Anal tail | Anal plug with tail | Tails in anal

Anal tail.

, Anal tail | Anal plug with tail | Tails in anal
You can buy anal tail for quick reincarnation. Only one anal traffic jam can turn the owner into a fox, cat, rabbit or even unicorn. The accessory is attractive, but how to choose a tail for the ass? And how to care for such a unique intimate thing?

Anal tail

Anal tail or anal cork with a tail is an accessory for role -playing games. It consists of two parts:

The submersible base is a sleeve for the anus.
The tail of natural or artificial fur itself.

The connection of two parts can be different. And also pay attention to when buying you need to sizes, materials, methods of care.

Who needs an anal traffic jam?

Both a woman and a man can wear an anal sleeve with fur. This is a universal sex toy. But there are categories of people to which this thing is especially useful:

  • Fans of role -playing games. New images with the help of the tail are very simple to come up with. These can be fairy -tale characters, beloved heroes of films or cartoons, as well as animals. To realize the life with a tail will turn out dozens of fantasies.
  • Connoisseurs of reincarnations into animals. Pondley is actively used in different groups. And if you want to become a horse, a dog or a cat, the tail in this will help.
  • Those who love experiments paired. If you want something unusual, if tired of boring everyday life, you can buy an anal tail to feel something new. Already at the time of choice, a pleasant anticipation will arise, and then you can still come up with ways of application for a long time, and the process will definitely be interesting.
  • People who are trying to regain passion in relations. If a lot has already been tested, then it is necessary to open each other from the new side. And if there were no role -playing images of animals before, you can start playing it. Reincarnation is available to both men and women, and this is a very exciting process.
  • Those who are looking for a unique gift. Of course, you can not buy an anal tail for everyone. But if you are sure that friends love experiments, give a tail. Such a present will make you smile and will definitely remember for a long time.

The anal tail is not suitable for those who like to save. This is a sex toy that cannot be called cheap. High -quality things are expensive, and they do not serve too long.

How to use anal tail?

The principle of application is clear – the cork is inserted into the anus, and the fur one remains outside. But how can you beat such an acquisition?

  • Meeting at the threshold. If a loved one does not know about such a purchase, you can surprise him by meeting after work already in vestments. You can add ears, draw antennae. And it is important to immediately enter the role of the character. It can be a fox, a cat or a cat, a rabbit, a magic beast. And it is important to behave like this animal. It is not necessary to walk on all fours, but the habits of the representative of the fauna are best observed. Your partner will quickly understand the essence of the game and join the plot.
  • Thoughtful scenario. If the purchase was thought out together, then it is worth discussing your fantasies. This will already be very excited. You need to write a script. There is no need to think through phrases, it is only important to discuss the characters’ characters and the main line of action. For example, a fox and a hunter whom she is trying to deceive. Bunny and his strict teacher trying to accustom him to reading and others. Something should happen in the plot, for which then one of the participants will be awarded or punished with sex. When there is a plot, it will not be difficult to translate it into reality.
  • Spontaneous games. Each of the partners invents his character. And here they meet. This is an improvisation that can be very entertaining. But it is suitable for experienced role -players. The plot is unpredictable, actions can be any, and then there will be many reasons to laugh.

The anal tail can be used in different ways. You can come up with games together, and plots are millions. It is only important not to be shy about your desires and communicate with a loved one.

Rules for applying anal traffic jam

In order for the anal tail to bring pleasure, it is necessary to fulfill the rules of application. They will make the use of simple and safe.

  • Introduction any anal toy is made with a lubricant. Special lubricant makes sliding smooth, and also protects the skin from cracks and tears. Use intimate lubricant, not improvised materials. Cream, petroleum jelly or saliva are not suitable, if they get into the intestines, they can cause an infection.
  • Anal cork is always introduced gradually. Anus is a narrow hole, and the skin is very thin in this area. It is important carefully Subtract the sleeve, not making harsh movements. The cork can be scrolled, make light progressive movements to gradually expand the hole. Jerks are prohibited.
  • Extracting anal plug It should also be very smooth. You can not quickly pull out the device so that there is no pain. Like the introduction, seizure is a leisurely process.
  • Wash anal plug Need immediately after the game. Do not leave it for another time. Bacteria develop on the surface, and the longer it is not cleaned, the more dangerous microorganisms. If the sex toy is poorly washed, the infection can get inside the body next time. And this increases the possibility of inflammatory processes.
  • Anal cork with a tail is an individual item. It is not recommended to transfer it to another person. Microflora is different for everyone, and even infections are transmitted with a sex toy.

, Anal tail | Anal plug with tail | Tails in anal

The time of the anal tail in the body

Anal traffic jam with fur is a sex to web. She is left in the body for a period of a few minutes to several hours. How much time to wear it is safe? It all depends on the material. The longest can be used by silicone corks. They are left in the anus for up to 6 hours.

Anal tails of glass or metal can be worn no more than 3 hours in a row. Rubber products or PVC options optimally use 2 hours. But plastic traffic jams, these are the cheapest options, should not be in the ass for more than 60 minutes.

After the required time, the sex toy is removed, cleaned. After 15-20 minutes you can enter it again and continue to play.

