Harm of anal sex: 7 negative moments and how to deal with them

How to reduce the harm from anal.

, Harm of anal sex: 7 negative moments and how to deal with them

There are constantly rumors on the Internet that non -traditional types of sex are absolute evil. But these are just opinions. For sober assessment, facts are needed. We will find out how serious the harm of anal sex is and how to reduce it. As a reference point, we take scientific research.

Benefits and harm

First, let’s see how doctors relate to this practice. On the upper positions of Yandex’s search results, there is a website of a sexologist, sexopathologist and family psychologist. We will open the desired article and see what Evgeny Alexandrovich Kulgavchuk thinks.

“Yes, and from a medical point of view, anal sex is harmful, because at the same time cracks may appear, the rectum falling out, and over time, even fecal incontinence”.

It sounds not very nice. But what does it mean “can appear”? Probably may not appear. It all depends on the sanity of partners and the relationship to each other. We compose a table in which we formulate the pros and cons of the anus caress for two sexes:


Benefit Harm
Men Prostate stimulation Irritation of the rectum
Unity with a partner Mechanical damage
Women New sensations The opportunity to get pregnant
Bright orgasm Infection with infections

For gay-part, anal joys are a great way to unite partners and the formation of trust. But far from the only. In 2011, American scientists from Louisiana University conducted a large -scale experiment.

, Harm of anal sex: 7 negative moments and how to deal with them

It turned out that only 35 % of homosexual and bi-men practice anal. As many as 75 % of the participants in the control group preferred a blowjob, and joint masturbation – 63 %.

Let’s move on to a detailed consideration of harmful effects.

1. Oncology

According to researchers, the relationship between the oncological diseases of the rectum and the anal is. But it’s not about sex itself. Let’s talk about the mechanism of cancer development. The tumor causes HPV – human papilloma virus. He also leads to the appearance of ordinary warts on the skin.

This infection sometimes lives on the walls of the mucosa, but does not cause special problems the virus carrier. It is worth the partner to contact a dangerous microflora, the situation can develop according to a negative scenario. Especially if the immunity is reduced.

2. Infection

To pick up some dangerous bacterium or virus when penetrating into the rectum is easier. There is a lot of microorganisms. There is even a koch stick. It causes the development of tuberculosis. And travels over long distances from the lungs. The most harmful HIV is the human immunodeficiency virus.

During the movement of the penis, microtraumas appear inside. Through the blood of the microflora, it easily penetrates the vessels and spreads throughout the body. Women are especially at risk – the vagina practically adjoins the “black entrance”. And there is further urethra, bladder and kidneys.

3. Haemorrhoids

Here the connection with the anal is difficult to trace. On the one hand, a member or silicone toy can injure hemorrhoids. But there are many reasons for the development of the disease. This is a sedentary, motionless lifestyle, malnutrition, constipation.

In women, a similar ailment often develops during pregnancy. The fault of this is strong pressure in the lower part of the abdominal cavity. Veins lose their tone, valves cease to work normally, stagnant phenomena appear. Which leads in the end to the appearance of protrusions.

4. Anal crack

This is a mechanical trauma. It is clear that the reason is a strong pressure of the partner without preliminary preparation. So that this does not happen, you need to stretch the anus gradually, use a lot of grease. Another important factor is adequacy. Coordination and sensitivity are lost under alcohol. Do not do it this way.

Crack can be cured at home. And with the gap you will have to immediately call an ambulance. Otherwise, bacteria from feces will cause infection. Blood flows from the anal hole? This is a signal for contacting the hospital. Inhibitory is dangerous, and deadly.

5. Inhibition of immunity

If partners have sex without a condom, sperm gets inside the liability. It seems that there is nothing wrong with that. But seed fluid contains prostaglandins – substances similar to hormones. Their natural task is to cause contraction of the muscles of the vagina in order to get into the uterus easier.

Naturally, there are no reproductive organs in the anus. Then substances simply irritate the rectum mucosa. As a result, the effect of “forever wants to go to the toilet”. This is half a bastard. Prostaglandins reduce immunity. Then it turns out “combo” from poor immunity, viruses and microbes. For men, the effect is worse. The female body has learned to dispose of sperm over the years of evolution.

6. Relaxation of sphincters

The most popular fear and a problem that is often discussed on the Internet. Like, sex so violates the work of natural “locks” that it becomes unrealistic to keep the contents of the intestines inside. If you engage in anal 3 times every day, this is quite likely.

Scientists from Pittsburgh University have proved that practitioners of “rear” sex sphincters are slightly weaker at rest. But with active compression, the result is the same as people engaged in vaginal fun. The problem is invented.

7. The onset of pregnancy

Here, ladies are not in vain. With anal sex, the probability of conception is about 10 %. Where do such numbers come from? No, sperm cannot seep through the rectum. Just after the partner ends, the seed fluid is able to leak out of the anus and get into the vagina.

In order not to arise an unpleasant surprise, a means of contraception tested for years should be used – condom. This will also save from a decrease in immunity, because it will not allow prostaglandins to play their fatal role.

How to minimize the consequences

We counted 7 types of harmful effects from anal sex. But they are easy to come to naught. It is enough to use a few simple tips. They will help you get vivid impressions of sex and preserve health.

