Enema before anal sex: how to do it safe

How to put an enema in front of anal.

, Enema before anal sex: how to do it safe

Some types of sexual acts require a serious attitude to hygiene. Lubrication and other physiological fluids create a nutrient medium for the propagation and circulation of bacteria between partners. The enema before anal sex helps to get rid of feces, unpleasant odor and potentially dangerous microbes. We will tell you how to carry out the procedure correctly.

The choice of tools

The arsenal of medicine has a pair of instruments designed to wash the intestines. One is suitable for easy processing, and the second is designed to pump a large volume of liquid. Each option has pros and cons of.


, Enema before anal sex: how to do it safe

These are pear -shaped rubber containers. Sold in any pharmacy. They are easy to use, just disinfect. Ideal for beginners. The main drawback of the tool is the small volume of the fluid that is placed inside. Here are what options are possible:

Series Volume, ml
Soft tip
A3 27
A7 70
A11 230
A13 317
A14 490
A16 700
Hard tip
B3 40
B5 95
B7 150
B9 230
B11 347
B13 483
BI No. 9 320
BI No. 12 224
BC No. 12 224

As can be seen from the table, sprints differ in the material from which the tip is made:

  1. Index “A” – soft.
  2. Index “B” – solid.

The first option is usually a whole structure made of medical rubber, in the second pear is connected to a plastic tube. It is clear that the softer the material, the less injuries during the introduction.

Gynecological products differ in that the pear is made of PVC – polyvinyl chloride. He does not absorb smells, it is better to disinfect.

Sometimes even 700 ml is not enough to clean the contents of the rectum at a time. Therefore, you will have to repeat the procedure many times, and this is an excess effect on sphincters and a thin mucous membrane.

Esmarch mugs

, Enema before anal sex: how to do it safe

A more advanced option. This is a set consisting of the following elements:

  • Rubber container.
  • Plastic tube.
  • Tap.
  • Tips.

The mug was invented by the German surgeon Friedrich von Esmarch back in the 19th century. Prior to this, a hard container with a piston in the manner of a modern syringe was used in medicine. It was not too convenient: the “operator” poured the solution too quickly, and portions came uneven. As a result, there were curves.

But Esmarch decided to use the law of universal gravitation. Water went with the same intensity, the tap “cut off” an excess dose of solution. Modern circles are quite spacious:

Series Volume, l
KE No. 2 1.5
KE No. 3 2

CE No. 2 at a time can direct the same dose of water as a dose A16 in two times in the intestines. This is a great advantage. But there were no drawbacks. Managing with a mug is not so easy.

First you need to pour the solution, then lower the accumulated air through the tap. Then the container must be raised up and fixed. If there is no tripod, you have to hold the pear in your hands.


, Enema before anal sex: how to do it safe

Our main goal is to clean the rectum as efficiently and quickly as possible and quickly. Therapeutic procedures using an enema will leave behind the scenes. What characteristics should be evaluated? The first and most important is the composition. You can use simple clean water, but part of the liquid will suck in the intestines. We lose volume in vain. To prevent this from happening, we prepare the solution:

  • Water: 2 liters.
  • Salt: 2 teaspoons.

Sodium chloride after dissolution will not allow the water to get through the walls of the colon. As a result, the initial amount of liquid will remain.

The second important parameter is temperature. Ideal option: 37-39 degrees. Cold enema stimulates peristalsis too much. There is a risk not to run to the toilet. A hot solution is only suitable for warming the prostate in men, if there are problems with this.

There are harmful advice on the Internet. For example, people who are far from medicine recommend adding disinfectants like potassium permanganate to the solution. This cannot be done. There is a risk of earn dysbiosis, which will have to be treated for a long time.

So, let’s summarize. We need water with salt temperature 37-39 ° C.


, Enema before anal sex: how to do it safe

There is a saying: “Purely not where they remove, but where they do not litter”. The amount and consistency of waste directly depends on the nutrition. If there is little fiber, trips to the toilet will be a rare phenomenon. Call will begin to accumulate inside the rectum, which is difficult to clean even with an enema.

