Crystal on anal traffic: what is needed and how it is used

Anal traffic jams with crystals – how to make sex beautiful.

, Crystal on anal traffic: what is needed and how it is used

Anal cork can be used to obtain not only sexual, but also visual pleasure. If you choose a model with rhinestones or crystal, then from the only type of beloved ass with such a decoration, a man will feel like a seventh heaven with happiness.

What is the peculiarity of jewelry for the anus?

All plugs for anal stimulation form are always streamlined. This is necessary so that the sex toy is easy to enter into an elastic anus. The submersible part can be made in the form of a drop or cone. The leg is usually thin. There is a limiter at the outer end of the cork – so that the product is not lost in the body.

Anal plugs with jewelry look incredibly luxurious. The outer part of such models is crowned either by an overflowing crystal or spectacular rhinestones. The decoration can be oval, round, in the form of a flower or heart. When choosing anal plug, it is necessary to take into account the desired diameter of the submersible part, as well as the weight and length of the product.

What are the traffic jams with crystals for?

The main reason why couples buy such models is the desire to decorate the body of a loved one. But anal traffic jams with rhinestones and crystals in terms of functions do not differ from ordinary models, so they also give a sea of bright sexual experiences.

  • Extension of the anus. The muscles of the anal opening are usually very elastic, therefore, to stretch them, it is necessary to use special sex toys. It is most convenient to expand the anus anal cork. The feeling of internal fullness can be very pleasant. And so that it does not hurt in the process of anal sex, the cork should be left in the body for a while.
  • Vivid sensations from vaginal sex. It is worth introducing a medium -sized cork into the female anus, and the vagina will become much. This is a great way to enhance the pleasure of classical intimacy if the partner has too weak vaginal muscles, which is why the penis does not enter the vagina tightly quite tightly.
  • Role-playing games. Anal stimulator with a crystal can be a great addition to a role -playing game – for example, a man depicts a poor musician, and a partner – a capricious princess. Using imagination, you can come up with a lot of interesting roles for an erotic performance.
  • Wearing traffic jams in the body. If you want especially acute sensations, it is worth transferring anal stimulation outside the house. The cork needs to be immersed in the body and go for a walk or visit. This starts and excites, which helps to increase libido. So that there is no discomfort, a small model made of soft material should be used.
  • Exposure to temperature. If you buy an anal plug made of metal or glass, you can give a special sexual pleasure to the partner. Sex toy needs to be immersed for a few seconds in hot or cold water, and then insert it into the human body. The sensations will be very unusual and insanely pleasant.
  • A surprise for your beloved. Anal plug with a luxurious crystal can be a great gift for a beloved girl. This is a wonderful way for any boyfriend to persuade her friend to anal sex, simultaneously delivering her the joy of getting a beautiful presentation.

How to choose anal plug with decoration?

If the cork is needed only to decorate the body, then you can use the smaller model. Models with a diameter of up to 3 cm are chosen by beginners who are just beginning to plunge into the world of anal entertainment. It is worth noting that spectacular fisting options are not yet available. So even if the partners are completely inexperienced, in any case they will not become the owners of a giant traffic jam.

  • Anal traffic jams are made from different materials. Those who love hard stimulation should give preference to metal or glass products. It will not work for a long time to wear such a plug in the body, but the sensations will be as saturated as possible. For beginners, silicone products are more suitable – soft and elastic.
  • The submersible part of the cork can be perfectly smooth or ribbed. Of course, this relief is smoothed, so you should not be afraid that when using such a device it will be painful or unpleasant. The embossed traffic jam causes especially sweet sensations, which is why the excitement increases with incredible power.
  • The decoration on the cork should be selected based on personal preferences. Models with crystals in the form of a blossoming bud look gorgeous. There are traffic jams with interchangeable crystals, it is convenient if you want the color of the jewelry to coincide with a shade of underwear or other sex toys (eye bandage, handcuffs, nozzle on the clitoris).

Intimacy can be very sensual and beautiful if you prepare for it correctly. Anal traffic jams with crystals are a great way to add special piquancy and tenderness to sex.

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