Types of anal traffic jams

How the anal tails differ? First of all, the material of the submersible part. Most often, anal plug is made of the following materials:

  • Silicone sleeve. Tender to the touch, but rather stiff. Silicone is a coating, but a denser material inside. In the body can be longer than others. Does not cause allergies or irritation. Has no smell or taste, does not absorb aromas.
  • Metal sleeve. Very durable, difficult to break. Can be cast and heavy. Or hollow, then light. Tough, not flexible. It is convenient to wear only if it is small. Can be used with lubricants on any basis. Just wash, easy to store.
  • Glass plug. Special glass for sex toys does not beat. Hardened material is almost impossible to break. Chips or cracks cannot form on the surface. Visually looks very stylish. You can heat or cool before use, holds the temperature for up to 20 minutes. Any lubricants are suitable. It is easy to wash. The material is not porous, does not absorb nothing from the environment.
  • Flexible PVC or TPR plug. Soft options are convenient for wearing. They simply introduce them, and then they do not put pressure on the walls of the intestines. Even a large cork does not interfere with movements. The material is delicate, it is allowed to use lubricants only on water -based. It is advisable to store separately from other sex toys. Represented in different colors.

And the tails are also different. The main selection criterion is material. All anal tails are divided into two large groups:

  • Natural fur. Most often it is a fox or rabbit. To the touch very soft, delicate. But they can cause allergies.
  • Artificial fur. There are a variety of colors, with a long or short pile. Easy to care for, unlike natural fur. It is also much cheaper.

To make the tail look spectacular, sometimes it is stuffed with additional materials. Or inside there may be a base of wire so that it “sticks out”, and does not hang when using.

Types of tails for anal traffic jams

All anal tails are divided in appearance. Conventionally, all of them divide them into two categories:

  • Realistic. Look like a tail of a real animal, for example, fox, raccoon, rabbit. Can be made of artificial fur, but proper coloring visually brings it closer to natural.
  • Fantastic. Bright and unusual tails that representatives of the fauna cannot boast. One -color or multi -color, with a unique hair and an unusual shape. Suitable for reincarnation in invented heroes.

More tails are divided in length. They can be small or long. And the wool differs. There are shorthair, but there is with a big pile. First smooth, second fluffy., Anal tail | Anal plug with tail | Tails in anal

The dimensions of the anal tails

It will not be about the fur part, but about the diameter of the anal traffic jam. For each user, it is important to find a suitable girth so that it is pleasant and does not hurt.

If the user For the first time buys anal sex toy, its diameter should not exceed 3 centimeters. Such a cork will not fall out of the body, fix the tail reliably. But at the same time, the anus will not stretch much, the introduction will pass without pain.

If the user Loves anal sex or already used to the bushings, you can take a diameter up to 5 centimeters. It will have to be introduced gradually, the anus will need to be stretched a little so that it does not hurt. But the sensations from wearing are much more intense. There is more fullness.

The length of anal plugs for wearing should not be large. Unlike sex toys that are used for 10-20 minutes, anal tails are kept in the body until several hours. And at this time you need to move. A short model does not press the walls of the intestines. A long cork can even injure the body. The submersible part should not be more than 8 cm long. And flexible models for wearing are more convenient than hard.

Features of choosing anal tail

Buying anal tail, it is important to consider the material, appearance, features of the fur. The accessory should like to want to use it again and again.

An important parameter – The method of fastening the tail to the cork. The more expensive the sex toy, the better the connection is thought out. For example, disconnecting tails is an ideal solution. In this case, just wash the anal plug, and moisture does not fall on the fur.

There are options where the cork and tail are connected by the protective part. The fur at the base is closed with skin or rubber insert. It is small, but also prevents water from entering the tail.

Sometimes the fur is simply glued to the submersible part. This is the most common option. But during cleansing you need to be more accurate. And the remnants of life can stain the pile.

How to wash anal cork with a tail?

The submersible part can be washed under running water. For thorough cleansing, you need a soft detergent or a special cliner. Then the cork is wiped with a towel and removed for storage.

But how to wash the fur traffic jam? If a lubricant or some discharge came to it, The tail will have to be washed. This procedure is possible for both natural and artificial fur. But everything will have to be done manually.

Warm water is poured into the basin, hair shampoo is added to it. You need to place the liquid to form foam. And then plunge the tail into it. Cleansing occurs with a soft sponge. It is carried out along the pile in one direction to remove all the pollution. Then rinsing in clean water also follows in the pelvis. Rinse the tail several times to remove all traces of shampoo.

After washing, the tail is wrapped in a towel so that it absorbs excess moisture. No need to squeeze or twist the fur, it is better to let it lie in a wrapped form for 5-10 minutes. Then the towel is removed, and the fur is hung for drying in the fresh air. When the tail is dry, it is combed.

Anal tail with natural fur is recommended to be washed as little as possible. The fur can “bald” over time, and the more often it is washed, the faster it will happen. Artificial material is less whimsical, it withstands much more purification.

Exist Dry Methods of Fur cleaning. It is forbidden to expose anal tails exposure to gasoline. The remains can get on the submersible part, and then on delicate skin. As a result, inflammation is possible.

What lubricants to use for anal tail?

Anal sex toys immerse in the body with a lubricant. It is recommended to use water -based lubricant. It is suitable for any materials, leaves no traces on clothes or bedding, is easily washed off with ordinary water.

If a cork with a tail of glass or metal, a silicone lubricant can also be used. But it is important to avoid it hit the fur part of the product. This will not lead to worship of wool, but you have to wash the fur.

You can not use cream, petroleum jelly or saliva to improve gliding. If they enter the mucous membrane, they can cause irritation or even infection. You need to use special compositions.

Anal tail price

The minimum cost of a high -quality anal traffic jam with a tail is 1400 rubles. You can buy cheaper only at sales or special offers. And such a cost happens only with artificial fur.

Anal tail price With natural fur starts at 2400 rubles. The maximum cost can reach tens of thousands of rubles. It all depends on the type of fur, internal filler and manufacturer.

The average price of anal tails is from 2500 rubles to 4,500 rubles. For this amount you can choose a safe, practical and beautiful option for role -playing games.

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