinal cancer, colitis, crown diseases and others. In search of new sensations, remember: no longer a pleasure, no matter how vivid it may be, will replace lost health. take care of yourself!

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