Get carefully

Without preliminary work, you can only have vaginal sex. There nature has already planned everything. Anal is associated with injuries. Therefore, a number of recommendations should be followed:

  • Take venotonics regularly. This is Detralex and Venarus.
  • Make an enema. She will help to clear all the excess.
  • Caress each other on a sober head.
  • Use a lot of lubrication.

Indeed, drugs with a tonic effect improve microcirculation, prevent venous stagnation. The enema removes feces, and with them a huge part of pathogenic bacteria and viruses. In an adequate state, it’s easier not to slide down to random sharp movements. The lubricant will relieve microtrauma.

Expand slowly

Do not immediately rush into battle. Sensitive anus must be accustomed to unusual influences for it. We recommend that you insert an anal traffic jam in the ass of the partner before sex, and 15 minutes before penetration, expand the hole:

  • Put on a medical glove, cover abundantly with lubricant.
  • Slowly put one finger into the anus and move it.
  • Add the second and then the third.

Pre -expansion will help a member to penetrate without injuries for himself and a partner.

Use a condom

It is necessary. The elastic band protects against infection with STDs – sexually transmitted diseases. Plus the condom provides a more smooth sliding. The mucous membrane does not rub, the partner receives only pleasant sensations from the process.

In no case should you put a member in the vagina after the priest. This is a guaranteed way to bring the entire pathogenic microflora from the rectum into the vagina. Before this, you need to remove the condom and replace it with a new one, and it is better to take a hygienic shower. The infection may remain on the skin.

Move correctly

Sph, are arranged so that they easily release the contents of the intestine outside, but do not take anything back. In ordinary cases, light and smooth movements are enough to obtain an orgasm. The anus tightly compresses the penis, the sensations are as pleasant as possible. But there is an opportunity to slightly speed up the pace.

To do this, you need to move forward very slowly and a little faster back. This will accelerate the pace and will not inflict damage to a passive partner. The main thing is to monitor the reaction of a loved one. If it hurts, it is better to stop and postpone sex for later.


Everything is good in moderation. Sexologists recommend doing pause after anal sex. The ideal time for recovery is 2 weeks. During this time, the developed sphincters will take the former form, drag on all microscopic injuries.

During this period, you need to use healing gels and creams. Preparations against blood clots are also useful. For example, hepatrombin and heparin ointment. Do not sit at home. It is better to lead a mobile lifestyle, walk along the street, engage in easy physical education.

We will collect all methods of counteracting negative effects to the table:

Harm How to minimize
Oncology Condom
Infection Antiseptic, condom, enema
Haemorrhoids A lot of lubrication, venotonic
Anal crack Neat movements, lubrication and condom
Inhibition of immunity Condom
Relaxation of the sphincter Lubrication, recovery
The onset of pregnancy Condom

The most popular remedy for harm from anal sex is a condom. There is nothing strange in this. The elastic band provides slipping, protects against transmission of infection, does not allow sperm to get into the rectum. The rest of the problems will solve the antiseptic, lubricant and the correct technique of intercourse.

The best poses

Special poses will help to enjoy each other with the maximum high. They are easily realized by heterosexual, lesbian and gay pairs. The main condition is the entry of a member or strapon at a right angle. So sphincters will get minimal pressure. And do not forget about lubrication and condom. The saliva will not work. Need a good water -based lubricant.


, Harm of anal sex: 7 negative moments and how to deal with them

A win-win. Probably the most popular position. But there is one nuance: partners should have about the same growth. Otherwise, the member will enter the anus at an angle.

The passive stands on all fours. The asset holds a partner by the waist and carefully penetrates inside. Forward movements as soft as possible. You can slightly accelerate back.


, Harm of anal sex: 7 negative moments and how to deal with them

The liability lies on his side with legs bent at the knees, the asset is attached from behind. At the time of pleasure, a woman can massage her breasts, a man – nipples. They have many nerve endings. Although, around the anus there are no less than them.

For additional stimulation, you can use toys with vibration. Cliter butterfly is suitable for girls, a ring on the penis – for guys. The maximum time is no more than 10 minutes.

“Having piles”

, Harm of anal sex: 7 negative moments and how to deal with them

Position for flexible lovers. It is not so easy to repeat, but there is an option to get a dose of real adrenaline. The liability lies on his back, lifting the ass up. the asset sits on top, holding a partner by the hips.

So you can not only enjoy, but also to warm up. The effect will be abruptly what appears after fitness training or easy run. The main thing is to score the piles not too hard, with interruptions.


, Harm of anal sex: 7 negative moments and how to deal with them

A pleasant position. Lovers can see each other’s faces. This is good for “pumping” mutual trust. The liability presses the ass to the stomach of the asset and puts his legs on his shoulders, holding the hips.

You need to accurately place an anus opposite a penis or strapon. So the “angle of attack” will be the best. SFINKERS will relax and let a member inward with minimal resistance.

“Steep policeman”

, Harm of anal sex: 7 negative moments and how to deal with them

The liability lies on the back, the asset – on top. Better to make love in bed. Not too soft. There will be no support point otherwise, it will complicate the movements. The partner’s anus is raised, it is easy to get to him.

The position does not imply unnecessary effort. Short amplitudes – the key to the health of the rectum. Member barely slides inside. The risk of microtrauma is minimal. What you need. The session can be extended to 15 minutes.

There are 7 types of harm of anal sex. But they are easy to come to naught. For this we need: a condom, lubrication and antiseptic. The movements of the active partner should be as smooth as possible. Only when striving back can you slightly accelerate.

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