To provide regular, natural cleaning, you need to eat the following products:

  1. Wheat bran: 43 g of fibers per 100 g.
  2. Dried mushrooms: 26 g.
  3. Kuraga: 18 g
  4. Beans: 12.4 g.
  5. Almonds: 12.2 g.
  6. Buckwheat: 12 g.
  7. Ovsyanka: 12 g.
  8. Rice: 10.5 g.
  9. Raisins: 9.6 g.

Nutritionists recommend eating at least 20 g of fibers per day. Then the digestion will be all right.

Only 50 g of wheat bran or 120 g of beans will provide the desired dose of fiber. The body will begin to effectively cleanse, the enema will be needed only to improve the effect.

If you lead a sedentary lifestyle, stagnant phenomena arise up to constipation. The usual walk will help to avoid this.


, Enema before anal sex: how to do it safe

We learned how to choose a tool, knead the solution and prepare. Time to move to active actions. Here’s how to put an enema before anal sex:

  • Take a pose. The ideal position of the body depends on the volume of the fluid. A good example in the picture subtitle.
  • Prepare the solution. It is necessary to heat the water, add salt to it, mix thoroughly and pour into a pear or mug.
  • Lower the air. If you are sprinkled, just put pressure until water is pouring. Esmarch’s mug – Open the crane until the air is displaced.
  • Lubricate the tip. Without a lubricant, there will be a risk of injuring anus. Therefore, densely lubricate the pipe with gel.
  • Enterly introduce. First, enter the cannula towards the navel, and then parallel to the coccyx, directly.
  • Pour the solution. If you are sprint, squeeze out slowly and evenly. With a circle – wait until the process is over.

When it is done, you need to leave the “patient” motionless for 10-15 minutes. But if there are strong urges for defecation, it is better to go to the toilet as soon as possible to empty the intestines.

After that, rinse the anus thoroughly in the shower using soap or gel. Usually one procedure is not enough. Will have to repeat everything again. But the partner will feel confident, nothing will overshadow pleasant anal sex.


, Enema before anal sex: how to do it safe

Even a properly prepared solution can harm. With frequent use of enemas from the intestines, beneficial bacteria are washed out, microtrauma forms on the mucous membranes and anus. Therefore, the procedure must be carried out with a certain frequency.

Doctors recommend washing the intestines no more than 2 times a month. This wish completely coincides with the number of “sessions” of anal sex.

Better not to retreat from the rules. So you will maintain your partner’s health, won her trust.

It must be remembered that digestion is a continuous process. You can’t make an enema in the morning, but do love joys in the evening. During this time, the rectum will again be filled with waste waste.


Esmarch and sprint circles are constantly in contact with fecal bacteria. Therefore, they need to be disinfected. If you think that just rinse under the tap, then you are mistaken.

You can not use boiling, plastic materials may lose shape. Therefore, only a technique remains associated with antibacterial solutions remains. You need to do it:

  • Rinse a sprint or mug under running water with antibacterial soap. Particular attention should be paid to cleaning the tip.
  • Pour a disinfecting solution into a deep container. Put the tool there completely so that nothing sticks out outside.

An hour is enough for pathogenic microflora to be destroyed. It remains to re -rinse the enema under running water to remove the residues of “chemistry”. If this is not done, irritation or allergic reaction may appear on the mucosa.


Store tools for washing the intestines in closed boxes, away from sunlight. Ultraviolet destroys the structure of PVC, rubber and plastic, from which sprints and mugs are produced.

Devices should not come in contact with aggressive liquids. Alcohol, oil, petroleum products and acids dissolve materials.

It is better to pack tools in cellophane packages, only after completely dry, otherwise condensation will remain inside.

We talked all about enemas before anal sex. Now readers know which tools are best used, how to prepare a solution and carry out a procedure. The main thing is to follow the recommendations of doctors about frequency, carefully disinfect sprints and mugs.

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